COBRA – interview transcript – Sept 1/2014


Some info from Cobra – also, use your judgement …and insights .

(interview transcript by DaNell Glade)

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Rob – OK folks, as promised, we do have Cobra on the line here. We’re ready for a great interview today. We have a lot of repeat questions this month. It’s one actually I’ve been meaning to address with you Cobra. It’s about Karma. I have a couple things I’m going to clarify with that in my reservations. We spoke about this and I want to share this with people. We did receive a lot of questions here In regards to Karma, it has been shared through many different world religions, nature of cause and effect. Just like gravity, it does happen. We are light beings we send out our thoughts and they return to us. At a certain level we have to experience things. You have clarified that . . . and Dr. Frank Strange also has supported you as well as Omnac Omnac the woman from Venus who is from the Astral world. To clear up her Karma and have her last lifetime on earth, she chose to come here. I’m going to be sharing a lot of her teachings in my Mt. Shasta Conference.

I wanted to read to you what she said about Karma. “Karma perhaps is often mis-understood. Many regard karma as a punishment for past and present deeds. In reality Karma can be positive or difficult experiences. Karma can also be rewards for positive deeds and actions. It all depends on the individual soul. The awareness the experiences and the responsibilities of each particular soul. The more one is aware and more responsible one becomes towards ones actions and relations it has a lot to do for the amount of Karma one accumulates, whether it be negative or positive.” The other thing she says here is: “that Karma is not only accumulated in the physical but other dimensions as well.” Would you agree to a certain extent about that understanding of Karma. We had a talk before and you said it’s not necessarily a punishment which she has just reinforced. Can you expound more deeply on that?

COBRA – I don’t agree with the notion that karma is a system of punishment. I don’t like to use that word as it is so charge and it was greatly mis-used by the Archons who actually installs the punishment system on the planet on these 2 planes and on the physical plane. I would simply say that there is a law of manifestation. If you have negative actions you will tend to attract more of the negative actions in the future. I wouldn’t even call it a law of cause and affect. There are many factors which determine what will be manifested.

I will simply say, if you focus on the positive you tend to manifest more of the positive and if you focus on the negative in your thoughts and emotions and actions you tend to manifest more of the negative and there is no punishment involved in this. There is no reward or punishment system involved in this. The Archons have manipulated and mis-used that fact by distorting it and by actually creating a punishment system on the astral plane and also on the physical plane. I would never use that word because it is so charge and we have been so mis-used.

Rob – maybe you heard me I was saying that it is not a punishment system. But the vibration of the experience, if you were like me I can often be judgmental and impatient and that type of energy that I put out can come back to me and it’s a lesson, it’s an opportunity to grow into compassion and understanding as the same vibration that I attracted to myself results in me it’s a learning experience. That’s what I meant. Would you agree with that.

COBRA – I would not even agree with that. I would not say planet earth is a school or a learning experience. I would say that there are much better ways to grow and learn than to have negative experiences mirrored back to you. It’s a closed loop system. Anywhere else in the Universe, if you have a negative thought, you would receive healing. Most people would be open to that healing and would heal. I would say the oldest, all those concepts have been misused to make people believe, to support the recycling system, the reincarnation system that they have something to learn here. It is not true. I do not agree with that.

Rob – I’m going to have to disagree with you on that. My understanding and my teachings and all the information that I have felt and understood and intuited and from my own experience, I don’t see it as a punishment system. I see it as a result of yes, cause and effect. Reincarnation is a fact and it’s accepted on all worlds. The material worlds has always had these problems and there have been some new developments as you’ve said that have been reinforced by some of the information that’s what I’ve been getting from the Venusians regarding the nature of the various planes. I wanted to ask you some questions here. Does the earth have an astral plane that is separate from the Venusian or the Pleiadians astral plane.

COBRA – Yes, each planet has a physical body and also has an etheric body and it has the astral body. The astral body of the planet is very much connected with the life forms that are inhabiting the planet. Planet Earth has an astral body which is directly connected with humanity and other life forms on the planet and is of course different than the astral body of the Pleiadians star system.

Rob – OK, thank you for that answer. Would you agree that we are souls and that we descend and we begin, go through a process and the souls’s process and purpose in life is to go through a continual process of ascension which starts as a mineral, moves toward vegetable life over extended millions of years and many different worlds experiencing feelings and emotions and then moves into an animal life existence and has a extremely long experience there, many millions of years, then the soul becomes a physical being. Would you agree with that.

COBRA – This is one possible course of evolution. Star People on this planet did not go through that process. The star people on this planet went through a different process when they emerged from the central sun, went through the angelic evolution then descended through dimensions into physicality. Yes, most of humanity on the planet went through mineral phase, went through the vegetable phase and went through the animal phase through millions of years. We have 2 streams of evolution here which are interacting and integrating each other.

