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Cobra’s Interview with Alexandra Meadors October 1st, 2013:

A: So now what about Pope Francis. They’re now talking about presenting him as doing this mass campaign to end poverty and stop environmental destruction according to his words. Do you agree with that?

C: No I would say he is actually working for the Jesuits putting on a friendly face. And he’s managed to convince many many influential world leaders for their own agenda. This will not succeed. (…)
The practice of the Jesuit is usually, the same of the Muslim Brotherhood. They put on a friendly face, they support the poor. It is the same in Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood people went to villages and gave denominations to people trying to improve their life standard a little bit and it was a Trojan Horse because later they showed their true face and we all know what happened in Egypt under their rule. And it is the same here.

Cobra’s Interview with Alexandra Meadors March 2014:

Cobra – The white pope is the pope which is publicly known. The pope everybody sees when they’re watching TV from Vatican. The black pope is the hat of the Jesuits. The grey pope is the hat from the Black Nobility families, the Archons. I have an interesting situation. The black pope and the white person is the same person – Pope Francis, head of the Jesuits. Now we have 2 persons which are working in this Triad. It’s a very interesting energetic situation that has never happened before.

Alexandra – For them to have the same person playing both of those roles, what do you feel is their agenda?

Cobra – Actually they are desperate. Jesuits prefer working behind the scenes. They only get public when they can not achieve their goals behind the scenes. That’s why they have their own person as a pope. It was their last desperate move for the Jesuits. Now everybody’s talking about Jesuits. Nobody was talking about Jesuits. Everybody is now talking about exposing them.

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