David Wilcock comment on Ben Fulford’s 5-27-14 article…

david_wilcock_search76KP: David recently posted this comment. Plus, he added in the next moment, “Haha — 11:11 as I re-read my comment!”

Comment by dwilcock on May 27, 2014 @ 3:07 am

“I had another major dream yesterday morning comparing the Cabal to a broken-down, derelict house that was about to collapse. I realized that simply leaning against a doorway could be enough to bring the whole building down. The house was creepy, looked like it was haunted, and the doorway was made of trees structured similar to the “two pillars” of Boaz and Jakin that are seen in many Masonic illustrations.

“Given how accurate these dreams have been for the last 21 years, I’m inclined to think we really are going to see some major changes.

“Negative spiritual influences also seem to be at an all-time high, suggesting that on the metaphysical level the negative is seeing a major defeat ahead and is doing everything it possibly can to stop this from happening.

“I have been going full-steam ahead on setting up the ability to produce videos in-house on an as-needed basis, as I think this will ultimately have far more influence and reach than anything I can write.

– David”

In a response to an email I sent, David reported yet another dream that indicates major changes in the works. The gist of that email, “It definitely seems like something really big is coming.


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