Disclosure Data from GoodETxSG 4-17-15… “Operation Mockingbird? The Monarch Program? The Council?”

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GoodETxSG_gravatar_150_28Not sure how “useful” this is for people, but I felt it wanted to be posted, so Here it is…


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[Q] “can you talk of Operation Mockingbird and how much will be canceled?
The question polarity of people also enables positive to do more and to intervene?
In practice, with the effect meditation events accelerate again, at this point 2017 is not a fixed date.
The predictive programming and related transaction Mockinbird?
If the CIA is 60% below the alliance because it is not changed or canceled Mockinbird?
The federation consists of 50 races, the sphere are on the board of the 9?”

[GoodETxSG/Corey] I wish I could say this and those who are Monarch Program (And others, Mockingbird is far more than its “Media Influence”/cover or surface story) would stop being harassed any time soon. I have a very good friend who has aided me recently that is a “Monarch Program Victim” who I have sent his name and info across the desk of “LT Col Rodriguez” (Last name is the one we are using in place of his real name)… I am told it is being looked into. This friend deserves some rear kicking intercession from some groups that the people that are harassing him do not believe/know exist. He is a very good and strong man and I ask about the progress on that topic every time I speak to “Rodriguez”.

There are quite a lot of psychotic programs and people running them. When full and complete disclosure occurs including the many crimes against humanity there are going to be a lot of psychopaths chanting “I was only fallowing orders”. It is going to be difficult to separate those “Operators” who deserve punishment [ YES, they are as guilty as their owners] and those who do not. I worry some about that time period myself because of some of the things I was at one time involved in. I had no choice but I knew it was wrong. It is going to be a very difficult and defining time for humanity to witness how we handle the aftermath of all of this information.

The “Human Like Federation” normally had at most 40 types beings/”People” represented/present. This last time there were over 60.

The Sphere Beings had not mentioned any “Council” to me. I had these other beings reference me as “Representing The Council” and they wanted me to “Petition The Council” on their behalf. I am talking to DW about this and getting some of the “Law of One” perspective, it is somewhat of a mystery to me still but not for much longer I hope. I do not know if this is the “Council” in the Law of One or the “Council” between the 5 higher D beings in the Sphere Alliance (Blue Avians, Orb Beings, Golden Triangle Head Being, and the Two Others that have not revealed themselves yet). I am certain I will find out soon. These other beings seem to be very aware of this “Council” and acknowledge some sort of it having a power over them (If that is the correct way to say it…).



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