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GoodETxSG_gravatar_150_22This one came up pretty strongly as one to post as many may have similar questions. However, I will point out that it is impossible for the “intellect-only-inclined” to “get” what these higher dimensional beings and concepts are all about.



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[Q] What exactly is the point of supposedly high-Density entities telling us that they take people out of their beds at night without conscious consent or warning (which can be very traumatic), to attend secret meetings to whose agenda and minutes we are not privy?

(Corey: Okay, enough of this mixing in of false narratives… Who says they are being “Taken out of their beds at night without their conscious consent (Which “can be very traumatic”)? These people were ALL very excited and happy to be apart of what was going on. They were NOT AT ALL Traumatised nor did they look or seem to care that they were in their “Pajama’s” (I know in the instances when I was pulled in my T-Shirt and Boxers I was not at all thinking about that.). Most if not all of these people are “Star Seeds” and on some level know they are here and now for a reason. I am sorry some people are bitter (Mostly feigned bitterness out of skepticism) that these people attended these Conferences and were not given a folded transcript of the “Minutes” to then come down and share with the world and at the same time “The Opposition Forces”. There is such a thing as Operational Security… I myself do not know what these people were privy to as they were in a separate conference room along with the “Political Types” that were described… When they were then put in the same room with me prior to being transferred to the Sphere none of them were upset or unhappy in any way. Those that started this narrative of these poor people being yanked out of their beds or abducted and traumatized are doing so out of a negative agenda and to spread “Fear Porn”.)

What sense does it make for beings beyond technology to use a verbal “password” for contactees to recognize one another?

(Corey: Its called Operational Security. Anyone could then claim “I am in contact with the Blue Avians and they Said or Did…”. If we on a 3/4D level are smart enough to practice security measures why is it a stretch to believe more advanced beings would do so? This is not a “Password” but a “Greeting” that is not just a spoken thing. I will not reveal more than that. This has already been useful as this one recent channeler used their web site to say they were speaking for the Avians. When contacted to see why the greeting and protocol used to introduce themselves was not used they then deleted that rather long posting.)

Once one of them made contact with Corey, the NSA and the Cabal also has the password!

(Corey: They absolutely do not have the “Greeting” aka “Password” in your terms… Where are you getting this information other than speculation?)

Why constantly refer to intel the rest of the world is not allowed to know?

(Corey: What do you think the SSP Alliance would do if I or any of the other contacted people were to begin to leak their highly classified Intelligence and strategies? How would that also benefit their victory effort? Some common sense needs to be applied here.)

(e.g. menyioning having to remove classified bits, etc) (Huh?)

So half will be afraid to be “called” and the other half feel bad because they weren’t? (and some feel special because they ARE called…). If they only meant to contact certain ones, why tell those not invited?

(Corey: You should phrase that as “Those Not Invited to these conferences YET“, they are ongoing and there will be many more to come. If some are not invited there is a reason. Sorry, I do not have the ability to write a post on an Internet Posting targeted to those who are and omit those who are not, or have not been invited “YET”! The term “Special” is a very loaded term in these programs. If you are not feeling special then look deeper into the Sphere Being Message and see what is being asked of people. Becoming a positive person is a good start… Daily waking up and focusing on becoming more “Service To Others”, “Loving”, “Forgiving” and “Raising your Consciousness and Vibrational Level” (Psychologically & Emotionally) is even a better start. I assure you negative people with lower vibrational emotions will not be among those invited to attend what will at some point looked at as historic meetings.)

For no POSITIVE or loving reason I can think of. If they wanted all of us to know they are here to help, a mass sign would suffice. Or, just softly speaking into the hearts of each, without any night terrors or hierarchies of “insider” and “outsider”.

(Corey: I am sorry their way of doing things is not the way many of us in our 3/4D mind sets think they should be done. There is “Free Will” and “Karma” at play here. Not all of the people of Earth will ever get this “Love and Service To Others” concept in a real and deep level. It is what it is and not only with the Sphere Being Plan play out as it should there are other agendas and wars going on “Up There” and “Down Here”. Most people want the easy way out… want the Alliances and Off World Beings to do all the heavy lifting and work… Sorry, each of us have to start with our selves. Many will refuse to do so because they know how ugly the scene is inside the darkness and the last place they want to shine a spotlight is “Inward”… They want to focus outward and on the things other people are responsible for.)

