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Sphere-Being AllianceCorey’s (GoodETxSG) site for Q&A – here is one:
Q: Captain Mark Richards states he has been part of the Secret Space Program. Why has he been imprisoned?

A: The PTB have many ways to control assets or to discredit them if they were to come forward. I do not know if he is innocent of what he was convicted of or not. He could very well be innocent and falsely imprisoned, it would not be the first time this tactic has been used.

There are not only multiple groups and secret space programs but there are many levels of compartmentalization inside of each. It is common for people in each group or compartment to be told that they are at the top of the totem pole as far as security clearance and knowledge of the full picture of what is occurring in the Sol System and these people believe it.

In recent months however they have been getting briefings and being told more detailed information than ever before (Those in the SSP Alliance that is). Those that were in the SSP but are now out or are in the Cabal controlled programs are still either uninformed or under strict compartmentalization of information.

I do not know the full story behind “Cpt. Mark Richards” or which groups he was or is assigned to. He hasn’t been interviewed since a lot of the recent SSP Alliance Conferences and Public Disclosures have occurred. It will be interesting to see what he has heard from his sources (If he still has them being in prison) on recent events.

If he is innocent and an honorable SSP member he will be freed at a future point when a Full Disclosure event occurs and will most likely testify in a world court against those who falsely imprisoned him (If this indeed occurred). If this is the case I hope he stays safe to be able to enjoy freedom once again (With his wife).

There are so many crimes against humanity to be answered for by these groups that I am sure there will be others who will be release from false imprisonments as well.


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