David Wilcock: Stargates, Consciousness Tech, Draco “Fear Food” & Methods of Personal Transformation, ET Contacts | Analysis of Fade to Black May 26th 2015

There has been an extensive amount of disclosure occurring throughout the past 2 years, building towards a major tipping point in our efforts to free the planet. David Wilcock acts as a sort of information aggregator , and in his recent interview with Jimmy Church, there was even more added to the body of knowledge being revealed. These other 2 articles go well with the below information:David Wilcock Interview – Show Notes and Analysis of: ET Warfare, Secret Space Program, Lost Civilizations and More | Taped in late December 2014

David Wilcock Major Update: History of ‘Old One’s’, Draco’s, SSP, Plan for Disclosure in 2015, Cabal Surrender, Sphere Beings, and Much More

In our usual style, we have transcribed and expanded on several points to include supportive information, research and an empowering perspective. In our age of prolific fear programming, there are many things being revealed which can tempt us to develop more limiting beliefs and a victimized mindset.

David reveals that the Dracos and other negative ET races literally feed off our fearful energy, called louche. I offered some techniques for how to prevent ourselves from creating fear, why it is so important for ending the rule of our would-be masters, as we become change agents in a world where dis-empowerment is commonplace.

The Elite do everything in their power to keep us locked into a worldview where we learn to fear our bodies, our thoughts and the world around us, but once we understand that fear is in the eye of the beholder, and we can reprogram our thoughts to change our emotional reactions, we can stop feeding these dark entities and gain the bravery needed to take real actions to help ourselves and others.

We specifically focused on Unified Physics, Sonic Levitation, Astral travel devices, and ancient technology when analyzing the below show notes. Our collective participation in this global shift is instrumental, as all of the efforts for disclosure and the Positive ET Alliance are for humanity’s benefit and empowerment. For years this information has existed in isolated pockets of seemingly unconnected phenomenon, but now we finally have enough data to produce a cohesive body of understanding to prepare humanity and ourselves of the coming age of light and life. We had a discussion about just that in our bi-week radio show with Sierra Neblina Discussing The History and Philosophical Meanings of The Past and Present | PKFTA May 31st 2015 8:00 PM EST.

Kauilapele was kind enough to edit the interview, which is over 2 hours, into mp3 files for easy listening. The notes text is in black with our additions and explanations in [green brackets].

Corey GoodETxSG has been one of the spokesman for this Alliance, and will release information in the coming days and weeks that will prepare those who have chosen to be of service, with more tools for helping others. David shares that the current plans for disclosure and Cabal take down are slated to ramp up in the coming 6 months, and by that time, our world will have taken a major step towards reconciliation.

Of course nothing is set in stone, and the biggest factor for when these plans come to fruition is our participation. Especially those who are reading these words and have begun their search for truth. We are an essential part of this shift, and all our long years of preparation are about to be put to into action.

Keep searching for, sharing and honoring the truth, for it will set us free. Our sleeping brothers and sisters will look back and remember the times we tried to share the truth, and it will help them immeasurably to understand the dynamic and complex history of Earth and our Solar system. The truth is like a precious seed, taking root within, and slowly working to expand consciousness even in those who fought against it so steadfastly. Your efforts will not go unappreciated, and in time history will remember those who were brave enough to seek the truth and follow it wherever it leads in a world of deception.

- Justin

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From this Jimmy Church Radio Show, with David, previously posted here.
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Show Notes:
(unless it is otherwise stated, most of the black text is David speaking)
– Joshua Tree appearance of David called Contact in the Desert, on Sunday May 31th 2015. He will discuss the ET contacts at Joshua Tree in the mid 20th century.
– Giant Rock. George Van Tassel discussed much of these contacts in his work [For a detailed account of the Tassel contacts see this article].
– ET’s landed and were taking people for ‘rides in space’, but this contact stopped in the late 1950’s [as a result of the NAZI take over of the US military industrial complex, and treaties with ET races they found. More detailed information on that below]. The contact ended for various reasons, one reason being that people were tempted to become UFO guru’s on the ‘nuts and bolts’ aspect of the contact, and not the spiritual meanings of what these contacts meant. Some of these Contactee’s fell into egocentric mindsets
– American Indian prophecy about Giant Rock states that when the new age begins, the rock will crack in two. This occurred on February 19th 2000 [which correlates to when the Sphere Beings began to arrive on mass in the solar system. More on that below. Here is an excerpt from this article detailing this story:

Giant Rock after it was cracked in February 2000.

In times past, tribal ceremonies at this site often lasted up to three days. During the ceremonies, none of the ordinary citizens of the tribe were allowed to be near the Rock; instead, they had to camp a mile or so away from the proceedings. On the North side of the Rock is the Sign of the Scorpion, purportedly put there by an Indian chief . To the Indians, the sign signifies a good place According to reports; it is the only official Native American sign on the Giant Rock. No other markings were permitted. At the Giant Rock, the chiefs would commune with the spirits of the “Rock People” who prophesied that one day the Mother would split open and a new era would begin. Many see the recent splitting of the rock as a prophesy fulfilled.

In his book, “The Secret of the Beloved Disciple,” James Twyman wrote extensively about two important and contemporary Shamans active in the Southern Calif. area: Shri Naath Devi and Fr. John, a priest from LA.

Twyman reported that on 19 and 20 February 2000, Shri Naath Devi gathered fellow healers to meditate near Giant Rock. She said that Native people had stopped holding ceremonies in the area and that violent upheavals would occur. She went on to say that if the Mother accepted the scheduled prayers, then the Giant rock would split at the side, relieving pressure on the Earths tectonic plates. If the prayers were not accepted, then Giant Rock would split directly down the middle. Keep in mind that the Giant Rock had not moved for millions of years. Nonetheless, the next morning the boulder hadn’t simply cracked; rather, an entire third of it broke off. Twyman reports that Devi interpreted the splitting of the Rock as a positive sign that indicated that the Mother had opened her arms to mankind.

– The Van Tassel contact stop in the 50’s?
– New insider came forth, worked with Reagan, and fed info to Richard C Hoagland. This insider is not Corey, David calls him “Bruce.”

- Bruce came up to David after one of his talks, and said “you’re about 75% correct” – a Honey trap was set up by Howard Hughes, who paid woman to have sex with people in members of the Illuminati, and as a result, he found out that the Illuminati considered themselves to be the descendants of Giant ET humans, and this is what compelled Hughes to fund the Integratrom device, built by Van Tassel, after hearing about Tassel’s contact experiences. [This device appears to be a resonant chamber for focusing coherent torsion fields or electromagnetic and sonic flux waves of a pre-existing ley line or Geo-magnetic vortex. This device is an excellent example for understanding Unity Physics and Stargate Technology, which we will describe below. Dan Winter discusses the science behind these types of devices here. Here is an excerpt from the Integratron website:

The Integratron is the fusion of Art, Science and Magic

This historical structure is a resonant tabernacle and energy machine sited on a powerful geomagnetic vortex in the magical Mojave Desert.

The Integratron is located in Landers, California, 20 miles north of Joshua Tree National Park. Its creator, George Van Tassel (1920-1978), claimed that the structure is based on the design of Moses’ Tabernacle, the writings of Nikola Tesla and telepathic directions from extraterrestrials. This one-of-a-kind 38-foot high, 55-foot diameter, all wood dome was designed to be an electrostatic generator for the purpose of rejuvenation and time travel.

The location of the Integratron is an essential part of its functioning. It was built on an intersection of powerful geomagnetic forces that, when focused by the unique geometry of the building, concentrate and amplify the earth’s magnetic field. Magnetometers read a significant spike in the earth’s magnetic field in the center of the Integratron.

The Integratron is privately owned by three sisters who have been part of the restoration and maintenance of the structure and property for two and a half decades. Their focus is to restore and preserve the structure while sharing it with people interested in its potential. Since their tenure, the Integratron is open to the public for the first time in its history while its restoration continues.

- Howard Hughes was the secret money guy who funded the Integratron, after discovering the alleged ET origins of the Illuminati. [Presumably Hughes was not working exclusively for the Cabal as he was a ‘self made man’ and most likely ‘hit the ceiling’ of power, coming under their control through out his life. This most likely compelled him to investigate many aspects of the control matrix, leading him to discover parts of their manifold history and ancient connections to Earth’s deep past.]
- Van Tassel had telepathic ET contact prior to the building of the Integratron, and was also brought up on their ships. But these types of direct contacts do not take people on tours anymore. Back then they were fairly common [Corey talks of breakaway civilizations and ET groups contacting groups on Earth for various purposes, it is not clear which faction contacted Van Tassel, but the fact they gave him technology for cosmic travel and consciousness imprinting suggests they may have been part of a positive group, or at least a group who ‘flipped sides’ after realizing their genetic make up was being hindered by artificial technology. We delved into this topic in the post Analysis of A.I. Influences on Earth and ET Civilizations. Here is an excerpt from that analysis:

