David Wilcock Major Update: History of ‘Old One’s’, Draco’s, SSP, Plan for Disclosure in 2015, Cabal Surender, Sphere Beings, and Much More – Notes from Recent Talk

Some thoughts from me and KP related to some of David’s statements:

Isis: Well, use your discernment about some of his talks . like the one below . he always looked a little confused to me…. like, for example, the following statement – David Wilcock says: “Dinar and RV part of the Bush Cartel’s money generating scam.”

  • Kauilapele Kona: David always says the Bushes took all the dinars from Saddam Hussein’s storehouses in Iraq to scam people into buying., But those notes would have had Saddam’s portrait on them. The one’s people buy are newer, and have no such portrait. I still feel the RV will occur. But who knows how and when…
  • Isis Atlantis: Thanks Kauilapele Kona. I feel the same.

 ( The audio below is of his full presentation at this event. But after listening to him, I want to see his presentation. So I went digging around and finally found where and how to get access to it. Of course, it costs money… trying to decide if I want to spend that money… and if I do, I won’t be able to share as that would violate his terms, I’m sure… hmmmmmm what to do… below is a promo I found on youtube for it… If you care to purchase the full video, you can go here to get access…  https://www.streamingforthesoul.tv/index.php?pageID=66  /dt )


Thursday, April 30, 2015

Update: April 30th 2014 – 11:30pm. Facebook released it’s block allowing our posts to be shared once again. If we receive anymore data about this we will issue an update. We never received any communication from facebook as to the reason why the post, and our entire site was blocked.

I also went in and polished up the notes for easier reading.

Update: April 30th 201510:42pm. Facebook blocked this post and our entire blog within 30minutes of us sharing it. I can not confirm for what reason. It could be David’s team trying to prevent the content from being shared, or it could even be the Cabal trying to stop this vital data from being released. Please share this information widely before it is taken down.

Here is the screen capture of the facebook block:

This is the follow up talk to Davids Consciousness Life Expo from February.BP from Starship Earth: The Big Picture was kind enough to host the audio file for this expo; which is below my notes. Of course David and his team may take down the audio file at any point in time, in lieu of that, I decided to take some notes of the more important points from his talk. If this data is accurate, it is vital information which everyone should have access to, in my opinion.Presumably, this data will be released in even more detail by David and Corey in the near future, as they have both discussed several times.This is probably the most extensive revealing David has done about what is happening behind the scenes and reflects much of what Insider CoreyGoodETxSG has been revealing. Of course his data comes from insiders so one should not assume this is the gospel of absolute truth. However, there are many corroborative data points which line up with our own research here on SITS, linked in the notes. My commentary in green.

Note about synchronicity: As I was updating my notes with links and articles, I found it interesting that we have been covering much of this data on SITS, all the way back to our first few posts in 2013. It’s always interesting to see how we are guided to do things in one moment of life that later weaves itself together into a grander picture. Nothing happens without purpose, it seems.


  • This is a follow up to the Consciousness Life expo
  • 5 million year old history of the solar system was discussed in the event in February and only major points from that talk will be discussed today.
  • The history of the Illuminati is much more complex than what we think.
  • Benevolent ET contact describing service to others in legends and myth throughout history, all suggesting a major shift in consciousness and way of life at this time in history.
  • Zeropoint energy. When you cool things down below 278 degrees kelvin they should be very still, no motion or heat; the so called “absolute zero point.” Instead of no movement or energy, there is a vast amount of energy. A coffee-cup sized volume of space has enough energy that it could instantaneously boil off all the worlds oceans.
  • Scientists tell us because of conservation of momentum, there should be no energy there, but the further we zoom down into the quantum lengths, there is more energy. Therefore, if we go further then that the energy level should be huge. And it is. So called ‘free energy’ is very possible.
  • Scientists have recently theorized the Universe is made of a singularity or single geometry. The Amplituhedron. A single geometry which all things are derived from, according to the breakthroughs of late. These scientists said they can describe all interactions within 7 permutations of this primary geometry.
  • Mentions the Hexagon shape seen at the pole of Saturn, which organizes the material. Earth has magma which is organized similarly.
  • The shape is describing the Merkaba, which relates to the masonic compass.
  • 160,000 documented cases of transfiguration of their physical body into light.
  • Tibetan Legend of a man who descended down from space. Leaving hand prints into the stone, with 6 fingers on the hand.
Click here for youtube video of cave entrance where hand print was found.
  • David thinks the masonic G stands for God’s Geometry.
  • ET Human Padmasambhava, came from space in an egg, taught the monks of Tibet how to turn into a light body. takes 7 days. Your body shrinks down to about 9 inches tall, rainbow appears of the hut. Then people start to see them in their dreams.
  • Human form and tetrahedron reveals the original form, or primary geometry of the creator (see above image).
  • The creator is within everything as a fractal of the original form.
  • Free will allows us to grow, with the balancing mechanism of the universe reflecting back to us what we need to learn. [we discussed this deeply in our radio serieshere.]
  • Law of free will is highest law. And the illusion of the universe (in relation to the prime reality) allows each being to evolve through collective co-creation. [when we say illusion here it does not mean ‘nothing matter’s’, it means that the primary reality is total unity consciousness singularity of being. We experience life and evolve within the ‘dream’ of the prime creator’. See the above radio show link for detailed explanation of this.]
  • Forgiveness is the key, the stopping of the wheel of karma.
  • The negative path is allowed to occur, because all paths lead back to source. [from the creators perspective negativity is essential for the whole of collective evolution, another path back to source, but free will is always maintained. The so called negative path provides experience for others to learn from, if they contemplate and understand it opposed to ‘ignoring the negative’ in which case any lessons are avoided.]
  • Positive ET’s manage our reality, beings ‘above’ the negative densities. [in the law of one negative path can only go as far as 5th density. In 6th density all negative paths rejoin with the positive, and it is in this density that the blue avians hail from according to the law of one model.]
  • The Illuminati group is thousands of years old [~ 240,000] which is luciferian or satanic in ideology.  And believes if you don’t have the light [are not spiritualy active and consciously evolving] then you are dead and you don’t matter. [This is described in the Papal bulls themselves found here. Re: The Underworld Death Dealing Practices Of The Elite | Birth, Marriage and Death Estate Are Seized and Traded By The Government.]
  • One gets interesting powers from playing with the dark side [much like in star wars, as well has becoming very difficult to kill, requiring beheading]. This is a first time reveal of this data about the Illuminati.
  • Humanity has colonized our solar system at various points in history; the Nazi space program was the first in the 20th century. 100 different colonies on moons and planets. Wide range of treaties and interactions with many different races. Disclosure will be much bigger and more complex than people think.
  • Cabal is on a timeline, Positive Et’s are forcing them to disclose. If they don’t, the positive ones will do it, and the cabal will lose some influence. 2014 was a big year for soft disclosure. Nasa’s Drake Equation was wrong, and new scientists say life is highly likely. 1 billion earth like planets in milky way. Some of these earth like planets are 3.46 billion years ahead of us, according to the soft disclosure.
  • Humanoid life is standard throughout the universe. Some Reptilian, Avian, Aquatic, all different types. just like starwars.

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