Describe an Angel

Describe an Angel

Excerpt from Sheldan Nidle’s book: Your First Contact


Q: How do the divine prophecies of Lord Michael fit into our galaxy’s history?

A: This galaxy was created through a series of divine intentions issued by the local Order of the Elohim. It was designated a ‘wayshower’ galaxy. That is, it has all the major elements of physical Creation within it. The high Councils of Heaven wrote a sacred script that featured all of these elements. Through the unfolding of its plot, all the desired goals for this Creation can be accomplished.

Heaven formed your world, and especially this galaxy, into a most divine place, one that has been continually watched over by fully-sentient physical Beings from this and many other dimensions. In effect, you are witnessing and participating in a divine act—the merging of dark into Light—in such a way that the light is totally transformed. This new and more powerful divine Light is the foundation for the next, or seventh, Creation of the Creator’s divine WILL.

1240292 618876074831965 550743419 nQ: Most of us have at least an idea of what spaceships look like. Describe an Angel to us.

A: In many ways, an Angel looks like the Angels you can visualize. Most persons who have had near-death experiences describe Angels in either the traditional way—with their flowing white robes, large, gossamer wings, and ethereal qualities. They describe Angels that look exactly like us.

As cosmic energy forms, Angels are able to shape themselves to fit any concept we have of them. Every Angel is a point of Light as are we. Rather, it is our beliefs that determine their appearance. An Earth individual is seeing only what she/he wishes to see. This holy vision is based upon their own internal perception of what Angels are supposed to look like.

Q: Can we somehow sense, with these individuals, a special energy or a presence that allows us to place more trust in the experience?

A: Yes. What happens is a magnification of this process. On an almost still day, many people occasionally feel sudden breezes across their bodies or a peculiar sense of being touched. These particular sensations are just their own Angelic guardian councils attempting to communicate with them. This communication will occur in a much larger and more magnified way during first contact. It is a magnificent reality that the Spiritual Hierarchy is preparing for you. At the time of formal first contact (mass contact), we will easily hear, feel, and see our Spiritual Hierarchy.


From the traditional to a point of Light…..when you think of an Angel what image comes to mind?

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