Rob – OK, the other thing I would like to ask you, along these same lines: would you agree that we are soul body takes on various sheaths or bodies to experience the physical plane? My feeling is what is the purpose of creation on all different planes – is to support life, whichever life it is on that plane. I feel from my intuition and experience and understanding of my soul travels that we are constantly learning, evolving, and growing and that the, I’m going to say, in the past, according to the teachings you’re giving and other people that I’ve had more clarification on now, indicate that there is drastic changes taking place. So after billions of years all the universes are changing and there’s a new vibration that is shifting the positive and the negative worlds in a completely radical and different transformation of process. Would you agree that we become co-creators as a divine spirit spark as drops in the ocean of the infinite. Our individual expressions are co-creators with supreme deity.

COBRA – Yes, I would agree with that.

Rob – OK. The other things I’d like you to comment on before going into other people’s questions. I was going to give you the 7 laws that were given to me recently through the Omnec Onec information. The 7 basic laws, these are the divine laws. They maintain these are known on all worlds and the science of soul travel is understood and that the spiritual process of soul travel is a technique used on all worlds to allow each individual soul to have their own experiences. Here’s the 7 basic laws from Venus, then the 7 divine laws. I’d like your comment after I give each 7. 1. Know yourself, be part of the creator. 2. Be thankful for experiencing of existing. 3. Not to judge but accept all beings. 4. To know we have existed in all living forms. 5. Fulfill our responsibilities in each life cycles. 6. Obey the laws of nature in the society in which we exist. 7. To learn from mistakes so not to repeat old lessons. Does that sound good.

COBRA – I would say each person needs to find the answers to that question by them self. Go inside and feel within and see if it resonates with you.

Rob – OK. I’ll give the 7 divine laws: 1. Love all living creations. 2. Use our energy to support our worlds. 3. Share knowledge and wisdom. 4. Understand the equality of all souls. 5. Never use power to manipulate or control 6. Know the soul is immortal 7. Give thanks to the one divine being daily. Those are the rules that they go from on Venus. The questions we had about Karma were many but I’m going to go into the questions now and we’ll start running through them from other individuals. How much do you foresee human behavior thoughts and speech improving as soon as the scalar wave technology implants are removed after the event.

COBRA – When the scalar technology is removed I expect drastic improvement in human behavior. That technology is one of the main factors why people are acting strange.

Rob – Right now do you feel human behavior more influenced by Archonic technology itself or is it due to an auto pilot mental programming that has persisted for so long and the negative habits have become so ingrained in humans that the scalar technology is not that influential.

COBRA – It is very influential. When the technology is removed the light can come in and begin to disintegrate all mind programming. Mind programming can only be maintained with constant entropy, with constant bombardment with negativity. So when the negativity is removed the programming automatically begins to dissolve.

Rob – OK. The Carlini institute has tracked the effects of intense solar flares and coronal mass injection affects on the human body for several years. These symptoms coincide with the timing of solar flares. Extreme strong feelings of electricity running through the body, extreme weakness or fatigue, pulsation in the head, anxiety, racing heart, fever, flu like symptoms etc. Do you have any information you can share about solar flares. Are there other factors you can mention may be causing these symptoms which are a newer phenomena in recent years.

COBRA – There are many factors causing this. One is them is solar flares but it’s not the only one. Solar activity is very strongly correlated with the galactic central sun activity which is also increasing. Of course many of those phenomena have nothing to do with solar flares or galactic activity but are mostly created by scalar technology. Scalar technology can create very strange sensations in the body.

Rob – OK, Thank you. We had the compression breakthrough compressing the light down to . . . I think 100 yards or 300 feet from the top of the surface of the planet to below the planet now. We had many many many astral parasites. We seem to move very quickly from the 9 mile limit down to this. Where are we at with the astral parasites, not the individual Archons that are hiding. Where are we at with them right now. Are those mostly removed? Have we gotten a tremendous improvement now that they’ve been compressed in a small area. Is it easier? Are they gone?

COBRA – Yes, there has been quite dramatic progress in the astral parasites. They are almost gone. This is not the main problem any more regarding the non-physical influence.

Rob – OK, as a side note. I sent you a picture, one person sent me some pictures. They look like some kind of normal biological earth entities but I would like your comment. Did they look like astral parasites.
COBRA – No, no. I have seen the pictures and they look like physical biological entities.

Rob – Yes, that’s what I thought. Next question: if they’re so desperate and unmanageable what is stopping the Chimera form detonating the strangelot bombs. Why haven’t they done this yet?

COBRA – Because they would destroy them as well and they want to survive.

Rob – What is the connection between the RV of the Iraqi dinar along the global currency re-set and the event itself. Is it possible that one can proceed the other.

COBRA – There is so much talk about this so-called RV. I will repeat again. It is extremely unlikely it will happen before the event and there is a simple reason for this. The world wide financial system is connected through super computers through a network. It is a closed network it is not open network like the internet. It is a closed network and the cabal or more precisely the Chimera group controls that network. And until the Cabal is removed the RV cannot happen because it has to happen through the banking system and is extremely unlikely that this network will be in the hands of the light forces before the event. Because of course, the Cabal will retaliate and it’s not a good idea.

