Disclosure Data from GoodETxSG 5-20-15… Facebook Post… “Dark Fleet Lunar Base… A Depiction”

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GoodETxSG_gravatar_150_51[From this FB post.]

[Corey] This was pointed out to me by a TOT member. It is another SSP Whistle Blower’s Testimony who was one of the only people I have heard of that have actually been on the “Dark Fleet Lunar Base” that I mention in the latest article with Dr. Salla. The photograph is posted below of their depiction which is almost exactly what I saw. In the comments below Is the YouTube Interview. I have not listened to it yet myself. Here is a quote describing the base as she approached it from a craft:

“The above (Below) picture is my creation from my memory. I put the picture together to illustrate what I have seen with physical eyes while aboard a lunar bound craft with other humans. The trapezoid shaped building was our destination.

“My first thought when I saw this structure was of it’s unique and significant shape, that of a de-capped pyramid and how much in architecture it reminded me of the Pentagon as seen in aerial photographs.

“Therefore, I chose a portion of an aerial photograph of the Pentagon to best illustrate the architecture of the actual building I saw on the moon.

“The rendition I have created is very much like the view I had as the craft I was in was making it’s approach. However, the actual building on the lunar surface does not have an inner court yard.”


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