As above, so below.. honestly, from what I’ve seen and heard, it sounds like ETs of whatever level are exactly as we humans down here: jockeying for position, politicking and fighting wars, making alliances etc. You smile at the ancients because they actually believed in and sacrificed to Gods who fought, had family issues and so on…but because they add a layer of “love is all there is” and light, some special effects and orbs, you don’t see yourselves doing the same for/to Galactics?

(Corey: Believe what you wish… Live in your reality bubble ensconced in your belief systems until the very end. We have been manipulated by these 3/4D & 4/5D “Custodian Gods”/”Custodian Alien Beings” for many thousands of years. They all have agenda’s and even the most “Positive” of them are still considered “Service To Self” by the standards of the “Sphere Alliance” who are 6th-9th D Beings. Until some people learn more about this evolution of consciousness from lower densities through the higher densities until we rejoin “Source” none of this will make sense to them. Those trapped inside their belief systems and not willing to learn about this soul evolution will be stuck where they are and spectators through this entire process until the series of events unfold before their eyes…)

I’m sorry to say this, because this “story” is being supported by bloggers I’ve been following for years, but I think Ruiner is right.

(Corey: Wow, very telling ans unfortunate… They are a stalker who has caused a lot of problems for TOT and myself and is known to myself and others here. Maybe you should go with our intuition and begin to follow them… At your own peril. I have plenty of information on them and their mental state. It is an unfortunate part of the equation of coming out as a whistle blower and revealing a large amount of classified info and also info that clashes with their Dungeons and Dragons fantasy world.)

(http://theruiner777.blogspot.nl) The only way to win and get to a better world is not to play. I’m done with sides, with intel, with who’s more connected, whose an insider, who’s coming to save us.

(Corey: NO ONE IS COMING TO SAVE US! This point has been made over and over! I do not know how to make it more clear. We are to save our selves… There is no guarantee even that the SSP or Earth Alliances will succeed in their battles. YOU have to do the work yourself!)

YES, the illuminati and their controllers fear us, fear our awakening. We are increasingly seeing thru the programming and coming together, helping each other, perfect strangers, improving lives and the planet. Humans are so CREATIVE, it’s astounding. Check out thisiscolossal.com and see how amazing we are!! Forget GOLD…it’s our creativity that has value and the power to change everything. WHAT are we spending it ON?!

(Corey: Indeed… Mass amounts of Gold have been located in Meteors and other planetary bodies in our own Sol System. It is not about Gold… Only within our Babylonian Money Magic Slave Systems… After the release of these technologies there will NOT be a financial system at all. No need for Gold/Silver or pieces of paper with Dead Presidents on them.)

Hanging onto every word of a blogger or whistleblower, who will tell us “The One Truth”? Why don’t you create your OWN instead, right now, today, with every choice, every word, every “creation”…

(Corey: As I have stated we have the power of our co-creative consciousness and shared consciousness/reality… What do you think changing the world one person at a time (Beginning w/yourself) by becoming more loving, service to others and raising the general vibration of those living on the planet will do? It WILL create your OWN new reality… but you have to do it by contributing in a positive manner. Negativity only feeds the negative side)


[Corey] These answers were aimed at a number of people that have either twisted or blatantly not understood the Sphere Being Message. They are NOT saviors. Though there are Humans in military conflicts Above and Below fighting for our freedom from these Cabal/Illuminati groups and their Off World Allies there is also a MAJOR ROLE FOR EACH OF US. Each individual has a role to play… And opportunity to grasp or to waste.

It is up to each individual out of each of your own “Free Will’s”…

I am encouraged at the massive number of people that are staying away and not being mislead by the several “Disinfo Agents” trying to derail the Sphere Being/Blue Avian Message… The few yet very vocal ones will continue to do so. For those who are walking the positive and higher vibrational path I encourage you to continue to do so. It will not only benefit you but Human Kind in general.

Thank you,


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