David Wilcock’s Secret Space Program Update on MP3 & the Campaign to Discredit Him

The disinformation/discreditation  programs got very intense these days, which shows that the cabal is desperate and cornered. Besides that, there out there all kind of evil criminals, running around “unemployed” (by cabal, who’s too busy saving their own asses – if they can). These “intelligence” criminals/mercenaries have very sophisticated tools (left or stole from cabal system), were trained in surveillance and  other criminal activities, and opened their own “businesses”. Be aware. If you are contacted, and have any suspicion, just clarify it with your local police.

Thank you so much to Kauilapele for sharing this with us. I was most intrigued and will listen ASAP.

Click here to go to his blog for the details and MP3s.

And regarding the Goldwater Report that claims to prove that Fulford, Drake, Keenan and Wilcock are frauds…

I learned of this the other day when someone on FB wanted to friend me, and when I went to check out who they are (I always do that before accepting a friend request) I see they have a major campaign going to cast doubt on these messengers.

They contacted everyone on Drake’s Cosmic Voice FB page, and no doubt others, and went on a tear to tell everyone how they needed to leave the group right now and blah, blah, blah.

They posted the Goldwater video and it was a concerted effort to contact people because they had 1000 friends.

It looked highly suspicious to me, and I didn’t accept the friend request.

Yesterday, same thing. Someone with a fake name sent a request and when I looked into them, they were doing the same thing. Very fishy, if you ask me, particularly when we know the cabal is so desperate and will try to sway the followings these messengers have.

They prefer to have us drowning in despair with no hope of crawling out of the hole we live in.

I think it was plain from the comments after the Goldwater Report video went up at Starship Earth that very few are buying their attacks, and in fact, some couldn’t even bring themselves to watch/listen it was so bad, LOL.

I will continue to enjoy David’s updates and intel as I always have, and thumb my nose at the pathetic attempts by the cabal to undermine the Lightworkers who bring us hope.

Having said that, there are those who scoff at “hopium”, too. If they had the spiritual basis to know what is going on and trust that knowing, it wouldn’t seem like “hopium”.

I think the hopium comes more into play with the financial dreams of great wealth from the RV, Collateral Accounts, St. Germain funds, etc. Some of it may unfold, but I’m not counting on it.

But I do believe in the near future, when the banking system is reborn, taxes all but go away, the economies recover, our health is restored and we have technologies like replicators to manifest our needs, that no one will want for anything. We won’t need that engineered system of money that enslaves us.

So carry on, good job on the discernment, and we’ll continue to block the cabal’s efforts to shape our world.   ~ BP

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