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DNA map that shows how Mitochondrial DNA is passed to us by our mother and Nuclear DNA is passed to us by our father. The Starchild’s Mitochondrial DNA is definitely human. Its Nuclear DNA does not match any DNA record that exists (not bacteria, plant, animal or human. It is of an unknown extraterrestrial orgin yet to be documented.

Artist’s conception of what the star child would have looked like.

In 1930, a strange skull was uncovered in a mine tunnel near Mexico’s Copper Canyon. This skull was kept in a garage as a souvenir by the girl who found. It eventually came to the attention of a family member with medical training who recognized the bizarre characteristics of the skull and enlisted the help of other professionals to examine it.

The skull is not elongated like the cone head skulls we have been examining here. However, it is much larger than human skulls and contains several other strange characteristics including astonishing DNA test results that cannot identify the father as human:

  • Carbon 14 dating to the year 1104 (+/- 2 years)

  • Larger than normal cranial volume: 1600 cc, compared to human skull volume: 1200 cc

  • Tightly set orbits (eye sockets) with half the depth of human eyes

  • Eyeballs would have been much smaller than human

  • Optic foramen (opening for the optic nerve) is 1 inch lower than human skulls

  • Smaller than normal nose (almost non-existent)

  • Inner ear cavity suggests an inner ear size double that of a human

  • The face was about half the size of a human face

  • Half the bone thickness as human skull bone

  • Half the weight of a human skull

  • Strangely shaped and positioned skull bones

  • Skull suggests the being’s neck was half the thickness of a human

  • No evidence of cranial deformation or artificial tampering

  • Uniqueness confirmed by 10 research doctors

  • Stronger than normal bone strength

  • Fibers in the bones unlike anything found in humans–adding to the bone strength

Nuclear DNA testing shows part human DNA and part UNKNOWN DNA (meaning DNA that does not exist anywhere on Earth).

No bacteria, plant, animal or human DNA matches they type found in the Starchild skull. Test results suggest this is an alien-human hybrid.

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Similarities in Age
Variations in Shape
Large Eyes and Jaws
Enormous Craniums
Greater Bone Density
Foramen Magnum
Different Parietal Plates
Two Small Holes
Rulers with Cone Heads
Star Child Project
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Left: Star Child Skull. Notice the larger cranium, tightly set and smaller eye sockets and smaller nasal cavity. Some of the front facial bones and jaw bones are missing.

Right: Human skull. Noice the differences in skull size, eye sockets and nasal cavity.

Cone Head Skulls: Star Child Project

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