Dinar and Dong Updates – 2015 Feb 6

Maybe, just Maybe, real moves are in play. (Allow us a little humor latitude – it’s only fun) But also what of the real Moral issues? Helping put something back? You can.

Both the IMF and WB have scheduled meetings with the Iraqi Minsters between the 11th and 17th of February in Baghdad. There are issues of legislative changes needed and agreements to finalize. Assume no one will just unleash Iraq and leave poor Vietnam alone and isolated. Both are likely to be combined together. It’s all a judgment call now. When and how much.

Once ratified, Dinar and Dong holders should be able to exchange at a Wells Fargo Bank near to you. Travel Damn-it if need be, don’t sit wimping it’s far to go as so many do!!!! Why the hell get into what you can’t get out of? So many still can’t even get off their arses for a free lunch.

Dinar Rates are being projected at c3.58 but could hit 3.90. No idea yet on Dongs. But again, nothing yet is certain. This is the Washington, DC guestimate range as all seek to fill their troughs.

Take good ID with you and try to make advance appointments in case. Other Banks may also exchange but this is now entirely your own responsibility to do the research and find out. Self-help. Or be left out. God only knows how the banks will validate these notes. Or how many Dinarians will be told to come back and issued an SKR for the bank to validate the notes held for exchange. I swear a lot of these currency packs were used as wrappers to deliver Stupid Cookies. Bleating sheep. It’s haaaard baaahhh! Do we have to force feed potential wealth to them? Aaahh want maahh Dinah delivered to maaahh home. It’s maaahh right. Like Maahh welfare check. We really need pole axe handles to wake up some. Next they will need someone to make their mark for them. This has train wrecks written all over it. Aaahh need maah welfare check to go git me some of them thaaah Dinar moneys. Bubba too. Only in America.

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