“I attempted to explain in the Part 1 analysis (found here) how technology can limit evolution in a society or culture if it is externalized, but when it is in harmony with life or consciousness, it can actually be used to enhance evolution. I offered that the Sphere beings use a highly developed form of consciousness technology, and received several comments about that interpretation being in contrast with what Corey shared (as referenced above).
It would seem that the idea the Sphere Beings do not use technology is a contradiction, and is also a perplexing concept even within the SSP. How is it they do not use technology but are known as the Sphere beings? To help bring some clarity to what Corey offers, we must define what technology is in relation to the Universe as a whole.
The standard definition of technology is: the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes. Within this definition, any time knowledge is used to bring about a desired result, a practical purpose, it is a technological exercise. More simply stated, when we use ourselves (mind body and spirit) and the objects in our experience to co-create, in any capacity, we are using technology in some way. From the Creators perspective, there is no difference between science and spirituality, consciousness and creation, technology and the ‘workings of god’ – all is unified, all is one, hence The Law of One.
In this sense, the Creator uses consciousness and the creation as a whole, to bring about the ‘plans of god’ or cosmic evolution. The Creator’s plan for the Universe uses science, absolute knowledge or intelligent infinity as described by Ra in the Law of One, which means that as we evolve towards the Creator, we begin to use the fundamental ‘technology’ of the Universe itself: consciousness. In this sense everything in the Universe, planets, stars, electromagnetism, elements, chemicals, and life, literally everything, is a form of technology. DNA can be thought of as the material focal point of consciousness technology (the bridge between the material and the spiritual realms), which operates within the lower densities, providing a method or practical purpose for the evolution of personalities; mind body spirit complexes.
When Corey says:

“They can control matter and energy’s vibrational state by their thought/consciousness and without the need of technology”

he is referring to our idea or definition loosely ascribed to the term technology: machines, metal or artificial creations, spacecraft, what Dan Winter calls ‘heavy metal technology. I called this ‘external technology’ in Part 1. The key difference being that ‘external or artificial’ technology does not use consciousness in the same way or degree as the primal technology of the Universe itself; thought or consciousness. Again this is not a black and white distinction, it is a scale or spectrum of degree’s, the key distinction being: are we, as evolving souls, dependent on the external tech, which in turn limits personality evolution?

So what about the Sphere’s that are all around the solar system, supposedly here because of the Blue Avians or Sphere Beings? Wouldn’t this be ‘technology?’
The Spheres are most likely a highly evolved form of this consciousness technology, like the creation or Universe itself (like DNA), and are part of their purposeful plan to down-step the energy streaming in. Corey states:

“When they are not here interacting with us they are either back at their home density or are around us in a phased out (Different Frequency) state that makes them invisible to us. They observe and interact with us at will and then travel back to their home Density by just a “Thought”.

This means that instead of having their beingness primarily resident in a physical density (1st to 5th density) they freely choose to create a body or image so as to interact with the lower densities and the physical Universe for a very specific purpose. Once that purpose is completed, they ‘dissolve’ back into their higher vibrational state, or home density.
A good analogy for this would be our use of scuba gear, boats or submarines to interact with the aquatic regions of the planet. When we have completed what ever task we needed to do, we return ‘back to the place from whence we came.’ From the perspective of aquatic life, it would seem like we disappear from their world, and they could confuse our boats or submarines with our place of residence, when we in fact leave the aquatic realm altogether. Hopefully this makes things more clear.The home density is super material, beyond time and space. They can go back to the lower realms, like we can crawl on our hands and knees, but that doesn’t mean they NEED to do so to survive. The lower realms are where identity, or the ‘root of our beingness’ requires a physical vehicle, a body, to survive. They have transcended such limitations, and from our perspective this seems paradoxical. Just like the Creator itself, who is nowhere, yet everywhere, in the void, yet in all things, who ‘holds all the worlds in the palm of his hand, and sees the end from the beginning,’ in a never beginning never ending universe.”

With this difference in mind, we can understand that A.I. tech is very limiting, providing external ‘work arounds’ for undeveloped personalities. The less developed the personality, the  more susceptible it is to manipulation and the offers of A.I.]

Part of the ET history narrative is the fact our solar system is about to go through a ‘genetic upgrade’ and many ET races have lost the ability to do this through their dependency on artificial technology. Dan Winter discusses this deeply here.

The bulk of the explanations for stargate tech are below, however one aspect to these Unity Physics devices is that they can be part of the ‘divine’ or spiritual technology for soul growth, and ultimate unification with the Galactic Core. When a race develops enough mental coherence or evolution, they can use the Natural stargates on a planet to form an energetic connection with their soul group. This actually already functions to a certain degree when a being incarnates, their ‘memory imprint’ is fractally synchronized to the geographic location on the planet in relation to celestial alignments and is studied generally under the banner of Astrology.

The use of artificial technology, especially for expanding consciousness and life extension, can have the effect of severing that connection. Many races have come to Earth because our DNA is highly activated and can help them reestablish a connection to their soul group. When theenergetic shift of the sun occurs, and by extension the Earth, they can ‘piggy back’ off our ascension process. While this may seem like a bad thing, it is actually a way for us to help many of the ‘fallen’ races rejoin the Galactic consciousness, part of the grand scheme of creation and a huge offer of service on a planetary scale. I suspect this is why many spiritual works discuss the importance of the human race and planet Earth for the Galaxies collective evolution. ]

- The Integratron device did not work initially.
- Van Tassel was given blue prints for a device, that if it worked properly, would allow travel throughout the cosmos. A wooden building with very interesting acoustics. Tassel would often go to these Great Rock ceremonies prior to his ET contact and building of the Integratron device.[Now we will outline how Stargate and Unity Physics work. This information is essential for understanding the energetic ascension narative and how DNA is synchronized through mental coherence; also known as ‘raising your vibration,’ holistic knowledge, self mastery, regaining personal sovereignty, etc.

Sound and vibration are essential for developing ‘organic’ or feng shui stargate devices. We briefly discussed this in the post The Ra Material and The Secret Space Program | Required Science Described by The Law of One and Dewey B. Larson. Many of the megalithic structures on Earth were allegedly created using Sonic Levitation and matter manipulation. Here is a youtube video demonstrating sonic Levitation:

Mainstream science is just beginning to understand how this works. The key concept is resonance and geometry of an entire system; Holistic Science or Unity physics. The above device uses a sound emitter and reflecting plates, to create a standing wave inside a resonating chamber (the space above the black plate on the table, ‘trapping’ them in a pressure wave interference pattern. Standing waves move back and forth in the resonating chamber creating seeming stillness, hence their name Standing Waves. Sound is a pressure wave or longitudinal wave form, high to low pressure oscillations, which lift the foam pellets off the black center plate. See this article for a detailed explanation of this. Here is an excerpt from the article for greater elucidation;

Standing sound waves have defined nodes, or areas of minimum pressure, and antinodes, or areas of maximum pressure. A standing wave’s nodes are at the heart of acoustic levitation. Imagine a river with rocks and rapids. The water is calm in some parts of the river, and it is turbulent in others. Floating debris and foam collect in calm portions of the river. In order for a floating object to stay still in a fast-moving part of the river, it would need to be anchored or propelled against the flow of the water. This is essentially what an acoustic levitator does, using sound moving through a gas in place of water.

By placing a reflector the right distance away from a transducer, the acoustic levitator creates a standing wave. When the orientation of the wave is parallel to the pull of gravity, portions of the standing wave have a constant downward pressure and others have a constant upward pressure. The nodes have very little pressure.

In space, where there is little gravity, floating particles collect in the standing wave’s nodes, which are calm and still. On Earth, objects collect just below the nodes, where the acoustic radiation pressure, or the amount of pressure that a sound wave can exert on a surface, balances the pull of gravity.

Objects hover in a slightly different area within the sound field depending on the influence of gravity.

A standing wave (or scalar wave) is simply a wave form which is self organized (fractal) and osscilates in a static position. Here is another image demonstrating the physics involved:

The sound oscillates the air creating a pressure vacuum, sucking the pellets off the center plate where the standing wave creates a negative pressure differential, lifting them off the plate once a peak intensity occurs. Changing the frequency or direction of the sound waves (by moving the reflecting plates around the center plate), allows the levitated pellets to ‘dance around’ in the resonant chamber. This is a sonic levitation process, and the capacity of this ‘gravity canceling’ effect is dependent on the acoustic quality of the whole system; the geometry of the space containing the standing wave, the pellets, the air pressure and temperature, etc. The unity of the system is self contained in the lab, and it demonstrates the general concept, but in relation to stargate technology its like comparing a machette to a scalpel. The Van Tassel Device uses the Earth as part of the system, and by extension the Sun, and Galaxy, hence its ability to be a stargate or astral travel device.

Note of clarity: Gravity is not truly canceled using the above technique, it is simply an air pressure differential creating ‘micro pushes’ against the pellets, similar to how a plane achieves lift by creating a pressure differential using the wing.Presumably the Van Tassel device uses frequency ranges of sound much higher then the ones used in the above video, much like the ones measured by Michael Tellinger in the South African stone rings. And is activated by consciousness and sounds emitted from crystal or ringing bowls and Tesla Coils, which are within the audible range.

If a device is created properly, the frequency range is higher than what can be heard with the human ear, approaching the oscillations of the atoms and molecules in the resonating chamber; near the range of heat and temperature oscillations. Since material at the atomic scale is already moving at close to the speed of light, all that is needed is a ‘nudge’ to push beyond the threadshold, entering time-space. David discusses this in his book Source Field Investigations and presumably this explains the strange phenomenon of Frogs embedded in stone: Amazing Cases of Living Frogs, Toads and Lizards Found Encased Within Solid Rock.

