David Wilcock – Workshop at Contact in the Desert

August 29, 2014


Published on Aug 14, 2014

Recorded on Contact in the Desert event in 2014
More videos on www.stopmensonges.com

This is the most amazing presentation I have heard yet from David.
Definitely something you want to watch – a lot of visuals in this, so it’s a little challenging to do while doing dishes.  Ha! Ha!
I have only watched about 1/3 of the way through – been very busy – but intend to get to the rest of it today.  Just didn’t want to hold up sending it to all of you.  It will truly blow your mind!  And, as always, David is uplifting – sharing wonderful research being done currently and opening up our minds and consciousness to so much more than we’ve been told is going on. 
Have fun watching this and I encourage you to share with others, if so inclined.
Blessings and loving to all of you.
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