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GoodETxSG_gravatar_150_49This is in reference to an earlier SitsShow posting.


[From this FB post.]

This article seemed a good way to bring up a topic I hadn’t posted on quite yet.

In the last Human-Like Federation Conference (Less than a week after the Draco “White Royal” Federation Meeting/Betrayal of the Cabal/Illuminati) after a short presentation I was asked to deliver there was then a follow up of each of the over 60 Beings Present (Usually Never More Than 40 Beings Present).

Among these were those involved in the 22 Scientifically Documented Presentations delivered decades prior claiming to have created/engineered Earth Humans genetically. Each of the beings present gave a short presentation of what they considered their “Contributions To Humanity” over the thousands of years they had been managing human affairs.

This was the exact same setting that I had attended in an Intuitive Empath Support Role when I was younger and did not understand what was going on. Being an actual “Delegate” this time I understood everything going on and said.

It was interesting that each group seemed to make a case that they had been a positive influence on the creation and management of humanity. Of course this was their point of view and the “IE’s” present in support of us detected no danger or deception. It was a much more pleasant meeting than the one days before.

I gave the full report to DW who recorded it and is transcribing it into the E-Book.


[Link referred to by Corey: http://sitsshow.blogspot.com/2015/03/humans-have-145-alien-genes-some-dna-is.html]


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