David Wilcock on Weather Warfare, Psychology of Infighting in Truther Movements, Microwave Pulse the Topic of Recent SSP Meeting, | Corey GoodETxSG

Corey and David discuss the possible usage of weather weaponry in the recent string of north Pacific earthquakes, related to a massive microwave energy pulse on September 4th. The commentary over the past few days has highlighted divergences in the truther movement in a way which is empowering for observers. The more our beliefs are challenged with new data the greater the temptation to reject it to maintain our perspectives and beliefs.

Michael Salla’s recent article on the Nazi fly over of Washington DC has provided a catalyst of discussion for many so-called UFO religions to come to the fore. We are in a time of harmonization, and this means any point of separation will be highlighted so as to facilitate reunion and transformation. The cabal have worked for thousands of years to keep us divided and programed to fight amongst ourselves, and it will take an honest and hard look in the mirror to realize some of our most cherished beliefs are keeping us in perpetual conflict.

My commentary will be in [green brackets] with Corey’s text in black.

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Facebook Update (September 2nd 9:00am):

Sphere Being Alliance FAQ # 96

I am under a certain amount of protection. This protection is based on my own behavior and can be nullified by my behavior or “Karmic Energy”.

I had not planned on coming out into the open. This decision was made for me by the executive decisions of some researchers who have lost their way ethically. It does appear that it was apart of the over all plan for me to come out eventually. I would preferred to have come out as my full identity under my own terms after I had taken steps to put in further security measures…

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