Rob – Right, but It is possible you spoke about?

COBRA – It is extremely remotely, extremely small chance.

Rob – I spoke with someone, I can’t talk about them of course, they’re very closely associated at upper levels of the RV in Reno and attempting to get this done and they actually are thinking it’s possible that things are set. I personally have to agree with you. I don’t really see that taking place. I asked them today if one currency could happen before another. Like Just one to see how it goes and what the results would be and they felt that it has to be all at once which reinforces my feelings that it will take the event to make it happen.

COBRA – Yes, this is the only safe way to make it happen. The only balanced way to make it happen.

Rob – yea and I have a feeling we’re much further away than people think on that. This is my way of never wanting to getting my hopes up. Here’s a series of questions: Is the RH blood line, some people claim the Holy Grail. Is it traced back to Jesus. If not where does this blood line originate form or is it a myth.

COBRA – I would say a positive 13 bloodline and it also includes the being which is called Jesus on this planet but is also includes many other people. The purpose of that blood line is to bring light to the planet and yes, it is sometimes called the grail blood-line.

Rob – Right, what about RH negative blood, the most rare blood. I have that AB negative.

COBRA – It’s a completely different story. Nothing to do with holy grail or lineages.

Rob – Here’s an interesting questions. I believe consciousness or soul comes from source and descends. What star system and alien race is the birth of the humanoid race or some people call the Adam Kadmon.

COBRA – OK. human birth ____ type has evolved in many different places, not only this galaxy but also other galaxies. I would not say there is a certain specific region that is the birthplace of the human race. It’s a universal archetype which is a natural result of the laws of physics. This is the most convenient way for a physical body to function on the physical plane.

Rob – Yea, probably falls along the divine matrix of creation. (exactly) Very good. A redundant question here we’ve answered: the 3d matrix is obviously flawed. How can a parasitic construct which is fueled by energy harvesting ever be rectified. We go back to the parasites and that type of thing. How is this going to happen.

COBRA – OK, you have a matrix which is actually on one level a computer program. Every computer program can be hacked. All technology, all the devices whatever the dark cabal has they have a weak spot and those weak spots will be exploited and all the technology will be removed. The Cabal w/o technology are just human beings without any power.

Rob – OK – I would like to ask another question along these lines: What is the situation with the major Archons. Have we had some major influential Black nobility or high level Cabal members been removed lately.

COBRA – In the last few months, not many, but those that are existing are loosing their power drastically. All the Jesuits and the black nobility family are loosing power quite fast.

Rob – They’re loosing their support base even among their minions hugh?

COBRA – Also, yes. On the highest level they don’t have the power they had before, even a half a year ago they had much more power.

Rob – OK. very good. Why do we circle clockwise during planetary liberation meditation exercises. Some people want to know why we circle clockwise? You circle clockwise in the liberation meditation. Why do you circle clockwise and not counter clockwise.

COBRA – This is the direction of manifestation and we are manifesting liberation on this planet.

Rob – Very good. Why do we pronounce eeee and eeeeahhhh? How did you get the information?

COBRA – It is actually pronounce eeeeh aaaah. (eeeh aaah, why do we do that). It is creating an energy vortex which dissolves the very structure of duality and dissolves the structure of quantum anomaly on the planet.

Rob – OK, now one person says: I’ve heard and read that humans from other planets have physical bodies. They do not age, do not get ill and live much longer. On each plane the body, to them, has a physicality to it. Doesn’t it? It’s actually a lighter vibration than ours on each different planet depending on the plane – whether they are manifesting on an astral planet, or a mental plane or a higher plane. They’re actually have physical bodies like we do don’t they.

COBRA – It depends on the situation but yes, there are many planets where they have physical life and there are many human forms on there as well.

Rob – When they go astral they also have the same body but it’s a light body.

COBRA – It’s not the same body. The astral body is a little bit different shape. It has a human shape but there’s an oval of light around it. (Yes) It’s a little bit different.

Rob – Good, exactly that’s what I was thinking. The other question here: I thought after the ascension we could also experience the higher light body. Why do we have to get rid of our physical body.

COBRA – You don’t get rid of the physical body, you transcend it. At a certain point your consciousness integrates everything you need to integrate in this dimension and then then you don’t need the physical body any more. Of course after the ascension you can still create a physical body but you will not be incarnated into the body, it will be just a holographic projection.

Rob – Yea, Omnec Onec described life on Venus where they actually… everything is manifested by thought and there is a very strict protocol of teaching how to manifest and how to create… If they want to make a carpet look like tile and feel like grass they can do it. They also have social gatherings where they often will appear as famous people in history from various worlds and it’s the challenge of the other guests to figure out who the person is behind their manifested disguise. It’s pretty interesting there. Here it says: in your recent post the fall of Chimera – you explain that the Chimera were the master rogue group that enslaved the quarantine earth and they enslaved the reptilians and Draco beings. Can you tell us anything about what these reptilians and Draco’s were like prior to coming to earth.

