Isis: Between Death and Life (Positive Thoughts Hypnosis)

_Isis-BlackPharaoh (1)Isis’s Positive Thoughts Hypnosis:

It looks like for most hypnotherapists, past-life work is strictly off limits. People are afraid of death, and this is like a “taboo” subject.

They do not want even to mention it. So, how can you find about your past lives, if you do not want to face that you “die” and are born, again and again, until you learn your lessons.

There are many who do not want to face this fear. They have even fear of thinking of another existence after the one they are living. And please, note the fear in these feelings. It is the fear that keeps you from reaching your full potential and free yourself from fear.

Many people have a difficult time to understand that us, as past lives hypnosis therapists, are really going back in time and talk to people that relive some of their past lives.

This fear of death is one way the dark controls all of us for centuries on this planet. Many fear thinking of another existence, in another time in history. Perhaps, the one they are living now is so painful that they think it would be a continuous torture to have one life after another.

Spirit’s insights:

Many of the churches do NOT want people to believe in prior successive existences because that loosens their grip of fear (note this feeling, again) and they no longer have control over you.
The leaders of the great schools of thought knew of previous existence and successive existence, but it was closed off to the general knowledge because of control.

Even the Hindu school of thought uses this control in a different manner because they said that:
“This man has done something in a previous existence to make him suffer now. Therefore, why should I help him? He has done something to deserve this.”
In this way they are using the same tactics that Christianity or any of the others.

You have to remember that not all of those who say they are on the side of religion, are. They perhaps are being warped by the darker side of things without themselves knowing it.

Men have removed many things from the Bible and added what they wished. They have no cares, they think that: “This is what I wish it to say, and therefore this is what it says” (sic!).

If you are ready to confront your fear of death, “Between Death and Life (Conversations with a Spirit)” by Dolores Cannon it will help you get started.

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