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Thank you, Cobra.

I was expecting a more dramatic confirmation of something, but it’s actually kind of fun, and does confirm progress in Humanity.

And it was good for my LOL, too, when I read this comment below the video:

“There must have been some significant progress made on the etheric plane resently cause i went to the grossery store today and i didnt get angry even once.”

And this one is interesting…

Something significant happened Easter night around 8-9 PST. Everything changed after that. I dont know what it was, but the Event energy is manifesting itself more and more strongly in humanity.

All of my asleep friends are going into soul searching journeys out of nowhere within the past week. I feel coherence in the human subconscious. We are going to wake up and rise. Very soon, and its our job to stoke this and bring it to a flame

Although we have not been formally apprised of any new milestones in the activity in the etheric, I am confident it continues to improve. 

I can report a similar realization personally. I feel calmer and less predisposed to emotional outbursts. (with regard to Mica – he really pushes my buttons sometimes)…

…although I must confess to deleting some more annoying comments yesterday from someone I chalked up to being a cabal minion. I will not rise to their bait. No time for arguing. Your comments are gone… and therefore, so are you. Buh-bye.

Another comment on Cobra’s blog said the full video is excellent and is spot-on with respect to the state of our collective consciousness.

I’m not familiar with Daft Punk, but the video is kind of cool, and perhaps somewhat representative of what unfolds above us in the battle for Earth and her peoples.  ~ BP

Here’s the full video, in case you’re interested.

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