Cobra: April Monthly Update – May 3rd 2016: Tachyon Chambers vs Crystal Light Chambers, Outer Barrier and Heliopause, Cobra Describes Inner-Earth, and more

Thursday, May 12, 2016

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Note: This interview was delayed from April 20 until May 3rd due to unavoidable circumstances. It is our April Interview but recorded on May 3rd.
Cobra is a Pleiadian contactee and has been in contact with the underground for over 35 years. He has been told to remain anonymous by The Resistance and has ongoing communications with beings from Planet X that assist The Resistance Movement. As an earthly representative of the Agarthan network and the light forces, he strives to prepare humanity for the up and coming event horizon.

Our intention is to dissipate fear, clear up any misunderstandings, and add insights into what is really happening behind the daily headlines. For more background you are invited to read his blog archive totaling 716 entries to this date.
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Transcript of April Monthly Update
Lynn – Welcome ladies and gentlemen to our monthly Cobra Interview.  Your hosts today are Lynn and Richard.  Our goal with these Cobra interviews as well as our web-site is to inform, educate and prepare for coming changes.  Please remember that no one has all the answers all the time.  Remember that your own internal guidance is the key and always go with what resonates with that guidance.  
This interview today is dedicated to honor the memory of Casimir John Milosh who recently passed into spirit. He was lovingly known as “Buzz”. Although he was our oldest member of Prepare for Change – Los Angeles, he was our biggest cheerleader. He promoted Prepare for Change every day of his life for the last three years. He has not left us, but has joined the spiritual team to bring liberation to our Earth. We love you Buzz.
For those new to Prepare for Change (PFC) or to Cobra, I would suggest that you go to the media archives at PFC and listen to the introduction interview done August 2015.  There is more background on Cobra given there and then the follow-up interview of October 2015.  The entire team at PFC are all devoted volunteers.  No one receives compensation for their work done.  Our skilled volunteer IT team are adding new features to the web-site all the time to make your educational journey more informative and enjoyable.  Please use the donate button at the right hand side of the Prepare for Change website to ensure continued excellence.  Your assistance greatly helps to cover our recurring monthly web-site bills.  
Lynn – Now I would like to welcome back our warrior of light and liaison with the Resistance movement, Cobra.  Welcome Cobra.
COBRA –  Thank you for your invitation.  It’s been a pleasure for me to have you both for the interview.
Richard – Thank you so much for being here. I know you have just done the Ascension conference in Switzerland on April 16th & 17th.  For all of us that were unable to attend, I’d love to start out with some questions on the information you covered there.
What was the impact of the conference in Switzerland on April 16th and 17th on the planetary situation?
COBRA – OK.  This was the first of many triggers that will be activated to start securing the ascension time-line.  We had a very strong group and people from that group will spread that energy and have already been spreading that energy to the ley lines in their home locations.  This is the first step.  There are many more coming.  Also, more conferences and also more energetic activations that will stabilize these time lines.  (amazing, thank you)
Lynn – What does the spike in gamma rays on April 10th, 2016 mean?
COBRA – It means that the outer barrier or shall I say, the Chimera barrier inside of the outer barrier, close to the Kupier belt is beginning to dissolve.  So this allows more gamma rays to come and enter the solar system.  And this has been detected by voyager spacecraft in April.
Lynn – Is this related in anyway to the cosmic pulse?
COBRA – It is connected because the cosmic pulse or should we say galactic pulse interacts with all the consciousness in the galaxy especially it interacts with the trigger point in this solar system and whatever happens in this solar system, as I have explained many times, influences the situation in the galaxy. (thank you)
Richard – Can you talk about the increase in Schumann frequencies on May 17th, 2016.  Is this related to the conference in Switzerland?
COBRA – I have no confirmation of increase in Schumann frequency.  There is much talk about this but there is no real solid evidence so I can not answer this question (thank you very much)
Lynn –  Were the recent earthquakes in Japan related to the G7 conference that was just held there? Or were they related to the private conference between Putin and the Japanese Prime Minster Abe?
COBRA – OK.  There was some Cabal action trying to disrupt the negotiation process and this was one thing and then there were some natural tectonic activity because of increased energy in the solar system so both things were happening.
Lynn – Are the earthquakes in Ecuador related to the earthquakes in Japan?
COBRA – Both areas are in very active tectonic zones and all of those zones are responding to increased energies in the solar system which are a direct consequence of increased activity from the galactic center.  (thank you)
Richard – What is the plasma octopus as it referred to in occult circles, and what effect is it having on the situation on planet Earth right now?
COBRA – It is the base source of the problems we have here.  The plasma vortex which extends throughout the solar system has planet earth in it’s center.   Planet earth is the central anchor point of that entity and the entity has plasma toplet bombs in the body,  plasma bodies.  Until this is resolved The Event can not happen.  So this is the major, the main obstacle actually towards The Event. (thank you)
Lynn – What is the purpose of the Cintamani at the time of the Event?