COBRA – There were many places in this galaxy even this planet had a genuine reptilian and Draco and population below the surface of the planet. They were also in Many star systems in the Orion constellation and many star systems in the Draco constellation and others constellations. There was a wide spread in this sector of the galaxy.

Rob – So they actually lived as conscious beings below the surface of this planet here? – from origin from this planet.
COBRA – Yes, some of them. Some of them are genuine earth based reptilians.

Rob – Were they all ready hostile to humans beings on the surface or was their DNA altered by scalar wave technology to make them tools of the Chimera group.
COBRA – They were hostile, but not as hostile. They were made more hostile because that aspect of their nature was supported and the positive aspect of their nature was not supported.

Rob – Why were they separated from us underground. Why didn’t they evolve along the lines and why didn’t they stay on the surface with us and we just would accept them as another life being like other planets.
COBRA – They were removed from the surface when they became dangerous to destroy humanity on the surface.

Rob – OH, Who removed them.

COBRA – Other races. Many others. I would say genetic experiments in Atlantis. Some of them went quite far, too far. Some of them actually involved the reptilian race and it became dangerous. so there were… Some of the cataclysms in our history actually removed the reptilian race from the surface.

Rob – OK. Here’s a question that Omnec Onec answers: if ascension is about going to another dimension, what happens to all the beautiful technology and buildings if afterwards everything just vanishes. According to Omnec Onec: When Venus became astral they went to some of the same cycles we did in physicality. She said the planet just gradually, over a period of time became an astral world. Would you agree with that.

COBRA – Yes, that’s an fairly advanced stage of evolution of a civilization. Humanity is far from that.

Rob – Yea, Our entire civilization will not be advancing to the astral dimension. Is that correct.
COBRA – Yes, that is correct.

Rob – What is the transformation? Everyone talks about 4D, 5D that type of planetary ascension is a long way off. There is going to be a drastic improvement on the physical plane.

COBRA – Not only drastic improvements on the physical plane but different paths of evolution open. We have people on various stages of development on this planet right now. Some of them will be accelerated drastically. The masses will also receive a quantum leap in their consciousness. But their end destination will be a little different.

Rob – Here’s a question: What is the moon and why does it not spin.
COBRA – The moon is rotating around the earth and it a natural satellite of planet earth.

Rob – Why doesn’t it spin. Why do we always see the same side.

COBRA – Because it’s rotation is synchronized with planet earth.

Rob – OK. According to some sources, the earth was considered uninhabitable by the GF because it only had one moon. They’ve indicated that either 2 moons or 1 moon is preferable for habitation due to the drastic emotional instability caused by a single moon. Would you agree with that.

COBRA – No, no. Actually people have many ideas about the moon but the moon actually is just amplifying the emotions which are already present. It can actually be a portal for the light.

Rob – I would agree with that. I think it can also be an amplification of negativity too. Would you agree with that?

COBRA – I would say . . . It just triggers whatever has been suppressed. When people resist that process of clearing it can appear to be negative. When people go with the process and are not enemies of their emotion, it will not increase negativity, it will purify it.

Rob – OK. I’ll give a caveat – the moon rotation does affect the serotonin levels in the blood and makes the emotional feelings more intense. For those who are not in control of every thought and who are in emotional situations will find themselves, their tension reaching a higher point. Here’s a question – a little political. Why doesn’t Putin officially reveal the true identity of the Cabal and the media. If he’s a good guy why doesn’t he back this up with the evidence and reveal the ET roles and start to break the quarantine. If he’s changed his colors, why isn’t he a little more powerfully paddling on the side of the light.

COBRA – It is because he is a politician and all major politicians are still controlled by the Cabal to a certain degree. The cabal could still remove him, or even worse kill him. If any significant public person would reveal ET evidence or take drastic actions against the Cabal that would trigger drastic retaliations from the Cabal towards humanity. I would say that there are elements in Russian military which are controlled by Chimera group. You know always that the military controls the press. The negative aspects of the military even in Russia still controls the president to a certain degree.

Rob – Is he knowingly contacting members of the resistance. The planetary spiritual hierarchy, the Ascended Masters or is he just trying to maintain his power.

COBRA – He has been contacted by the light forces quite recently. He has received some intel and some guidance from them but he is trying to balance different forces. He’s trying to make this transition as easy as possible for the Russians. His main motivation is to preserve the interests of the Russian nation. At the same point support the Eastern Alliance to a certain degree.

Rob – Do you think his viewpoint has evolved to accept the whole transformation that’s coming or do you see him as trying to maintain his position and be that linchpin to the transition and maintain his kind of power thing the way the Cabal kind of runs, or do you think he realizes the complete transformation that is coming that would change things. Is he completely on boards. He is that evolved?

COBRA – I would say he is 80% on board.

Rob – It said some cabal members that have been removed from the planet. It would be logical that family members or friend would they notice they are missing and seek out the media. Why didn’t we hear about those missing persons for those Cabal members that were offered asylum that they didn’t want to be in there.