Heat is actually very high frequency molecular or atomic scale oscillation, which can be thought of as a pressure wave or ‘sound.’ These motions also produce light; a heat lamp is an example of heat being a sonic oscillation producing light. Here is an example of sound creating heat, again the device must be ‘tuned’ for the atomic resonance of whatever material it is intended for:

The better the device, the more harmonic inclusiveness it has (how many sound frequencies are present in the total vibration or standing wave, organized harmonically – a harmony opposed to dissonance). For stargate or astral travel, these frequencies would need to match the grander system of the Earth, in a self similar or fractal arrangement. An occupant will experience ‘consciousness effects’ (bliss experiences, heightened emotions and greater capacity for intuitive abilities) because our bodies and minds are harmonically resonant with the Earth. The device acts as a resonating chamber enhancing harmonic activity in a geometric shape, the interior of the building or resonant chamber, and if it was ‘tuned’ properly, can actually provide for consciousness and a physical body to ‘disparate’ from that location, presuming one can safely enter the energetic grid (time-space torsion fields) and navigate through the connection points created in our local environment; the solar system, and surrounding star systems.

The Great Pyramid at Giza and the Kings Chamber was probably created for this purpose, and the reason phi ratios and proportions are calibrated to the Earth, is to create one of these Earth stargate systems. Unity Physics uses the motions of existing systems (atomically, and then macro scaled as a shape or building), which already have a standing wave geometry and resonance to focus or organize them in a location for various uses; stargates, healing machines, astral projecting devices etc. Crystal bowls or other acoustic sound devices increase the energy available in the chamber, activating the potentials of the device. In the documentary Revelation of the Pyramids, they discuss these geometries in more detail, although they do not state their purpose.

Dan Winter discusses the science behind this extensively here. Since this is a holistic system, using physical material moving at a low vibration (below the speed of light in space-time) and the mental energy patterns of the host themselves (above the speed of light in time-space) the person who wants to ‘travel amongst the stars’ needs to have an auric field that is harmonically inclusive enough to successfully transfer their consciousness without creating disassociation. In other words, if you haven’t ‘raised your vibration enough’ or gained enough self mastery, you either wouldn’t be able to use the device at all, or you may be able to ‘disapparate’ but not actually materialize successfully to another location. Mono Atomic elements and Gold especially, can artificially stabilize our auric field for this purpose, and this was allegorically referenced in Frank Herbert’s book Dune. The Spacing Guild needed the Spice Melange to successfully fold space, or create a portal, and were dependent on the spice.

Related Experiments Prove Aura’s (EM Fields) are Real | Mapping the Energy Body EXPERIMENT by Heliognosis

All of this can be understood as an entrainment or synchronization process. The energy theSphere Beings are down stepping is highly organized or coherent vibrational frequencies, synchronizing DNA, material within the solar system and consciousness.]

– If you stand in the middle of the Integratron, with crystal singing bowls for ‘sound bathing you feel all sorts of strange things.

– If you stand at certain places you can hear whispering from people across the room, but only if they are in the right place.

– Howard Hughes was instructed by ET’s that he had to make this device available to everyone, but in the final stages, Hughes said he wanted to use it only for his friends in the first few months. The ET’s then pulled the plug.

- There were Tesla coils involved with the Integratron as well. It was a Gravitic field device.

– Gravity is a moving flowing force which comes down into the Earth, creating atoms [A focal point where energy can flow in and out in a perfect implosion or explosion of electromagnetic energy, or torsion energy, or the differential between space-time and time-space – depending on which ‘language’ of physics you want to use. This is a Toroidal Geometry, a torus, the shape of a galaxy. Any self organized or living system uses a torus shape:

The Torus shape of ‘body vehicles’ created by a focal point of inflowing
and outflowing energy or material.

All the various terms (Unity Physics, Gravity Waves, Torsion fields, Implosive systems, Vibrational Physics, etc) used to describe this process are but interpretations, using different perspectives to describe the same thing.]

– Nassim Haramein authored a paper stating that Gravity was actually the thing holding atoms together, known today as the Weak and Strong nuclear force. [Here is an excerpt from an articlediscussing this and much more:

The Unified Field Theory, and Nassim Haramein. When I reached Nassim, he had moved to Hawaii. We had a great conversation on the phone. The high points went something like this. (It’s not important to understand the finer scientific points here. Just get the main ideas.)

Phyllis: How in the world do you quantify Consciousness as a mathematical concept?

Nassim: Seeing it as a fractal open feedback.

P: And you’ve mathematically proven that Consciousness is the unifying force?

N: Yes. I use fractal geometry. I plot the radius of a system vs. its fundamental resonance frequency, obtaining a space-time scaling law from universal size radius to subatomic particles - describing them all as [not actual black holes, but systemslike ‘black holes’ or torus geometries.] different scale black holes. Everything on the graph generates a smooth line continuum, from macro to micro. The theory is extremely accurate with its predictions. Each scale level is considered as a resolution in the fractal geometry of spacetime, and if we plot the average size of a human being on the graph, the data point just happens to fall exactly at the center of the graph between universal size and subatomic. I thought that was sweet, because my theory describes us as an event horizon between infinitely big and infinitely small, and using fractals, which are open feedbacks, I describe self awareness, which demands a feedback of information. [Dan winter actually takes this a step further, saying that Gravity is the flow of magnetic capacitance of a unified system; ‘negative ion wind’. What Maxwell called Open Energy Systems, and what Nassim calls ‘feedback’. Dewey B Larson and his Reciprocal Systems theory took this even further, to say Electromagnetism is an interaction between space-time and time-space motions around what he called Unit Velocity or the speed of light, at the atomic scale.

Larson on Gravitation and Electromagnetism: “Like the gravitational motion, the motion which gives rise to the electric or magnetic forces is a motion of the individual atom or particle with respect to the general structure of space time, not an action of this unit on some other charged or uncharged object as it appears to be.” The general structure of space-time Larson describes as the expanding “outward” motion of the coordinate system at unit velocity (the speed of light), a scalar rotational motion. This was measured in 1929, by Edwin Hubble, an astronomer at Carnegie Observatories, who made a critical discovery: he discovered that the universe is expanding; source.

In other words, from our perspective everything that appears to be still, is actually a standing wave of motion, and Gravity is the motion of two objects interacting together within a unified system of motion, the universal space-time ‘coordinate system’ that is expanding at unit velocity in space-time. Masses attract because they act as 2 poles, like a north and south pole of a magnet, moving towards each-other along equipotential field lines within the space-time system, giving the appearance of mono poles or a uniform gravitation field. The field actually does flux or change as the Earth rotates and moves through the solar system. For more on this see Russel Krammer’s Paper The Interaction of Electromagnetism and Gravitation along Equipotential Lines here. Continuing on with the Nassim discussion:]

P: What about weak and strong nuclear forces?

N: They don’t exist. Scientists just pulled those out of thin air. I can prove there’s no such thing. There’s only gravity and ELM [electromagnetism]. The so-called strong and weak force of the subatomic world are just the result of the mini black holes interacting.
The problem has been that we’ve tried proving stuff with Euclidian plane geometry. It’s an aberration because there’s no such thing as a flat 2-dimensional plane, so any physics using Euclidian axioms is screwed [like trying to fit a round peg in a square hole, the universe is 3 dimensional {x,y,z} geometry, not 2 dimensional {x and y}]. If you put fractal geometry into 3-D space, it comes out correct. If Einstein had fractal geometry, he probably could have solved gravity. The whole biosphere expresses fractals. Space-time is embedded with fractals. [Again see Dan Winter’s work for a detailed explanation and evidence to support fractals and the Phi or Golden Mean ratio being fundamental to the Universe.]

And with order. That’s another concept they’ve got wrong: Chaos Theory. It’s not Chaos Theory. It’s Order Theory. There’s order at the core. The heart of the Universe is order [Chaos in this sense is a word describing our inability to understand what is observed. When we do not grasp the physics involved we say something is ‘chaotic’, when it is properly recognized it takes on a different name, revealing the order that was learned.]

– Pyramids and dome structures, create a vortex in this ‘gravity flowing’ energy. Depending on their placement on the Earth, and Celestial Alignments, you can actually turn Electromagnetic energy into gravity and vice versa; and this explains antigravity devices and engines in UFO’s. We can actually create portals using this tech allowing us to travel through space and time; a stargate.

- Immortality also relates to this, the physics also describes the life force or energetic flow. Pyramids help seeds germinate, and so can Unity Physics devices and architecture. [This was discussed in the post Science Of Ascension, Evolution and much more | Fractality: What Makes a LIVE ENZYME – Alive? with Dan Winter.]
- The Integratron could probably ‘fire up again’ – says Host. We just need some Tesla Coils.
- Van Tassel allegedly built a time machine in Santa Monica California. Apparently they had a few successful tests, recording a 7 year old TV broadcast.
- David thinks that machine was probably confiscated by the Cabal or Government.
- The basic physics of time travel isn’t that difficult, many groups have rediscovered it, and the ‘authorities’ will come in and shut you down if they find out. Spiraling Gravity develops a geometric pattern, that forms currents or Ley lines on the earth. If you build this tech, it will actually distort the Ley lines and the Cabal has satellites that can detect these disturbances to pinpoint your location. So you have to be very careful with this stuff or the Cabal will take notice.
- One insider built one of these things, building it in 5 different components. They assembled the components, tested it, and it worked. They left it overnight and the inventor leaves, coming back 2 hours later to find everything in his house was emptied out, including the shower curtain rod.[Presumably the Cabal did this]
- And Howard Hughes probably obtained the Tesla patents through these women he sent to seduce the Illuminati agents, giving them to Van Tassel for his device.
- The Cabal is a religious fundamentalist organization, a dark Lucifarianist organization. They believe Lucifer is the good guy, the average person is a useless eater, and we must serve the Cabal/Illuminati.Related  Wednesday, December 10, 2014 Jay Parker and Mark Passio: Satanic Ritualistic Abuse | Truth Connections Radio

- Insider Bruce said so many things. He was bursting with information when David met him. He told David things he heard from many other insiders, which helped vet Bruce’s information. A lot of these insiders share similar data, usually pointing to a fair degree of accuracy and credibility.
- For example, Bruce was authorized to say there is ancient tech, from many civilizations everywhere on Earth and in our Solar System.
- Ceres is a planeload in the Asteroid belt, the bright spot [See the article Ceres’ Bright Spot Is Composed Of Many Smaller Spots | Closest look yet at Ceres’ bright spots]. Apparently this is a city. The Cabal is going to use this as a test case for disclosure, and reveal it to the public; initially with vague hints, but more explicitly over time as an ET base. But they are going to try and spin the story to their favor. Ultimately any spin campaigns will not work though.

