” Decision Point”

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” Decision Point”

Dear Cabal Minion, Welcome to your fateful choice.
You have two, one is the hard, one is easy, both are final.

So much of what your minions have been going through seems unnecessary, but we know of your agenda, your genetics, and you desire to see us all wiped off the planet you feel is yours.

But we love you. Because we’re human. And we have souls.

And we forgive. And we are sacred for all of these reasons.

And we feel pity that you are not.

So much so, the NPTB want you to understand your options, a there are but two and you’r at the decision point.

Option 1: Easy

Your former political and military operatives stand down, retire and admit wrong doing, even embrace jail or self-executive where necessary. You know the drill.

Your global corporation network (including education, media, health, transportation, lodging, incarceration, and sports) will be allowed to continued, all be it slowly transitioned over several years without your presence.

Those who have already capitulated can step even further back and take their sheckles as a retirement package. Do not harm, resist coordination or reconfiguration and you’ll be just fine, allowed to live your remaining years out on the planet.

Option 2: Hard

Complete and absolute physical annihilation of your DNA, race and global corporate control structure. No remnants of your malevolent Draco behaviors or existence will survive due to complete and transparent disclosure of ascension realities not of your preference. Everything your family worked for will be either taken or destroyed, zeroed out or burned
into ashes.

At this time it’s wise to explain that BPTB/APTB/NPTB have informed this author that they are now ready to execute the event and transition the planet/species no matter your selection.

The financial reforms will also proceed as well, without end and will be sustained.

All hidden above and below ground bases, exit pods and jump stations have been vaporized. You are stuck here, amongst the swine, equal and subject to universal law.

Your fate is to either live out your lifetime in this dimension, alongside humanity with humans in charge of your sovereignty, and/or be removed from form and sent back to the Central Sun for reprogramming.

Again, there’s an easy way, and a hard way, but mercifully at least there is a way and the choice is yours.

We suspect you’ve long made your choice, both individually and collectively, and we honor that free will decision.

Please understand however that come Thursday 11am EST, your decision will be made for you as this is your decision point.

We wish you all the very best no matter your selection. We forgive you for enslaving our race for several millenia. And we thank you for making us what we are today. The upgrades, less some of the reptilian kill or be killed DNA patterns, was exquisite.

Mahalo nui loa and aloha ke Akua!!

God is with us

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