COBRA – There are very few of them that have been removed from the planet, very few.

Rob – OK. Thank you. Can you comment on Edward Snowden. Is he a genuine whistleblower white knight, or is he a dis-info. Does he know about the liberation and the resistance.
COBRA – He has a very positive role because he made the masses, the human masses realize their reality of NSA spying programs which is a very good thing.

Rob – Very good. Here is a great question. I love this one. Wy do so many people think they’ve been Cleopatra or Osiris in their past life. Do we just connect to memory which is saved in our collective consciousness. Are they delusional. Are we all part of some giant soul family. What is that.

COBRA – It is simply a wish for human beings to be somebody great. It’s wishful thinking on the astral plane.

Rob – Very good. How can we bring together the oneness theory of the Archon theory. How can oneness in consciousness and the same time then recognize the negative things and the good things that happen.

COBRA – Actually oneness is source field. It’s a consciousness field of everything positive and it does not include a random function. It does not include the negativity itself. The negativity itself is a logical opposite of oneness and both are existing.

Rob – Yes, that goes along with my understanding as well, that the supreme creator is completely perfect in itself and separate in a sense and at the same time we are part and parcel of that divine. It’s actually kind of like a paradox. Here’s a question: For those who decided to come here in Atlantan time before the fall, did we want to have a good thing here created or did we want to help humanity evolve.

COBRA – We came here to liberate the planet. We saw what was happening here and we wanted to stop it. That’s it.

Rob – Are some members of soul families of the star seeds in light ships.

COBRA – It’s a huge soul family. It’s a huge Family of light. And yes, many of our soul families are on the ships right now.

Rob – OK. Here’s another question: If a decree has been made by the higher powers, the GFL, that no more nuclear blasts will be allowed in order to bring devastating damage to Gaia earth. Why are strangelot bombs even a possible concern. Could’t they be de-activated just like nuclear weapons have been. It’s much more difficult. We’ve talked about that before. Someone says it seems contradictory.

COBRA – It is not. It is simply that the nuclear bomb is a very simple technology and strangelot bombs are a little bit more sophisticated and it’s not that easy to disarm. It’s possible but it takes time and it takes some other factors which are being taken care of right now.

Rob – OK. Another question here: There are many stories circulating for thousands of years that the attempt to explain the earth’s history and cause for confusion among the earth’s inhabitants is lost because of the quarantine and the mis-information from the Cabal. Can you talk about the information or myth that an archangel wanted to experience physical matter was the cause of anomaly of darkness. It seems over simplified.

COBRA – There is some truth in this story. There was an archangel that actually wanted to experience that anomaly. He descended into that anomaly with very sophisticated technology and that was the birth of the dark forces.

Rob – But the anomaly was already here (yes) creating on the physical planes any way, very challenging and difficult experiences, correct?

COBRA – The anomaly was already there but there was no intentional evil up to this point. (OK) The intentional evil was created as an interaction within consciousness and that random function, that potentiality.

Rob – OK – was he of a particular star race.
COBRA – That archangel actually experienced many star systems and actually belonged together ? experiences with many star systems.

Rob – Here’s another question about death. I understand for those who can travel in the Astral plane and go to the world’s where people go when they die, it can be verified by the individual. Someone’s said: They’ve read that the light tunnel that people see when they die or have a near death experience is simply a soul catcher for the Archon reincarnation factory. Is it possible to escape the reincarnation process by not following the supposedly loving light.

COBRA – OK. I would not agree with that theory. I would say that when light is light and not light is not light. If you follow the light you will get into more light. It’s not a trick. But yes, there are implantation stations on the etheric plane after you die. Yes there are tricks being made. If you follow your inner guidance where to go, you will most likely escape them. But you see the surface layer on the planet, on the etheric plane is in the scalar field. It’s very difficult to escape the scalar field. People that die are actually trapped in that scalar field around the earth. They usually go to the next incarnation within that scalar field.

Rob – And that’s in the lower astral plane they don’t escape it. Is that correct.

COBRA – Now in the lower astral planes it’s easier than it was. it’s possible to escape it but you have to transcend your inner attachments to the planetary surface.

Rob – OK. What are those humming sounds heard all over the planet. This was more prevalent some time ago. I have heard sounds. Are these legitimate video’s. Are these hoaxes. Are there some sort of causes for these humming sounds.

COBRA – Yes this sound is still happening. It’s a combination. It was very strong etheric sound but there is also strong plasma scalar technology which creates infra sound which can be heard by human beings or even felt with human body. They are low frequencies, between 10-50 HZ which can be heard by human ear. They can be felt by a low humming vibration in the body which is usually out of place.

Rob – Yes. Another question related to that. Is hyper sensitivity that many people are experiencing. Is that due to the electronic matrix or a combination of things.

COBRA – It is a combination of natural ? certain souls which have to be sensitive to have certain channels open. That sensitivity can be misused by the technology of the Archons. All those electronic plasma scalar devices can actually distort that sensitivity in a way that is not comfortable.