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- Question from Emailer – When the Event occurs, what happens to the animal and planet life? Its a complex question, we need to add some backdrop for (explained below by David). [We have been covering the science for this in several posts, and the synchronization aspect we covered briefly above. For a more detailed account see these posts: Is This A Sign of Increased Energy Affecting The Earth? | Global Earthquake and Volcanic Activity Spiked Last WeekScience Of Ascension, Evolution and much more | Fractality: What Makes a LIVE ENZYME – Alive? with Dan Winter and A Part 1: May 20th 2015 | Corporate Bases on Mars and Nazi Infiltration of US Secret Space Program.]
- The Universe is governed by higher dimensional beings, beyond UFO tech as we know it. Using pure thought to travel and manifest objects or bodies. They can see everything, including what the Cabal is doing, and they can thwart any efforts by the Cabal as needed, using non-free will impinging methods that still allow us as a race to evolve. [The Movie Adjustment Bureau suggests this. And the beings David is referring to are of the order or scale similar to Ra from the Law of one or the Blue Avians (6th density beings); although not necessarily those beings explicitly. We discussed this in the post How to Become Your Own Savior (Harmony with Natural Law), Why The Blue Avians Won’t “Save Us,” Learn To Embrace The Challenges of Life And Become “The Hero”.]

- The Seraphim and Cherubim, or angels, are similar to this order of life. Ancient Aliens told David not to talk about this stuff on air, and when he did, they cut it from their broadcast. [The Urantia book is an excellent source of information describing how the universe is organized from a top down (or centered out) perspective. It is by far the most complete and detailed story of creation Julian and I have come across, especially the orders of intelligence beyond the material densities, the so called angels. But it is not a ‘perfect’ book by any means, and it should not be thought of as absolute truth. It was most likely channeled from a race who had an agenda. Despite this, it is still one of the most powerful works for describing deep science, physics and Natural Law philosophies; as well as the history of the Universe from the moment of creation down to the Creation of Earth and humanity. It matches a great deal of the concepts shared in many works, especially the Law of One.]

– We are all One. We are all part of the infinite consciousness that created the Universe.

- There is new science coming out showing that space and time is an emanation from a singular source, and can be called an illusion when compared to this primal reality of undivided consciousness. [See David’s Talk here for more on this History of ‘Old One’s’, Draco’s, SSP, Plan for Disclosure in 2015, Cabal Surrender, Sphere Beings, and Much More]
- David tries to monitor his audience during conferences, and if one person looks distracted, then he will change the pace to try and reach them[probably the reason he uses so many jokes].- David Minored in Philosophy, English lit, and jazz classes.

– Did the Annunaki and Draco’s trick the Atlanteans into a soul trap, reincarnation cycle tostrand DNA and amnesia on Earth? [This narrative is spoken of in many works and is actually part of the Cabal’s belief system, which suggests it is not accurate. Especially given all the science to the contrary. Possibly the Wing Maker Material was skewed with this perspective]That is what the Cabal believe, and its the story they have tried to push on to humanity, and have been very successful. But reincarnation and the universe aren’t hell.

The Big Story

- The Universe started as Oneness and divided itself out into what we call Galaxies. The intent was it wanted to use its creative potential to realize the perfection of itself, in a process of co-creation. Galaxies, Stars and Planets are intelligent super beings, acting as a type of cosmic parents to the ‘smaller’ life forms; humanity. [We discussed the ‘story of creation’ as it relates to the Law of One in the post The Ra Material and The Secret Space Program | Required Science Described by The Law of One and Dewey B. Larson].- These are intelligent beings. The next stage down from that are sentient beings that live down on the planets. This is organized in a structure of quantized evolutionary planes of existence or densities; 7 densities.

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– 1st density is mineral life, 2nd density is plant and animal life, 3rd density is sentient life like humans, this is where the split of positive and negative beings. 4th you have both positive and negative, more telepathic and light body types, the density of love. [but they are on different worlds, meaning when you graduate to 4th density, from 3rd, you have to choose either positive or negative, and there is a whole planet set up for each polarity], 5th density also has a split of positive or negative beings and is the density of wisdom, 6th level you have to go positive or you will dissolve into the background energy of the universe, 7th density is very advanced level, kind of like a virtual internet, where they go back and reflect on all the previous densities, helping others [this is where our higherselfs exist and reach back ‘in the past’ to offer help and guidance – this also explains why they do not ‘save us’ from our own learning opportunties]. They create a living database which 6D beings can analyze. Beyond this point is re-unification with source [In the Urantia book there is a similar type of process, where we ascend from material to morontial (semi-material) to spiritual beings, eventually moving into the center of the galaxy, and travel to the next level of attainment in the Central Universe called Havona].

– The beings that are running the show here, making sure Earth doesn’t blow up, literally – these are 6th density beings.

- The Draco are 4th density, or possibly 5th density. They were humanoid that evolved up out of reptilian 2nd density life.
- The Universe is populated with humanoid life, which is built into the program of creation.
- The basic life forms are the same: plants, animals, microbes.. all throughout the universe.
- You might have a planet that is predominately oceanic, and you might have fish like humanoids evolving there. On other planets there are Bird types, or Reptilian types – all taking on humanoid form from an animal base or theme.
- These Dracos ended up becoming racist, and only wanted to help other reptilians. In the last 700,000 years they found all the other reptilians throughout the Galaxy, and blended their genetic material, conquering them. They are the negative group originating from the Draco constellation.[Dan Winter and many other researchers discuss Galactic history as well. Dan’s presentations are the most detailed and scientific we have come across, especially this one here. He says that the Draco empire was composed of highly evolved types from the Center of the Galaxy (4th or 5th density most likely) that believed genetic manipulation was the best way for evolving life, this was in contrast to another group which believed ‘setting DNA free’ was the best way. As it turns out freedom is the best, as it harmonizes with free will and unity concepts.]
- They were going around conquering worlds, and this pissed off a lot of other races, and they got their butts kicked by them in several massive wars. They were beaten back into our corner of the galaxy, like Orion and Draco constellation. They also settled in our solar system, around 375,000 years ago, this came from Corey GoodETxSG.Related Humans Have 145 ‘Alien’ Genes: Some DNA is NOT From Our Ancestors

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- What are the Draco’s doing out there in our solar system? There are intelligent lifeforms that are dependent upon our jealousy, our fear and terror. It is food for them called louche. [We expanded on the science for why this is the case in David’s other Radio show appearance from late December 2014: David Wilcock Interview – Show Notes and Analysis of: ET Warfare, Secret Space Program, Lost Civilizations and More. Here is an excerpt from that post:
Negative ET’s feed off fear because at a fundamental level all ‘food’ consumption (within the material realities up to 5th density) is a process of making oneself coherent electrically; a self organized flow of charge or energy. If you can make your body fractal to the Earth, or holistic, the electric field becomes self stabilized and you can literally ‘eat charge’ from your environment (much like a plant, and this is the science of sun gazing and breatharianism.)Conversely, the negative ET’s cannot do this, and require a host, consuming the dis-coherent energies of a underdeveloped and fearful personality; what we could call parasitic. Fear creates an Auric field or EM field of dissonance, casting off a large amount of energy (that’s why being in fear can be exhausting) which in turn can be ‘consumed’ by a parasite entity. Credo Mutwa is an African medicine man who spoke a dark race of tall beings who consumed the flesh and fear of humans. He said they have a metallic smell and were very malevolent; click here to read an article detailing this.  Positive ET’s are self coherent and holistic, which means they do not need to feed off another, they can draw energy from the universe itself, via foodstuffs or energetically; as was described above. Ra discusses this in the Law of One:

43.20 Questioner: I’m guessing that it is not necessary to ingest food in fifth density. Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. This is incorrect. However, the vehicle needs food which may be prepared by thought.

43.21 Questioner: What type of food would this be?

Ra: I am Ra. You would call this type of food nectar, or ambrosia, or a light broth of golden white hue. [Ambrosia means food of the gods, see the this post for a detailed explanation]

43.24 Questioner: I am simply trying to trace the, you might say, the evolution of this catalyst that then, as you say, changes in fifth density. I might as well complete this and ask if there is any ingestion of food in sixth density?

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct. However, the nature of this food is that of light and is impossible to describe to you in any meaningful way as regards the thrust of your query.