COBRA – Cintamani, each cintimani stone will serve as a lens, as a focal lens for the energies of the compression breakthrough. So when the energy pulse hits the planet that energy will be need to be conducted through a certain conductor or should I say energy super conductor.  Cintamani stones will be energy super conductors at the time of the event.  As this energy network is being quite complete to a certain degree, those energies will be able to flow through the planetary surface quite harmoniously.
Lynn – What is the purpose of the tachyon chambers at the time of the Event?
COBRA – The Tachyon chambers have many purposes.  One of the purposes is to heal human energy system which include physical bodies and higher energy bodies.  And at the time of the event, those tachyon chambers will transmit certain energies that I’m not yet to speak about.  But this will be the energy support for the compression breakthrough.
Lynn – Is there a difference between the crystal light chambers and the tachyon chambers.
COBRA – How would you define crystal light chambers.
Lynn – I’m referring to what Sheldon Nidle talks about.  The Crystal light chambers are where we are transformed into 5D beings and rejuvenated physically.
COBRA – This is a so called ascension technology which advanced cosmic civilizations have.  That technology has not yet been introduced on the surface of the planet and will only be introduced at a certain point after The Event. (OK)
Richard – What is the termination shock in the photo from your blog post on April 13, 2016? What is happening there with the light forces and the Chimera?
COBRA – The termination shock is the area when the solar winds which emanates from the sun meets the interstellar winds.  So you have two different energy streams, two different plasma streams and when those 2 streams meet and confront there is a termination shock.  Termination shock is the area of the so called Chimera barrier with many ships of the Chimera and the highest concentration of toplet plasma bombs of the Chimera group.  The light forces are now removing this.  It has not been removed yet completely but there is progress.  Because there was progress certain new communication channels have opened between various factions inside the solar system, below the surface of the planet.  It also reflects on the surface of the planet especially in the Eastern Alliance within the Dragon factions and the Eastern alliance groups, there is quite much progress as a result of this.  (great, thank you)
Lynn – What is the heliopause….and what is taking place there?
COBRA – The heliopause is the area where the pressure of the solar winds actually get lower than the pressure of the interstellar wind.  So at that point we’re actually entering into interstellar space.  This is the location of the so-called tachyon membrane or some people call it the outer barrier.  It is the barrier which has been built by the light forces which regulates the flow of energies in and out of the solar system. So it regulates the energies from the galactic center coming inside of the solar system and it regulates the energies and entities and beings exiting the solar system.  And the flow of beings out of the solar system, according to my intel is a little bit different from what certain other people were stating.  It is not so much to contain the dark entities inside of the solar system, it is more to regulate the flow of entities in and out of the solar system.  (thank you)
Richard – Cobra, how does plasma based medicine work?
COBRA – Plasma based medicine works on the principles of harmonizing the plasma flow.  We have our plasma bodies which are not exactly the same of our etheric bodies.  The plasma body is actually  a changed electromagnetic potential body which works on difference between various electro-magnetic potential space and if you harmonize that you can increase human health dramatically.  Basically, what the dark forces have done, they have created scalar technology which distorts the plasma matrix of the plasma body and creates illness.  Plasma medicine actually references those negative effects those harmful effects of the scalar technology and creates a health matrix in the plasma body which as a consequence balances the electro flow inside of the physical cell membrane.  And of course this restores the physical health.
COBRA – It is in a state of development.  Dragon forces, positive dragon forces are developing this but there is much resistance and there is much. . .   It’s not that easy.  It’s in a state of development right now. Some of those devices are already available and some of them are in state of being introduced.  (thank you very much)
Lynn – Cobra, do you see these technologies being utilized on earth post Event, and if so like how long if they’re still in development?
COBRA – One of the major problems is money because people don’t have money and would like to have those devices. Those devices they need to be built and developed inside of the current  system.  When we have the financial re-set it will be very easy to massively produce and spread them around the planet.  (I understand, thank you)
Lynn – How does a mothership cloak itself and its energy from remote viewers?
COBRA – OK.  Mothership has a so-called tachyon membrane around which means that the tachyon membrane is not just a membrane of the physical plane.  It is a membrane which cloaks the energy structure of the ship on all planes of creation so every energy that comes towards the ship simply gets teleported from one side of the membrane of the ship to the other side of the membrane of the ship and that would make the ship invisible, also for remote viewers.  (Awesome, thank you)
Richard – Who was the first person to give an accurate description of the underground world?
COBRA –  This is a very strange question because underground world was always known to certain entities and it was never a secret.
Lynn – What will happen between the Agarthans and the surface humans at the time of the Event?…
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