COBRA- interview and transcript – 10/20/2014

cobraC.O.B.R.A. 20th October 2014 – Interview with Cobra by Rob Potter (Audio + Transcript).
(Posted, compiled by Rique Seraphico).

Interview Link:

Cobra’s voice modulation & interview edit by Rique Seraphico.

Intro Theme: “Alien Intervention” (432 Hz), written & performed by Rique Seraphico.

End Theme: Mysterious Spheres Medley (432 Hz) (Link: ).

Audio Trasncript by DaNell Glade – 20th October 2014:

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen and welcome to another special Victory of the Light Radio show. I’m your host Rob Potter, allegedly the voice of the Resistance. I’m happy to announce that I’m going to be doing the special Cobra interview today. Thanks to you all and your wonderful support of my web-site at

I need to offer some thanks to DaNell Glade for doing the transcribing. The ever talented, amazing Youtube creator Steven Smally, who has outdone himself last month. I can’t imagine a better one. It could happen this month, on the Cobra interview. Watch for the youtube coming up.

I’d like to thank Rique Seraphico, our Pleiadian Lightworker, Music Producer, my Brazilian brother, the talented musician who plays the lead-in music and the closing music (featuring this month, a Mysterious Spheres Medley of his CD).

He does a wonderful job of editing this. He works tirelessly, very hard on this program, for free, as well as doing a lot of work on the internet sharing the Victory of the Light.

I have decided to offer his album, “Mysterious Spheres” on my web-site. On the side bar, you’ll see at the bottom, on the right hand side, a link, also my header bar, under MUSIC you will see the “Mysterious Sphere’s” CD (Link: ).

You can have a listen to a sample of his CD (Soundcloud Link: ), and you can also purchase that and it would really help Rique out. I want to support him and his wonderful efforts there for the Cobra teams.

I’m also very happy that is still up and running. There’s great information there for those of you who want to refer people to the event or want to become involved in the weekly meditations, It’s a wonderful web-site. As well as Cobra’s website with lots of wonderful information there. We have a great interview with Cobra coming up.

I wanted to announce I will be having some new products on my web site. I’d like you to keep your eyes out for them. I have the Gem energy sphere’s, should be coming up very soon from Judy Bebe. The amazing new hydrogen healing technology as well as I’m going to be introducing and explaining a radio show with the people from Isogenix about a wonderful new product called Product B.

It helps restore and regenerate the DNA. It’s formulated by John Anderson, who my mentor and guide Fred Bell was highly respectful of. In fact, all of Fred Bell’s vitamins were formulated by John Anderson and Fred Bell added a couple things here and there. John Anderson is a master formulator and he’s got together with a Noble prize winner. I will have to admit I have been noticing some changes as a result of taking this Product B. It will be on my web-site and it will have some explanation on it and offering some special discounts. We’ll be doing a radio show on that too soon. Lots of good things coming up.

If you’re feeling the love I have a donation button on my web-site. Any help or love with products would be very grateful. Without further a due, here’s the Cobra interview folks. Thank you so much and Victory to the light and keep those questions coming.

Rob – OK folks, here we are again on the Victory of light radio show. Once again, as promised, here is our emissary of light, my good friend and the voice of the resistance, Cobra. Welcome to the Victory of Light radio show once again.

COBRA – Thank you for your invitation.

Please see link above for the entire Audio Interview Transcript by Danell Glade.

Rique Seraphico’s “Mysterious Spheres” 432 & 440 Hz CD for Download.
(Written By Rique Seraphico).


Amigos & amigas, I am currently making available a virtual download link to my 2002 award winning “CD, entitled“Mysterious Spheres“.

I humbly ask YOU all for your kind contribution and help, sharing this post with as many amigos and FB groups as possible, as well as purchasing the CD, in order to help this Pleiadian Lighworker who has for many years contributed and done so much for our Spiritual Community and Light cause, that of Liberation of the Planet, Victory of the Light. I NOW need YOUR help amigos and AM counting on YOU! Namastê!

The CD comprises of 12 Instrumental tracks (I am adding a bonus track + CD covers and poster pictures). The CD was awarded in 2002 by UK’s UFO Magazine, “Best Music In A UFO Related Subject” category.
I believe this to be my finest music ever, in a career that stretches 4 decades now. This music is indeed very special and probably one of the best CDs ever written within its genre.
Below you can find an MP3 medley I have put together showcasing the CD’s music (available on the download as a bonus track), as well as a feel reviews the CD received at the time it was launched over a decade ago.

Mysterious Spheres – CD Sample: To listen a sample (medley) of some of the tracks featured on my CD, “Mysterious Spheres”, please click on the 2 links below.

1) Rique Seraphico’s Mysterious Spheres Medley (UFO Music). Copyright 2000 (UK). Music Taken from the Award winning CD, entitled Mysterious Spheres.


2) Talk UFO (UFO Data) – (Edited) Radio Show Featuring the Music of Rique Seraphico – Featuring the Mysterious Spheres Medley music & CD comments.

Date:2005 (UK). Hosted by Russel Callaghan Editor of UFO Data (Former UK’s UFO Magazine).

Soundcloud Link:

“Mysterious Spheres” 432 Hz / 440 HZ CD:

My goal is to sell enough virtual copies of the CD (target: 1500 to 2000 copies), so that I can write and record my new CD, Victory Of The Light, which would encompass what many consider the biggest and most important shift Mankind will be making to date, with all the deep changes that are taking place in the world right now, as well the Event Horizon.