43.18 Questioner: The mechanism of, shall we say, social catalyst due to a necessity for feeding the body then is active in fourth density. Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. This is incorrect. The fourth-density being desires to serve and the preparation of foodstuffs is extremely simple due to increased communion between entity and living foodstuff. Therefore, this is not a significant catalyst but rather a simple precondition of the space/time experience. The catalyst involved is the necessity for the ingestion of foodstuffs. This is not considered to be of importance by fourth-density entities and it, therefore, aids in the teach/learning of patience.

See the post Science Of Ascension, Evolution and much more | Fractality: What Makes a LIVE ENZYME – Alive? with Dan Winter for the extensive science behind this concept. Also see Transmuting The Symbols Of Fear Into Love | Symbolism is the Language of the Mysteries for the mechanics of transmuting fear into love using one’s intuition and contemplation, which will prevent any parasitic entities from feeding on fear and prevent their offers for dependency from continuing to play havoc in one’s life]
- When you become dependent on Louche if you miss a feeding for even one day, these beings would die. [Hence the constant emphasis on ‘raising our vibration’ or healing ourselves within from the Positive races and spiritual works throughout history. Most likely the dark Satanic rituals performed regularly on earth were ‘programmed’ into human cultures for the purpose of generating food for these parasitic races.

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Again we covered the importance and process for fear transmutation here. Not only does it prevent parasitic entities from feeding off us, but it also stops us from continuing to create chaos, even after the world is ‘cleansed’. That’s why the positive ET’s can’t just come in an ‘save us’ from the Cabal, because we are still programmed and act out violence on each other, inviting other entities to feed off our fear. Humanity also feeds off fear and terror in a different way. The Cabal have used mind control techniques from ancient times, so that we willingly accept slavery and violence, we unwittingly have chosen to be agents for the Cabal at a very profound level. Personal growth and change is essential, and only we as individuals can do this work of self mastery. No magic healing machines or ascension scenarios will override our free will choices. The good news is as more coherent energy streams in, forgiveness and healing becomes much easier, and we can help ground them into ourselves by taking real bonafide actions in the world, serving others and stopping violence when we see it; whether it be physical, mental or emotional violence. In truth, nearly every person on Earth has engaged in violent behavior in some form, and continues to do so, although they may not be aware of it.]

- These beings, deliberately custom designed a planet for fear farming. They also intermingled their genetic material with ours [as preparation for the ascension coming, as a way to reconnect their soul group with the Galactic Core; as we described above].- Zecharia Sitchin is a good place to start for planetary history, but it is heavily distorted. He tried to blame everything on the Annunaki, but there is much more to the story.
- There was Reptilian King called Anu, he had two sons Enki and Enlil. Enlil was the ‘bad guy’, he genetically engendered humans to be sterile slaves. Enki was the ‘good guy’ he changed our genetic make-up, allowing us to reproduce. The Planet Nibiru could actually be Mars and they could have chemtrailed the atmosphere with gold to keep it from escaping; which ultimately didn’t work in the long run. At this time in history the Earth was different, it was swampy, hotter.. [The Expanding Earth model almost perfectly matches this idea, as around 120 million years ago, there were no large oceans.]

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– The Earth was generally more harsh for these reptilian ET’s to mine the gold themselves, So they created Humans as a slave race. [See this post for extensive evidence on the creation of the human race Evolution of Humans | Everything You Know Is Wrong (about Human Origins) – Lloyd Pye.]

– They took the indigenous ‘ape man’ that was here, and ‘upgraded’ them. There are many problems as a result of their sloppy work.

- There are over 40 different ET groups that spliced their DNA with our own to either help or hurt us. [See 22 Cases for ET Genetic Manipulation of Humanity At Conference, Psychic Abilities of Corey and David Wilcock | Insider Corey GoodETxSG.]

– These people have highly advanced technology, including nanites, extremely small machines.

- Are these the Archons? The Alchemical definition of archon is humans on Earth who do the workings of a higher agenda or Cabal; ie Dracos or Dark Fleet.
WWE Arena

– A new insider, who worked for the WWE (professional wrestling), said every-time they do an event, they have big screen TVs at these shows. These large TVs always go missing after the show. The crystalline structure of these TV’s absorbs the louche (fear food) from the audience, and the Draco’s want these so they can feed.

- This energy we make literally gets imprinted in the LCD display; the liquid crystals. They set these monitors up in the shape of a pentagram. A pentagonal shape. [The pentagonal shape does not have an inherently evil property. The reason it is so important for energetic imprinting is because it is an implosive geometry, which will absorb the latent energy patterns of what ever surrounds it.
You could use this shape for focusing positive energy, or building a house that enhances auric fields instead of destroying them; that’s what Pyramids and Unity physics devices are for, like the Integratron. For clarity, a pentagram is not inherently evil, but if used improperly, can be destructive. Just like a hammer can be used to kill someone or build a house.]

- The Cabal has been trying to kill off humanity for a long time, but they always fail. Remember the genocide in Rwanda, where people were being hacked to pieces with machetes? The Dracos literally cloaked their ship above the battle ground to soak up the louche energy. They have been doing it for thousands of years, hence the Cabal’s desires to keep creating wars.

– Robin Williams, didn’t commit suicide on his own, he was pushed into it. They tried to get louche form Paul Walker’s death, but it didn’t generate enough. So they tried it with Robbin Willians, and it worked that time. The next thing they did was leak the Cosby rape allegations, this worked very well for them, many people had big time fear reactions. [Again our ability to transmute what we believe to be bad, and reconcile it into a holistic system of understanding is so essential for not only our personal empowerment, but also to stop feeding these negative entities. This is accomplished by gaining knowledge about the spiritual nature of the universe andrealizing that nothing is truly bad. All things work from the spiritual realms to provide learning and growth, even rape, murder, war and so called horrors. This will be a big part of disclosure and will actually provide a major catalyst for humanity to awaken; similar to the 9/11 event. It may sound crazy to say that, but from a soul level, every being chooses to experience these things for a reason, and in that sense, nothing is truly bad.

I intend on doing more work in the future going into extensive detail about the mechanics of soul growth which uses ALL experience for that purpose; given how much we breathe life into negative ideas and perceptions as a result of our programming and societal conditioning, it is essential to take a pro-active approach to changing our beliefs and conclusions. Having a ‘big picture’ world view, that acknowledges the spiritual nature of existence and how every experience is for soul growth helps immensely.

For now, attempt to open your mind and not develop a static belief system where these things are ‘always bad’ and are ‘so horrible’. Use your powers of transformation to go within and ask “how does this provide learning and growth.” The answer won’t come instantly, but it cracks the door for the intuition to do its work, and will begin the process of inner alchemy.

We discussed this briefly in the post Transmuting The Symbols Of Fear Into Love | Symbolism is the Language of the Mysteries. This is a major passion of mine, and one of the central focuses of our work on Stillness in the Storm is to impart data to help in this process of personal empowerment and transformation; so we become the Stillness in the Storm.]

– Thankfully these techniques of fear aren’t working that well anymore, and they are running out of time.

– There are a lot of prophecies talking about this transition, and these positive ET’s are way more powerful then the negative ones. The Universe is governed by Free Will, so they can’t just come in and fix it for us, but they do everything they can to help. [Again see the post How to Become Your Own Savior (Harmony with Natural Law), Why The Blue Avians Won’t “Save Us,” Learn To Embrace The Challenges of Life And Become “The Hero”.]

Mr. Sulu; James Doohan, Chief Engineer “Scotty”; Nichelle Nichols, Lt. Uhura; Leonard Nimoy, Mr. Spock, Gene Roddenberry, Star Trek’s creator; George Low, NASA deputy administrator; and Walter Koenig, Mr. Chekov. (Credit: NASA)

– Gene Roddenberry was a part of channeling groups at Joshua Tree, and the whole concept for Star Trek came from his contact with these positive ET groups. [I grew up watching Star Trek and have re-watched it several times after waking up. It is JAM PACKED with powerful allegories and morals for how to honor free will and service others without also side stepping their (or your) path of evolution. Probably the most overt example is the Voyager series, which you can watch many of these for free online at various hosting websites.]

– This series was a major disclosure, in many ways, but not a literal depiction. Twilight zone, Outer Limits, Battle Star Galactica, the Day the Earth Stood Still, They Live, (a stargate is in the end of that movie) etc. all have a powerful message.


- The Dracos have the ability to inject you with some nanotechnology to extend your life and give you ‘immortality’. [Mono atomic gold or elements.] Your flesh becomes essentially robotic, healing your body if you become injured. There are 21 people on earth who were given this, and are called ‘the parent’s or old ones.’

– The oldest one dates back 13,000 years, before the fall of Atlantis, later 21 others were also given this tech, and told to find the people who make the most money and power and seduce them into the group, this is where you get the 13 Illuminati bloodlines. These bloodlines took over the world, essentially, over time.

– The Parents of the Illuminati, these 21 old ones, had stargate tech, and kept it from the bloodlines.

– The Illuminati recently found out about this immortality tech and the stargates, and are really pissed off at the old ones. The whole Cabal pyramid is in chaos as a result.

– The Draco have betrayed everyone, explained later.

– The parents betrayed the illuminati families, and are apparently sick of being alive and want to die.

– There is a way they can die, having the brain stem severed from the neck. Depicted in the Highlander films.