Rob – OK. I guess I want to ask you a question about the Dogon people. There’s been pictures of space ships on cave walls and stories of a space ship coming down, hollowing out some ground and putting in water and dolphins talking to humans. Is there any truth to that.

COBRA – Yes. That was a visit from Sirius star system a long time ago. There was a strong presence of Sirius population in central and north Africa throughout history.

Rob – OK. So this is not really a humanoid it’s more of an animal. I understand the dolphins are higher souls come here – to – according to Sheldon Nidle, to weave and connect the etheric matrix in the oceans and to heal the earth. Dolphins and whales both, but they’re not humanoid. But you’re saying they actually exist as conscious sentient beings like humanoids in what we would consider dolphin bodies.

COBRA – Yes, you see in this Sirius star systems there are many watery planets and many life forms have evolved there. Some of them are humanoid, some of them look like dolphins and some of them look like something in-between.

Rob – OK. Do they exist exclusively in the water.

COBRA – Some of them yes, some of them have water as their natural habit. Some of them are amphibious, and some living on solid ground. There are a few planets in that star system that have different configurations. Different ratio between water and solid grounds.

Rob – The ___ and they did evolve from water. Has the Resistance chosen you or did you choose this task you have now.

COBRA – Actually I have been asked by the Resistance to start a blog. It was not my idea. I have received some suggestions. I was not very happy about it. I felt it was too early. They said, now is the time, just go ahead and start it.

Rob – Things take a long time to grow. Are you personally pleased with the support from your crew on the surface.

COBRA – I would say I’m extremely pleased by certain people. Some people have surprised me very positively. Many people have surprised me negatively because there is much less cooperation on the surface than I’ve expected. This is the main reason why it’s taken so long. When I see all those drama’s, I just can not believe.

Rob – I know. What do you wish further form the ground crew that we can create or do?

COBRA – I wish people begin to fight this fight together. If you want to liberate this planet we have to cooperate. I really mean that. We need to have a common vision and a common goal and start working together for this.

Rob – OK. In my opinion and from what I understand, the reality that we exist in, the physical plane is a manifestation of the collective level of consciousness of humanity. Humanity has been dumbed down, hats, sun glasses and we continually look down. Would you agree that when humanity raises it’s spiritual consciousness and vibration the energies will be ripe for the event. On a certain level people must adhere to the spiritual awakening just as much as learning about what’s going on on the planet. Do you agree that it’s a spiritual awakening process is very important as well?

COBRA – I would say that a spiritual awakening process for humanity is only possible after the event. The event will happen when the technologies of the Chimera group are removed. The light forces are no longer waiting for humanity to wake up or people to cooperate, that of course would make it easier. The transition would be much softer. It is now when the technologies are removed. When all those factors are taken care of they will just go for it.

Rob – So you don’t think that people’s spiritual vibrational up-liftment is that significant to creating change on the planet. You think that would be too slow with the levels that we have now. Is that what you are saying.

COBRA -? If we’re just waiting for humanity that would take decades or even centuries. There needs to be an intervention of the light forces from above this perspective to make this change happen. Of course every individual is important. Every spiritual group that can be made can make this transition easier and faster. Humans alone, I would not say that humanity is in a state to be able to make this transition happen in a way would make it a good plan because the level of cooperation even between the leading persons in the liberation movement is too low for any coordinated action.

That coordinated action ? will come from beyond the surface of the planet and only then I can see the human beings will be able to follow that impulse, that vision and when we have concrete results, concrete proof then people awaken. Human beings can not awaken from inner experience along. They need concrete proof, they need evidence . That evidence will be provided.

Rob – I kind of disagree with that. I think that each Individual through their own spiritual experience could awaken that way. Are you saying that there is no individual spiritual awakening that can liberate someone without the event.

COBRA – It can but I am not expecting this to happen on a massive scale enough to create the event. I would say that the spiritual awakening on a massive scale will happen after the event when people have the evidence and the light presence and when the Cabal will be removed and when the spiritual growth will happen without those obstacles. I’m speaking now on a global scale. Of course, on an individual scale, your individual awakening it’s up to you. I’m speaking of the general psychological ? humanity as a whole.

Rob – OK Thank you for that distinction. I wanted to make that clear. I had a feeling that’s what you means. Here’s a fun one. As I love crystals, laser’s and scalar waves. We will have some at our Mt. Shasta Conference. We have a very cool system. COBRA – what is the future of crystals in our lives.

COBRA – OK. Crystals are actually the most highly evolved matter on the physical plane and they can reflect higher consciousness and during the transitional period crystals will have a very important roll in the awakening of the masses.

Rob – Yes, the advanced healing technologies will be utilizing sound light and color frequencies directed through the crystals which will act as resonance transducers. Would you agree with that.

COBRA – Yes, yes of course. Similar technology was used in Atlantis and similar technologies were used in man different star nations around the galaxies. This will be slowly introduced but on a much higher level than we have right now.

