Disclosure Data from GoodETxSG 4-2-15… “Ra or not Ra”, “The Hive Mind”, “Hindrances of Belief Systems and POVs”

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I have to admit I have no conscious contact with any ET group, and never have. But I have to agree with the OP’s assertion that the alignment of those whom call themselves “I amRaw/Ra” are/IS neutral if not slightly negative, which depending on your choice of how you wish to spend your eternity can be neither “good or bad” I suppose, lol!

I chose to highlight the above, just as Goodet has reminded us, in order to stick to what has actually been said. A group of beings have been asked who THEY were and the reply was I Am Raw/Ra. Being a representative of a group that refers to itself as one being is ok so long as it is admitted that this group is a hive collective consciousness that is ONLY one being, I am not a racist.

I have had some reservations about the Ra material for some time, the way the question was answered by the Avian/Raw group is very interesting.

[GoodETxSG/Corey] They have not said they are RA from the Law of One Material (More and more people are becoming convinced that they are related to them in recent weeks). I have gone out of my way to state that. When “They” were asked this point blank the BA present responded with “I am Raw-Tear-Eir”… As I have said over and over “RAW” sounds like “Rauwl” no “Raa” when they have me pronounce it. (Note: “Carla” who channelled the “Law of One” material passed away on 4/1, yesterday at her home I was informed. Much love and respect to her family/friends during this time. I know very little about the RA Material but do know many people hold it in very high regard including my good friend DW.)

As far as the continued use of the phrase “Hive Mind” to describe what occurs after 4D also offers credence to how the current 3/4D minds cannot wrap around certain concepts. Insectoid Groups of Beings have “Hive Mind Complexes” as do some other Alien Groups. The Blue Avians stated this was going to be one of the biggest things to overcome… Established and Firmly Ensconced “Belief Systems” and “Reality Bubbles”…

WE already have a Shared Consciousness… We use it unwittingly to co-create our reality every moment of everyday. It is an extremely powerful thing that we are learning how to connect with more and more as time goes by. We are so undeveloped and segmented (By Ego’s and 3D Programming) that we are at the bottom of the “Totem Pole” (So to speak) of our “Higher Selves” connection to that shared consciousness.

The more we evolve into higher densities the more we will naturally have access to this shared consciousness. Notice I say “WE” as in “Humans” just as “We” is used in other situations but not interpreted as “WE” equalling “All being one hive group”. If a certain racial group were to say “WE” or “THEY” in this current environment it would not go over so well.

We already have access to the Universal Mind and Our Joint Consciousness as a species. Some people are more evolved spiritually already and are further up the spectrum and are already fully 4D. Being so “attached” to ones “Ego” is not going to allow them to expand and grow spiritually and certainly will prevent them from becoming highly “Service to Others”.

The “higher density beings” I have met have “Individual Names” and “Individual Personalities” and “Individual Thoughts”… They have “Access to their Shared Consciousness” on a complete scale compared to where we are. There are no lies or secrets between them nor need there be (It is a state of “Being” that we cannot comprehend yet let alone judge). This is the natural process of how beings progress through the densities as they evolve spiritually… It will happen to everyone eventually but not before you are ready for it.

Already established belief systems and perceptions (POV’s) can be a hinderance as much as they can be an anchor is stormy times. I read someone state an open mind is like a parachute… I agree, though we need to use discernment.

If this does not “Jive” with your current “Reality Bubble” or “Belief System” then it is something that should be ignored fully by such a person. I do think it is responsible to characterize things improperly and that it is a bit prejudiced to state that a higher density shared consciousness is the same as a “Hive Mind” out of preconceived ideas or ignorance of what “Consciousness” is. The only limitations on “Consciousness” are the ones we impose on it our of our own perceptions and programming from our time (Some say many life times) in this 3D experience.

Completely IMHO, Corey/GoodETxSG

As far as the “Seth Material” and other “Channelings” that have been mentioned in recent posts. I am going to stick to my policy of not “Poo Poo’ing” or “Promoting” one belief system or group of material over another. If you are getting what you need from some information and it is leading you towards being “LOVING”, “SERVICE TO OTHERS”, “RAISING YOUR VIBRATION” and “CONSCIOUSNESS” with “NO Ulterior Agenda’s or Motives” (W/Out “Evolving Into” Cult Like Followings, Fluffing Their Own Ego’s or Financial Gain) then it is only robbing the “Negative Entities” of the “Fear/Hate” based spectrum of energy they require. I have stated that I am leary of more recent “Channelings” because of certain “Program Technologies” that were put in use to cause people to believe they were in contact with unseen beings and downloading information. I have seen this “Voice of God” technology used and it has caused a lot of problems in peoples lives and even caused some mental illness where there was none prior. Much of this was put in place to discredit earlier “Channelings” that seem to have been accurate and something TPTB wanted to discredit. (Again IMHO/Experience)… This does not apply to ALL “Channelings”. I have come to see this is an extremely sensitive subject, In many cases even more so that talking about the more long term and established religions.


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GoodETxSG_gravatar_150_19GoodETxSG (Corey) wanted me to pass along his great thanks for all of those who have helped him out with Light, Love, anddonations. He communicated this to me yesterday.

He and his family have been greatly assisted by the donations, especially since his “normal work income” has been curtailed since “coming out” as a “galactic whitleblower”, and he wanted to be sure that all of you who contributed (in whatever way) knew how grateful he was.

Aloha, Kp (for GoodETxSG/Corey)

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