– Why are they making all these movies about this? They have to do it, so we enslave ourselves via our own free will. [This is a trust relationship, wherein they have to disclose their intention in order for their plans go through or be allowed to occur, else the higher realms will come in and stop them. We discussed this in the post here. Here is an except from that post:

I study Natural Law and by extension Trust Law, Equity Law (Contract Law) and Statutory Code. In the Analysis of Dr. Michael Salla’s GoodETxSG Q and A, the concept of ‘the tree of law’ is offered, essentially saying that all beings and things are of the creator, when embodiments come together to do anything there is always a trust and contractual relationship at work. This is essentially the science of how two free will beings interact with each other, and once that perspective is taken up, allows a honor or dishonor determination to be made.

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The Cabal employs deception, manipulation and coercion, abrogating free will. As such these interactions are in Breach of Trust, which means any contract which comes about through them is dishonorable and non-binding. In order for a race to interact with humanity it must gain consent, whether implied or explicit. The more explicit the consent the more honorable the interaction.

Ra from the Law of one series is an excellent example of a being that honor’s free will to a very high degree. This is one of the concepts I became aware of, helping me to discern the nature of who I am interacting with, if they are honorable or dishonorable. This is very useful in everyday life to a great degree. If these ET’ races claim to have helped humanity, that may have been their intent, meaning they may not be overtly trying to deceive anyone if the end result as disharmonious. The “IE’s” (Intuitive Empath) apparently stated as much during the Conference.

Their ‘reading’ of the groups is very much like a lie detector test, measuring the anxiety level of someone which usually indicates if they believe what they are sharing is untrue.This merely confirms the person’s knowledge level with respect to their unique experience, not whether the item in question is objectively true or not. For example, if you ask the ‘average Joe’ if they think the government is run by a dark cabal, they will answer no, and the lie detector will indicate a ‘truthful’ response, but clearly there is a Cabal.

This is what I call an Honor Discernment Process and will undoubtedly be part of the process for adjudicating the Cabal after disclosure. I intend on revealing more of this information in future posts.]

- Some of the Cabal say, “since we shove this stuff in their face, people are either too afraid or too stupid to do anything about it.” [Even though they technically disclose their plans, it is not an honorable disclosure. There actually has to be an understanding imparted, not just a hazy inference about what their plans are. Its similar to trying to disclose the facts, but in a language people can’t understand. Despite this, the higher realms cannot step in to end the fraud, because we still accepted the deception and agreed by acquiescence, the deception is obvious, but usually too “horrific” for most people to accept, so they chose ignorance instead, which is clearly NOT bliss. In other words, it’s like buying a bad pharmaceutical, which causes various negative health effects, we can take actions to reverse the damage, but we can’t undo our own creations, the law of causality holds true. We discussed this in the post How the Cabal Maintains Their Power And What You Need To Do To Stop It – Un-Consent .]
- The Cabal have used trickery and deception more and more, and as such the higher realms have more influence to help.- The Illuminati know the Old ones exist, and that the Dracos exist, and that the old ones are just licking the boot heals of the Dracos.

– The Dracos are 12 foot tall, very strong, very telepathic beings and can telepathically control you if your not mentally strong enough. You could shoot them with bullets and they would just bounce off them.

- The Illuminati are realizing that they have been duped. Most people think the Cabal is a black and white organization and they all agree to kill off most of the planet. But in truth they have been deceived by the Old Ones who were deceived by the Draco’s to create a fear factory planet to produce louche. Give Lucious his Louche, is a saying of theirs.- That’s why all wars are banker wars, to create this fear food, and since we blindly follow them, we use our free will to accept it – free will is the highest law of creation.

David covers much of the below in his talk here.

ET Races and Contacts

- Roswell was not the first UFO Crash. They had one that went back all the way to the 1890’s. They dug it up, very aerodynamic, gold in color. There are ancient crash sites all over the planet they found too.

– The Germans were the first to develop this tech. The Vril Society made contact. They flew out into space, and found many other races colonized and the solar system before us. They realized they could seal off these old colonies and live on them. And thats what the Nazi’s did, on the Moon and Mars. [see The Black Sun and the Luminous Lodge The Vril Society, the Luminous Lodge and the Realization of the Great WorkAnalysis of A.I. Influences on Earth and ET Civilizations | GoodETxSG NAZI “Alien Reproduction Vehicle”/ARV – Nazi Die Glocke – “Gold from Mercury Problem”]

– The Nazis lost WW2 but came back and took over the US intelligence agency and secret space program. This is where you get the militarization of our Solar System.


Related The Ra Material and The Secret Space Program | Required Science Described by The Law of One and Dewey B. Larson

– They flew over the Washington DC in their Bell Craft, and forced the US to join them in a partnership.

– In the 1950’s and 60’s. There was something called ‘the brain drain’, you had 60 million people recruited from all over the world, and the SSP still has plenty of ethnicities who lived for generations out in space, on various colonies. Generations of people who have never set foot on Earth. They have advanced technology and cloning. They continue to recruit people from our planet as much as they can. This program was on going up until very recently. They recruit the cream of the crop of the population, hence the name ‘brain drain’ our best and brightest shipped off world. [Corey shares that many Starseeds and highly intuitive people were recruited into these programs for various purposes.]

– These recruits were told something disastrous was going to happen on earth, but when they got out there, they were treated like slaves. They are told how to live and what to do, who they can have sex with, who they can get married to, its very dominating. [Many Star Trek episodes reveal societies which ‘broke away’ to form groups just like what David just described.]

– David is in contact with SSP, the Solar Warden Faction, which broke away from the negative faction.

Related Solar Warden: Secret Space Program

– There are 5 Secret Space Program Factions:

  • - Solar Warden was the first one, the planetary police force.
  • - Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate [this sounds a lot like the ‘Company’ in the Alien movies and Prometheus.] They develop very advanced tech and sell it to other ET races. Despite our spiritual infancy, we are very good at making technologies.
  • - Global Galactic League of Nations, the UN of space, which has several sub groups.
  • - A Military Faction which acts as logistical support for these other factions.
  • - Finally the Dark Fleet. this group is run by the Dracos. This group has reptilians, insectoids, and humans that work with them, wearing black uniforms like the Nazi’s which are very arrogant.
- The Solar Warden Faction had the oldest tech, which they acquired during the early 80’s. This is still amazing by comparision to the tech we have on Earth now. They broke away from the other groups. They sided with new beings, the Blue Avians or Sphere beings, which had tech way more advanced then anything ever seen by any faction.- Some of these Spheres are the size of planets in our solar system, Jupiter being the biggest seen.

– One came in to the solar system the size of Neptune, during the mid 80’s. Pete Peterson was there working with Ronald Reagan while this was happening, it circled Neptune, then Pluto, then began to approach Saturn. It was cloaked, but they were able to detect it. Solar Warden confronted this sphere. The sphere responded saying they are peaceful explorers.

– In 1998 and 1999, hundreds of these spheres begin to come into the solar system all about the size of Earth’s Moon. They wouldn’t respond to hailing signals. The Illuminati in the Pentagon thought they were their Sumerian Gods, they were here to help them usher in the New World Order “They know we are going to do this 9/11 thing and they are going to help us.. ” But the Spheres never made contact, so the Illuminati got confused.

– In August 2011, 26 underground facilities were destroyed in fantastic ways. The personal and technology was portalled out by some super intelligence, to some safe place, and then the base was destroyed using some pressure weapon, where the air pressure goes up very high and then very low causing a very destructive vacuum effect, cracking the Earths crust. The base falls in on itself afterward, and can’t be used again. In December of 2011 some treaty was struct, that’s when this base destruction stopped, and the Cabal was apparently trying to stop this from happening by turning on HAARP at maximum intensity. This is apparently why there weremassive fish and bird deaths during this time.

– The Cabal made a Treaty asking them to stop destroying their underground bases.

– In 2012, more gigantic spheres came into the solar system again. There are three sizes. Some are the size of the Moon, some are around Neptune, some are around Jupiter. But it turns out there are way more then just 100, the SSP could only detect that small number.

– Why are the Sphere’s here? Our Solar system is transitioning into a heightened energetic place in the galaxy, which effects everything: matter, life, consciousness, etc. [The so called Ambrosian Energetics described by Gaia Portal. We also discussed this in the post Is This A Sign of Increased Energy Affecting The Earth? | Global Earthquake and Volcanic Activity Spiked Last Week]

– Ultimately what appears to be coming our way is a major shift of life as we know it. A quantum leap in what it means to be human. And its designed this way, we have to fight through the dark times to prepare for this shift. [The reason for this is mental entrainment, which we discussedhere. This is an excerpt from that post:

Evolution of MindWithin hermetic philosophy and various other spiritual works, including the Law of One, it is stated that the universe is a mental construct, we are ‘dreamers in the dream of the all’ or aspects of the creator in the “illusion”. Since the physical laws of the universe are a reflection of the spiritual we can understand this mechanism of personal evolution as a tension differential. For example, if we look at the way heat is transferred from one object to another, it is a synchronization process. A pot sitting atop a hot kitchen stove is at a certain temperature which is less than the heating coil or flame underneath it; a heat differential. Over a period of time the two systems of motion (the objects in the system) equalize to produce a final product; a pot which has the same temperature as the stove.