Rob – This is avery basic question but this is for the people of south Africa. The answer is on the web-site if you read. We have many new listeners who have not been to which you need to go to and read. You should buy the book called: The event on Cobra or my site, or This will give you great back-ground for what is going on here. Here’s a good question you can answer for the new people: Can you tell us the main difference between the event and what the NWO is planning to bring.

COBRA – These two are completely opposite things. The event is the liberation of humanity. It is the removal of the Cabal. It is the freedom of the people. It will give power to the people. NWO – everyone knows what that means. I don’t need to repeat that.

Rob – OK. and it does seem that everyone is expecting the NWO to do something to get their big control. We’re deeply involved in it. We’ve been in the control for long enough folks. It’s time to go the other way. Don’t expect an other big negative things. Although Benjamin Fulford and many people talks about a Cabal orchestrated plot in September. Do you have any information on this. Will this be thwarted. Is this being handed by the RM.

COBRA – You see the Cabal has many plans for many false flags for many different levels of extinction events. None of this will work as they want. Now we’re living the maximum level of control is right now. This is the maximum stage of the NWO on this planet. It can only get better. It can not get worse.

Rob – Is the universe infinite?

COBRA – I would say the consciousness is infinite. The material universe is limited by laws of physics in matter itself.

Rob – I would agree with that. That was an answer that I was expecting. Thank you for that. Here’s a good question: This is an individual process, but how do we start developing the discernment of who we really are, a sovereign individuals to differentiate from dark systems of control.

COBRA – OK. There is a lot of drama around this sovereignty thing. It is not about you fighting this system. It’s about you living in the cracks – in the matrix. You don’t need to challenge the system, you just exit the system and live in the cracks. When you are invisible, when you live in a different vibrational frequency out of the system.

Rob – I guess we’ll switch back to another question: how will the credit system or the financial system work in the new system. You said the stock markets will close forever. Won’t there be a lot of resistance from the general public on this type of thing. Won’t this kind of put people in a drastic fear based money situation or are there plans to alleviate this and explain it all.

COBRA – OK, the drastic fear situation won’t happen when the banks close at the moment of the event. Of course in that period when the banks are closed, the general public will be informed through the mass media. They will be very happy when the collateral accounts will be given to humanity and when they receive more abundance, so they will not complain. Of course a small percentage will complain. There is a certain percentage of people that will complain about anything.

Rob – It will be clear to people that their stocks that they’ve had invested there, will no longer be bringing dividends but they will receive value for their money back. They will welcome this new system.
COBRA – Exactly, yes, yes.

Rob – OK very good. OK Cobra. Does the story of Noah and the flood have anything to do with reality or the sinking of Atlantis or is that completely a myth.

COBRA – Yes, it has much to do with reality because there were drastic floods in the near east 5,000 years ago and also of course there was a global cataclysm that destroyed Atlantis around 11,500 years ago.

Rob – Was he contacted by higher dimensional beings to build an actual ark?

COBRA – Something similar happened, yes, but not just in one location. It was happening simultaneously in many locations around the planet.

Rob – That was the only record. There were similar type Noah’s gathering different animals around the planet.
COBRA – yes

Rob – OK. what is the difference besides higher self and soul. Are they the same? Can you explain their functions.
COBRA – Basically there are 2 expressions for the same thing. This is your own inner presence. You can describe the soul or higher self. It’s the real you.

Rob – OK. Is it possible to be disconnected from the soul.
COBRA – It is possible and this has actually happened to some members of the cabal?

Rob – You mean when they’re sent to the central sun.

COBRA – No, when they went to different implantation process through different dark rituals and through their life styles and their choices. Some of them have been disconnected gradually and some were disconnected through different experiments in the past

Rob – That’s interesting. Soul is who we are and retains it’s individual consciousness through lifetimes. So they take over, the soul is disconnected. The soul is sitting in some type of prism and it’s used as an empty shell through a technology.

COBRA – I would say that in the cabal’s cases part of the soul is projected ____ and that part slowly or fast becomes disconnected and has independent life which is controlled by the elementals, by the spirit possession, by technologies and other things.

Rob – OK. another question is: Egypt seems to have had a nice revolution. It seems like the light forces have taken over there and calmed the situation and have removed the Cabal agents of the muslim brotherhood. They did not open the border to the people of Gaza to escape form the recent bombs of Israel. Why didn’t a RM backed positive Egyptian coup government provide refuge for the Palestinians who want to escape.

COBRA – OK, there is certain tension between various groups in Israel. I would say there was certain fracture for certain of those groups in Israel towards Egypt.

Rob – OK. Thank you. Here’s a question for someone that says they’ve listened to you, they followed you. You said to buy a home would be a good place to put money. They bought a home. They put money in gold which is a real viable asset. They were concerned because some prognosticators say the pole shift will happen in 2 years and gold is going to go down and other things. Did the person who follows your advice, would you still say that they probably made a good choice to purchase a home.

COBRA – Of course, number 1 – you need to listen to your own self and not my own advice and my advise is just a suggestion. I still believe it’s a good choice.

