Disclosure Data from GoodETxSG 4-16-15… “So how about those 14 ft. tall Draco Royalty?””

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GoodETxSG_gravatar_150_27This deal with Dracos came up in three posts. It’s pretty “fascinating”, if you like tall, dark, intimidating, and malevolent Dracos with vestigial tails and wings. Read on…


Forum post #1127 (15th April 2015, 15:46)

[Q] ” How were those dracos? In need of a good PB&J sandwich, soup, and a hug??”

[GoodETxSG/Corey] NO, quite the opposite… They showed a recent willingness to give up their lower caste reptilian servants as well as ALL human “Elite” servants for the guarantee of the safe passage of the “Royals” of their race to leave the “Sol System”…

I am finishing my long a$$ report tomorrow… It will be quite an interesting and thrilling read. In my case I wish it was a scifi story and not something I lived through. These beings were very unpleasant beings to meet with. Especially the Tall White Draco “Royal” that was present…

Much more to come, I promise… It is taking me a while to compile it with my forearm injury. Typing is very difficult and I have been taking extra steps to try to slow down and improve the content after so many complaints calling me “Ingernt” and “Unegumacated” and so forth…

It’s coming,


Forum post #1151 (16th April 2015, 00:51)

[Q] “White Dracos are from the ruling class, with red and green following. The winged ones are uncommon as they are uber-royalty. There us a smaller dragon/griffin type creature (Mus-Gir) but it is more animal in nature. Warrior dracos would not be winged and would usually be reddish. I guess some greens could be used also for lighter duty. Interested in Corey’s reply. His would be more credible with his experience.”

[GoodETxSG/Corey] Oh, this one had a vestigial tail and wings… they were small and not useful for actually flying his over 14 Ft Tall body around but they were there… And yes, he was quite intimidating and Malevolent. He claimed to be royalty. He was VERY psychically powerful and when he communicated telepathically it was very penetrating and invasiveand unlike any other communication of that type I have received prior. I hope this was my last visit with this group. The following visit with the “UN Like” Human Type Federation was much more pleasant and cordial.


Forum post #1157 (16th April 2015, 03:07)

[Q] “Gaia is a honeytrap”… That’s a new one to me. Corey, you’ve gotta be pretty brave to be doing this. Standing toe to talon with a 14ft. Royal, wow. Is there some sort of recovery period after such intense telepathic communication? I imagine you have a strong mind due to your IE training and experience. It must help being an adult with an extra 20 years experience under your belt. (Simon just might be jealous, tee hee).”

[GoodETxSG/Corey] I am just put in these situations. I was not scared at the time but but felt “empowered” this visibly aggravated this being. Afterward I shook for several minutes when the security team was loading onto their craft. Everyone that left that building was happy to do so. If I was a smoker I would have been lighting them end to end. Brave has nothing to do with it.

I am not told what to say or expect usually… In this case however I received a little intel and changes were made…
It was comforting that (As everyone will read in the later report) that I was allowed to have 4 security personnel from the SSP Alliance attend with me (Though with the beings present I am not sure they would have been that much of a deterrent, and I sensed that in them as well.). After a prior attempt at a meeting we had to negotiate another venue and allow me to have some security before I would agree to go. I was at a point of refusing to attend. That will be explained.

It did take me a few days to recover. I had slight head aches and took constant power naps waking up to shower and eat meals and check online for an hour or two then back to lay down. It “Zapped” me pretty bad… I would not like to repeat that encounter. The “Royal” was not alone either and had other beings (Other Reptilians and Insectoids and Mantids) with him as well as some Humans in suits. I was not fully recovered when I attended the next “Federation” conference days later but it went well.



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