The Body and Spirit are the two things which facilitate the synchronization of mind. For clarity the heart is an aspect of mind (no to be confused with the brain) as well, since everything is one or in unity, the new age belief that the mind must be abandoned for the heart is a HUGE MISCONCEPTION. The heart is an aspect of mind, the brain an aspect of the heart. The body does undergo changes, but this is a co-creative process, meaning we as individuals or personalities work with the body from the moment of conception, using it as a receiver for sensation and information, which is funneled through the central nervous system into the brain, and then through the pineal gland into the super-material region of mind. The spirit or higher self is fixed or unchanging, it exists beyond space and time and is in the region of eternity.

Taking all this into account, for us in 3rd density, the body allows us to explore desires, sensations and experiences which flow into the mind and are organized into meanings. We experience life in the ‘real world’ which is governed by Natural Law and appears to be ‘deterministic’ – no matter how hard we try to force our will on to the world it won’t change the laws of nature. But we can understand the laws of nature and work with them to achieve our desires.

The reason why the Sphere Beings or Blue Avians are helping to diffuse this energy is because the minds of humanity as a whole are greatly out of sync with the energies being offered for evolution. The Cabal knows enough about this process to focus a great deal of energy on keeping us locked in static and fixed belief systems which hinder the growth of mind. They employ mass mind control at nearly every level in addition to disrupting the body itself. Food is heavily manipulated to create disturbances in the body (disease) which makes us feel like victims. Defining our experience as such creates an inertia of non-growth; instead of recognizing that our bodies are sick from the foods we eat we think it is random, and never seek to know the truth, which creates a limiting belief system and mental stagnation.

Dan Winter again is an excellent resource for the physiological effects of living life on Earth, which greatly limits our bodies and as such our mental evolution. See this video for a very detailed explanation of this. The lack of electromagnetic connection to the Earth, wearing rubber shoes and dwelling in harmonically dissonant electrically insulated environments (the actual electricity running in the walls) has the effect of desynchronizing our bodies to the environment they are entrained (connected) to. In addition the geometry of buildings (90 degree angles) creates EM (Electro-Magnetic) dissonance patterns which actually de-organize the EM field vs organizing them. This creates a separation consciousness within, which as we learned above hinders the mind’s ability to grow (synchronize), and in turn means a larger differential.

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All these systems work to limit soul expression and discovery, locking us into a type of pandemic post traumatic stress syndrome, hindering the ability of DNA to become self-organized. DNA changes it shape as a result of emotional charge, which we previously defined as a totality expression or charge of our collective mental patterns. In other words, when we define most of our experience as ‘bad’ and create a victim mindset, this is experienced as so called ‘negative emotions’ which in turn create a DNA geometry of separation, and prevent the synchronization process offered by the 4th density energy streaming in.

David Wilcock often mentions Padmasambhava and hundreds of cases of ‘ascension’ by Buddhist monks. Given the discussion above we now have a scientific basis to understand how their practice works. It is a mental alchemy or tuning to the universe itself using symbols, chants and meditation. Because human nature is programmable, our choices and definitions of experience literally affect our emotional signature, which affects the physical reality around us. Emotions have a biological component, and an energetic or electromagnetic component. The monks’ process use a method of thought form transmutation, whereby they systematically reprogram their mental definitions to include more of reality as a whole within. Because the unconscious aspect of mind ‘sees all’, we can reorganize the programs to reflect more of reality as a whole, which is a synchronization process. Eventually there is a critical mass reached and with an act of will they can complete the synchronization process finally ascending from this plane of existence.

What this means is that the normal process of mental evolution has been greatly hindered by our choice to remain ignorant and accept the control offered by the Cabal. As a result, the energy streaming in must be attenuated (down stepped in intensity) for humanities level of mental evolution as a whole. If they did not assist us in this process the energy would be so great most of humanity would essentially go insane. When we experience high intensity sensations, and have no logical or rational process for making sense of them (knowledge), it creates a traumatic pattern within, which causes disassociation; a type of mental quarantine.

An excellent example of this is psychedelic experiences. Those who can find a way to make sense of the experience will often be greatly empowered, and studies have shown the beneficial effects of these experiences. Conversely, those who cannot make sense of it, will be deeply traumatized and dissociated; Syd Barrett from Pink Floyd is a case study of this phenomenon.

Chemtrails are another part of this mental stagnation program pushed by the Cabal, as they literally disrupt the coherent energy streaming in from the Sun, which per the Law of One quote above has been increasing in intensity since 1936.

In other words this is the perfect way for the Blue Avians, or the brothers and sisters of sorrow, who are morally culpable for what has happened on earth, to ‘heal their karma’ while also offering help to us in a service to others modality. This is a plan of great wisdom as it does not rob us of our own paths of personal evolution; a ‘win win scenario’. In a comment on Dr. Salla’s post on our blog, one person was wondering why they didn’t come and help us sooner; a type of cosmic rescue. At a fundamental level the Cabal’s power is maintained by our acquiescence, and as such if we fail to take the corrective action to stop the madness, we won’t have grown as a result, and ascension would be impossible.

As such the Blue Avians will provide a ‘mercy dispensation’ diffusing the energies and slowly increasing them in addition to forcing the Cabal to disclose the truth, and create enough ‘pain’ in society (implosion of the financial system) to help break the inertia of past choice which much of humanity is presently stuck in.]

– The reason things seems to be getting more intense and ‘worse’ is because it helps make these things conscious to us so we can become aware of them and chose to act as change agents; 9/11 is a microcosmic example of this. In this process we evolve and grow while at the same time ending the violence and insanity.

– 20 years ago no one was talking about the Illuminati, but now its everywhere. Its common knowledge for the most part, although heavily normalized and mocked.

– This energetic processes uses synchronicity to feed us this awakening information [Again I suspect that the angelic realms can manipulate events to some degree much like in the film Adjustment Bureau, since free will for us is not absolute, some level of guiding can take place from the higher realms, most likely due to our soul level agreements prior to incarnation. We think things are random, but we are actually playing our parts and roles in life as designed by the creation as a whole and by extension our own personal free will choices.]

– This way we can receive the awakening at digestible chunks. If we ‘have done our homework’ and ‘raised our vibration’ – served others, or gained self mastery – we can receive this awakening energy more readily. Eventually we will evolve into a light being or super hero like character. This was allegorically revealed in the bible with Jesus.

– The Tibetans apparently follow these teachings from Jesus, where they try and make every thought a loving thought. [This is the aspect of mental evolution discussed above. Its not that having a negative thought is absolutely bad. In fact allowing ourselves to go through that experience, in observation, so we can learn to transmute those negative thoughts with knowledge and expanded world views is essential; we can not ignore the negative. We can then practice forgiveness after we have enough gained enough self knowledge, if not we become victims of our own unconscious beliefs and reactions. For example when experiencing a ‘negative thought’ we can take a deep breath, and in our minds ask ‘how can I learn from this, how can I grow spiritually’ from the experience that triggered this thought. This will begin the process of open mindedness, the initial step to transmutation of fear. Often negative thoughts are based on a static and rigid belief about something, the inertia of our past choices. Again I outlined the mechanics of this in the post Transmuting The Symbols Of Fear Into Love | Symbolism is the Language of the Mysteries.]

– Jesus teachings are a level of self perfection or mastery.

– When this energetic spring board takes off, the people who are ready will begin to gain ascended abilities. But this Event is built on bifurcation; splitting up of people by way of their choices, into different ‘Earths’ or timelines. Those who have refused to gain self mastery or refuse to honor the free will of others, will actually go through a cataclysmic experience, The Pole Shift, Super Volcano’s and destructive Earth Changes.

– Question from Emailer – Do you believe that all the ET channellings are part of an effort to prepare humanity for what is coming? Yes some are. But Part of the Cabal believes that starseeds will develop these abilities before everyone else, and they are trying to corrupt them with dishonorable belief systems and modalities to prevent them for activating.

– August 2016 is a best guess for when this might happen, but nothing is set in stone. The key factor is largely dependent on how our consciousness evolves, when enough people gain the self mastery, then the event will occur.

– In 2009, an insider named Jacob, said the event David thought was going to occur in 2012 is actually going to happen in 2017.

– Many people who are allegedly channeling, will co-opt insider info to give themselves legitimacy. Parroting information.

– The 8 Talents of Krishna, reveal some of the ascended abilities that are coming. Instantaneous landscape transformation. Levitation of car sized objects, Creating elements like in The Last Air Bender movie.

– Maybe not everyone will get large scale telekinesis at first. But in Tibet many yogis could fly around like birds, or liquefy stone leaving a hand print behind. In order to do this you have to transmute your thoughts to be loving, using expanded holistic knowledge. [This is what Ra had to say about this concept of people in mass being able to accomplish these “miracles”:

3.9 Questioner: I am reminded of the statement, approximately, if you had enough faith, you could say to a mountain to move and the mountain would move. I assume this is approximately what you are saying, and I am assuming that if you are fully aware of the Law of One, then you are able to do these things. Is that correct?
Ra: I am Ra. The vibratory distortion of sound, faith, is perhaps one of the stumbling blocks between those of what we may call the infinite path and those of the finite proving/understanding.You are precisely correct in your understanding of the congruency of faith and intelligent infinity; however, one is a spiritual term, the other more acceptable perhaps to the conceptual framework distortions of those who seek with measure and pen.