Rob – OK. Do you have any information on the Brazilian leader that was killed. He seemed to be a positive guy and some of the Brazilian people feel he was murdered. Is that correct

COBRA – Yes, unfortunately the Cabal removed that person.

Rob – Are there any particular risks to iphones to other cell phones.
COBRA – They are basically all the same. There are many risks from the cell phones from radiation to surveillance. I would suggest do not use them if it’s not necessary. Use them when you need them but not more.

Rob – Another multiple question I wanted to get to is about the Hadron collider. Is it a star gate. Is it being used by the cabal. Is it going to come back on line. Can you tell us anything other than what it’s claimed to be as a scientific experiment. Can you tell me. I know they may be taking information and trying to develop negative things from it. In and of itself is it designed as a ley line disruptor, a weapon, a star gate. Is the location significant. Tell us about the Hadron collider.

COBRA – I would just put it this way: in a way there are good elements in that involved in that project but basically the Chimera group is misusing that whole things. I can’t say much because this is classified at the moment. There are things going on there which need to be prevented and will be be prevented. There are elements there that have plans that are not nice and they need to be stopped.

Rob – OK. What are the role of the Lyrians in the liberation process. Do you know about them. Can you tell us about this race.
COBRA – OK. I would say that race is not directly involved in the forefront but they are inspiring creativity in human beings.

Rob – OK. Do you have advice for star seeds at this time.
COBRA – Yes. I have. I would just remind all the start seeds that they have come from higher dimensions from greater reality and to connect with that greater reality as much as possible. To connect with their home, to connect with the stars and bring as much as possible that reality here. This reality here needs that higher vibration and to connect with other star seeds and other star people in a positive way.

Rob – OK. We have a request form several people actually: would like to hear your comments, views and ideas on dreams.
COBRA – Yes, but they need to be more specific than that.

Rob – Tell us what are dreams.

COBRA – Dreams are part of the daily cycle. As we have part of our existence on the physical plane. Dreams are connecting us to the astral plane. It’s a way for us to process part of our emotions which can not be processed consciously. Dreams have a symbolic language that speaks to us. Soul tries to speak to us through the symbolic language but unfortunately the Archons and.. . with their technology have the ability to disrupt our dream and to influence what we dream of. We have to be very aware the manifestation of the dream is coming from. Is it coming from our higher self, processing our unconsciousness or coming from Archons technology.

Rob – OK. Another question kind of related to the earth changes and stuff. I’ve been told that when we get very close to a pole shift and things shifting on the planet that their electrical systems will not necessarily explode but will short circuit. Is this true something that we can look forward to as a sign that some big changes are taking place.
COBRA – OK, you don’t have to be afraid that the polar shift will happen before the first contact. Nothing like that will happen before the first contact.

Rob – OK. Good. Can you comment on the Schumann residence. Is it coming down, or whatever. Can you comment on that.

COBRA – There has been a lot of claims about the Schumann resonance. Schumann resonance is not just one frequency. It’s a series of frequencies which is actually describing the resonance frequencies of the ionosphere. It is not changing. It is simply that there are certain pique key frequencies that excites the ionosphere. This was theoretically proposed by Dr. Schumann in the 1950 and was measured much later. It is not connected directly with consciousness in the way people understand, but yes there is a certain. . . one of the main of those frequencies is resonant with the frequency of the human heart – that is true. This also has some cosmic meaning because there are other galactic resonance frequencies. Schumann resonance frequencies are synchronized with the galactic frequencies on a certain level.

Rob – OK. Here’s something out there but several people have asked it. There’s been claims of 15 primary multi-dimensional control beings and that they’ve been responsible for manipulating the grid on earth for 54 million years. Can you comment on that. Is that anything you know about or nothing you’ve ever heard.

COBRA – I’ve heard about this story. The grids have been manipulated on earth but not such a long time. Yes there have been some control beings. Some people have other names for them. All of this is going to be recycled very soon.

Rob – Right. Would you say the number 15 is accurate.
COBRA – I would say: it depends on how you group those beings. It’s not linear distribution. (Yea, OK.) You can just say that one major group of 200 people. You can say it’s a top group of 15 people, you can say it’s a group of 12 people. It’s always shifting it’s not a static things.

Rob – Here’s a question and we can make it our last one. How much progress has there been in disabling strangelot bombs and their associate etheric scalar weapons and the Chimera group

COBRA – I would just say there has been progress. I will make a report about this maybe in a week or two. You see, much intel about this has to be classified because it’s a very sensitive operation. This whole thing is much more dangerous than nuclear bombs. Of course, not much can be said about the actual operations them self. This is the reason why there isn’t much intel in the last few months as these operations are under progress.

Rob – OK Cobra, thank you so much. A wonderful interview. We got through a lot of questions. I appreciate your time today. We’ll do it again next month. Thank you very much folks, Victory to the light.

COBRA – Yes, thank you everybody for listening in. Yes, Victory of the light.

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