You can purchase as many links as you wish, offer it to amigos and families (Earthly and Cosmic), pets etc, make extra donations, all your help will be very much appreciated and is indeed, much needed.
I am making my CD available on BOTH 440 Hz (original recording) and 432 Hz on MP3 (192 Kbps). Over 70 minutes of Pure Magic and highest Spiritual Uplifting.

All music written, produced, programmed, arranged, recorded & mixed by Rique Seraphico.

All instruments played by Rique Seraphico (*).

Rique Seraphico: Programming, synthesizers, sampler, guitar synthesizer, acoustic guitars, bass pedal synthesizer, dholak drums & windchimes.

(*) Tibetan gongs, singing bowls, conch shells, bones, tingsha, rainstick & whistles samples on track 11, Ethereal World (Parts 2& 3) played by Gandiva Lorcan.

Mysterious Spheres CD Song List (songs running times are approximate).

01 – Mysterious Spheres (3’41”);
02 – Alien Abduction – Part 1 ‘The Hunting’ (4’08”);
03 – Alien Soul (5’40”);
04 – Alien Abduction – Part 2 ‘The Suffering’ (4’28”);
05 – Planet X (6’45”);
06 – The Unknown (Government Conspiracy) (7’14”);
07 – Venus & Mars (3’55”);
08 – USO’s: An Underwater World (7’05”);
09 – Grey’s Talk (5’18”);
10 – Europa (5’34”);
11 – Ethereal World (Part 1: Ray People; Part 2: The Initiation; Part 3: The Gathering) (10’51”);
12 – The Voyage Home (5’05”).
13 – Bonus Track: Mysterious Spheres Medley (3’59”).

Virtual DownloadLink Prices:

1) Choose and specify EITHER 440 Hz or 432 Hz – All 12 (+1) tracks, CD front and back covers and poster pictures for ONLY U$15.00.

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1) Please do make sure to write in your FB name and/ or name and contact details, when making payment, otherwise I will not know who has purchased it.

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3) Download Links shall be sent within 24/ 48 hours. If not received, PLEASE contact me via Inbox/ email (please see contact detail below).
Important Note:

The CD Mysterious Spheres and its Art Work are copyrighted. The Author of this CD, Ricky Seraphico (Rique Seraphico) retains all legal rights to his work. The purchase of the links does NOT give ownership to the material. ONLY ONE download per each U$15/20 payment allowed please.

Rique Seraphico’s Contact Details (Brazil/ Rio de Janeiro):

Email address:
FB address:
(Please write on my INBOX, NOT on my Timeline, thanks).

Mysterious Spheres – REVIEWS:


The publishers of UFO Magazine are proud to present a unique musical experience…

A new 12-track CD by the brilliant London based composer and musician, Rique Seraphico, ranks as one of the best musical scores ever produced on the Alien-related theme. Seraphico takes the listener on a powerful and emotive journey by projecting his undoubted passion for the subject through his musical skills.


To sample this extraordinary musical experience, Rique has compiled a short medley from the featured album tracks for exclusive broadcast via UFO Magazines website. But first as promised subscribers to UFO Magazine’s official news letter get the first chance to hear this beautiful musical masterpiece.

Rique Seraphico’s Mysterious Spheres Medley (UFO Music). Copyright 2000(UK).

UFO Magazine’s website manager, Russel Callaghan, is currently engaged in uploading information on how to acquire the recently released CD entitled ALIEN THEMES -‘Mysterious Spheres’ by the brilliant Brazilian composer and musician, Rique Seraphico.

Rique, who resides in London, has put together 12 truly inspirational tracks, all on a UFO-related theme. Do take the opportunity to listen to a composite of the tracks which Rique has mixed specifically for our website.

This new 12 track CD by the brilliant London-based composer musician Rique Seraphico. Born in Brazil, Rique’s passion and knowledge of the subject is re-created with understanding and musical skill.
* * * * *

“…Even if we were only to speak once or twice a year, don’t ever feel that I have forgotten you. Your time will come Rique, because this subject demands it. As far as I am concerned, your music is the finest of its kind I have ever come across in all my years in the subject. You have a friend in me … Graham W. Birdsall, Editor UFO Magazine.
* * * * *

“Having listened to each track and having been able to feature some of the music on our video ‘Mysterious Spheres’, I can tell you Rique has created something very special”…Russel Callaghan, Editorial Staff UFO Magazine.

* * * * *

“The Mysterious Spheres CD has already been voted a massive hit by friends and family members alike, including my daughters whose critical taste in music knows no bounds, hugely enjoyable from beginning to end… Graham W. Birdsall, Editor UFO Magazine.

* * * * *

” Having listened to each track in awe, there is no doubting that Rique Seraphico has produced something special – something that will appeal to both UFO enthusiasts and music lovers alike”. Russel Callaghan, Editorial Staff UFO Magazine.

* * * * *

I am writing to let you know that I have just bought your “Mysterious Spheres CD” from UFO Magazine. Well what can I say, it is a stunning piece of music. I have never been so moved by a piece of music until now! I can tell you have put a lot of thought and feeling into the music. When I listen to the CD it really makes me think about the whole UFO subject. Have you had any UFO experiences yourself? Well thanks again for the CD. All the best!
Stuart Wisdom. London, England.
* * * * *



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