3.10 Questioner: Then if an individual is totally informed with respect to the Law of One and lives, and is the Law of One, such things as the building of a pyramid by direct mental effort would be commonplace. Is that what I am to understand? Am I correct?
Ra: I am Ra. You are incorrect in that there is a distinction between the individual power through the Law of One and the combined, or societal memory complex mind/body/spirit understanding of the Law of One.In the first case only the one individual, purified of all flaws, could move a mountain. In the case of mass understanding of unity, each individual may contain an acceptable amount of distortion and yet the mass mind could move mountains. The progress is normally from the understanding which you now seek to a dimension of understanding which is governed by the laws of love, and which seeks the laws of light. Those who are vibrating with the Law of Light seek the Law of One. Those who vibrate with the Law of One seek the Law of Foreverness.

We cannot say what is beyond this dissolution of the unified self with all that there is, for we still seek to become all that there is, and still are we Ra. Thus our paths go onward.]

– In the Law of One, you just have to be 51% service to others. [Service to others in this sense means, honoring yourself while also honoring another, being brave enough to speak the truth, even though it might cause temporary friction. Compassion with others, providing them the truth, is an offer to empower them, but recognizing when they do not want your help is a key division.


In our world, the “horrific things” in life are mostly due to collective acquiescence, take the food industry as an example, which makes soft kill poisons pleasing to eat, and most people think ignorance is bliss. Or circumcision, which causes major traumatic events (louche for the Draco’s) and stifling sexual expression over a life time; largely based on pseudo science. These are intense topics which require compassion and awareness on the part of the revealer. Serving others doesn’t mean being passive towards violence, it means a merciful hand and recognizing when our offers for empowerment have been refused, usually due to lack of an ability to process the data. Thankfully the truth has a way of working its way into people, and we need not focus on trying to win over someone immediately. Often it takes years of slow compassionate work to have the truth be received, especially those suffering from extreme trauma, which goes for most people on Earth.]

– The things that really count is how you treat people, and what kind of thoughts are going through your mind; i.e. are they negative due to ignorance.

– The energetic body is anchored to the moment of conception a ZTR;  Zero Time Reference point. If you move the physical body in time, you have to shift this time reference. So if you want to go through a natural stargate, which there are many on Earth, you have to have this ZTR, shifted using technology [either internal due to self mastery, the ‘natural tech’ of the universe, or artificial]. If you don’t set your ZTR correctly, then when you arrive on the other side of the portal, you will start to age rapidly, or regress, depending on if you moved forward or backwards in time.

– Animals do not have a ZTR. For example the Loch Ness Monster was a Plesiosaurus, and there have lots of cases where Pterodactyls have flown in to a portal, and come into our time. And the Cabal has advanced craft to pick them up. The Cabal did this to ‘nessy’ or the Lock Ness Monster.

– Question from Emailer – What will happen to the plants and animals when this shift occurs? Positive ET’s will portal the Life on Earth forward in time, to when its safe again. When the ascension occurs, nothing bad will happen to the animals or planets. Only the ‘bad people’ will have to deal with the cataclysm or negative time line. And its the most negative people, consciously recognizing that they are dishonoring others and still doing it anyway. [The laws of karma are centrally focused on conscious awareness in that, being unaware of a dishonorable deed will have less of a karmic correction then consciously choosing to abrogate another’s free will, a dishonorable action. The Urantia book is one work which defines Evil as unconsciously choosing to go against natural law, Sin as consciously choosing and inequity as a reveling in it; actually seeking it out and enjoying it. In this case, almost everyone has some level of karma to deal with, but not a conscious identification with sin or inequity, like that of the Cabal.]

– The New Mad Max Movies describe this post cataclysmic world.

– Those who don’t ascend [due to lack of polarization or choosing to be service to others or service to self], will probably live out their normal lives and reincarnate on another 3rd planet to continue their growth, not a cataclysm.

– The Chinese government does go around seeking super psychics. The hardship of poverty apparently makes you more apt to develop ascended abilities. A little girl they found can wave her hand in-front of people holding un-blossomed flowers, and they blossom in their hands.[Suffering isn’t required for soul growth, but the mechanics involved, subjective meaning generation, provide a child growing up in those conditions to give different meanings to the objective experiences then someone who didn’t grow up in poverty. Suffering is only required when we choose to ignore a lesson or growth, then suffering is required, and is part of what we agreed to for soul growth.

We all have this ability to transform our meaning structures, what I call self mastery or soul growth, and this is because pain causes us to become aware of something, which then allows us to take an action (whether internal or external) to transmute the negative meaning; but again its not required. Like becoming aware of a food that no longer serves us because it makes us sick, we can learn from the experience and make choices which stop the suffering. In this sense suffering can be the first step towards personal attainment and evolution].

– Some of these kids can teleport pills out of bottles.

– Madonna has come out and openly admitted that if there was an Illuminati, she would want to be in it.

– Why are all these stars coming out supporting the Cabal? These guys in pop music are low ranking pawns basically. Kanye West said they are just hired talent. Kesha said in a song called die young, “lets just party, live and die young.” and later came out saying she was forced to sing these lines and was raped by her producer.

– There is no such think as shape shifting Illuminati.

– So many of these pop stars are tortured by the Illuminati, and would get out if they could, we should not be hating these people, we need compassion and try to help these people.

– The Cabal is so twisted and damaged by trauma in most cases, they will refuse forgiveness all the way to the end. This requires more compassion then ever, vengeance will not stop the wheel of karma within.

– Corey Good’s video will be coming out soon. David met him in 2009, regarding a malfunctioning flying black triangle, which he saw in the mid 1990’s.

– Host says his friend witnessed a craft being towed in northern California, being pulled along. It looked like a Dragon on the end of a long cable, it was moving like a snake. The craft looked like a ball with a long tubular structure, which was being escorted by helicopters. The craft was hundreds of yards long, and the ball in the front had a wind shield, but no one was inside at the time.

– That could have been a test of one of the types of tech they have for a fake alien invasion or biblical false flag event.

– Caller thinks relatives from Davids future are protecting David. David adds, the insiders don’t come to him, he seeks them out, and he doesn’t think of himself as a smart person, but that these things are obvious once the research has been done.

– Is Scientology part of Hollywood’s louche junkies? David knew a Scientologist who knew about the Illuminati and he hated them. Tom Cruise latest 2 movies, especially oblivion was filled with positive data. Generally speaking, that group is not part of the Illuminati.

– Question from Emailer – Why are the positive ETs not taking people on their ships, and are their robots working with ET’s? No contacts are happening because the contactees were being worshiped like gurus, and were developing egoism, profiteering etc. The ET’s are very strict in that you have to be an ethical person. The Positive ET’s support those who are doing the great work, and the more one slips up, the more karmic corrections they suffer, and opens the door for Cabal retaliation.

– The Cabal has cooked up some fake audio of David saying some vary shady things, but its not true, its part of their effort to discredit him; but hasn’t been released yet possibly because he is so careful.

Coming Events

- Greece is going to default on June 6th, and this could take the Euro down, and by extension the US.

– The Federal reserve already has laws on the books where they say they own your money in the bank, called “bail ins”, and its going to get very ugly but its part of the plan.

– The Mass Arrests will happen, even though he talked about it in the past and it hasn’t yet. The alliance is so much bigger then what David initially thought back in 2012.


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– Jade Helm fear porn is largely not true, but it has been used to inspire preppers to get more prepared. The financial collapse is real and coming.

– Saudi Arabia is not accepting the dollar, only gold.

– the US government is Bankrupt, its only a matter of time for this to come out.


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– Bitcoin is a back-up created by the Alliance for when the the collapse happens.

– DNA is more like an antenna then this absolute blue print for everything like a lot of people think.

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– History is cyclic and things keep repeating. synchronicity of inventions and various events lend proof to this guided awakening.

Related Consciousness is PRIME: is there a Civilization based on each Individual’s Unique Purpose? it lasted 5,000 years

– We are on a very precise timeline and we have a suitable technology to prepare us for global telepathy, like the internet, where everyone has a pocket sized device that allows them to connect with other people like we are already doing with various internet websites.

– This new reality is not going to have money. All these institutions are loosing money, people are downloading everything for free, so called ‘piracy’ is common place. Monetization of creative works will be fading away, because information is supposed to be freely available to everyone.

“Unheard piece of information from David”

– David talked about the 100 sphere’s coming into the solar system, since 2012, they have given the Solar Warden Tech to defeat the cabal. There are all these ET embassies hidden through out our solar system. The Blue Avians are one of 5 types in these Spheres, they are humanoid bird like beings. Solar Warden is enforcing a no fly zone around the earth, and there is a barrier around the solar system preventing communications and movement in or out. One of the interesting things about this barrier is some of these Dracos and dark fleet were trapped outside it, and the ones that were trapped inside offered to betray everyone under them if they could just escape out. Now there are all these meetings taking place and now people are being contacted and brought up into space, in preparation of this big mass arrest event. The Illuminati Tribunals will be on TV and it will be a huge event. There is going to be a huge backlash against the top level people. Many of the top level witnesses have already been brought off planet so the Cabal can’t mess things up. The Cabal is trying to find place to hide. There are trying to move to Brasil because they have a small nation state there about 12 miles in size. And David knows people have heard all this before and its hard to believe after he “cried wolf”. Corey is meeting with these Alliance regularly, and they are telling David to hurry up because things are moving really quickly. Within the next 6 months, there will be major changes, and things will be much different very soon.

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– Thoth is an earlier example of these same Blue Avians, in Eypt there are depictions of them. The Spheres are energy balancers to keep the transition smooth. The Cabal has no hope at this point.

– Corey is going to do a mini series on Gaiam TV. David also has 6 hours of raw footage. David is putting together a document from the Corey interviews. The Alliance is actively encouraging this.





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