“Civil War” within Anonymous, Cabal Infiltration Likely – Ghost Squad Hackers Broke Away, Claim Responsibility For Mainstream Take Down of CNN and FOX – NOT Anonymous

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(Stillness in the Storm Editor)This story is making it’s way around the alternative media, andThe Free Thought Project shared a report from AnonHQ stating that factions within the infamous hacker group Anonymous have broken away, as a kind of “Civil War” has been raging within their ranks.

Before discussing that aspect of the story, #OpSilence is one of the latest efforts by another hacktivist group who are seeking to cause problems for mainstream media outlets. The news agencies in question are CNN and FOX, for their refusal to cover war crimes and genocide occurring in the world, specifically in Palestine at the hands of Israeli occupiers.

In an exclusive interview with The Free Thought Project, conducted through private online message service, Sc0rp10n Gh0s7, a figure within the new hacktivist group, Ghost Squad Hackers, said,

“#OpSilence is an operation which targets mainstream media for their ignorance on the genocide that has been going on in Palestine, and what is truly happening in Syria and all over the world,” – (Source)

The following article details some of the overt atrocities conducted at the hands of the Israeli’s.
But the seeming cohesiveness of the hacker group Anonymous has apparently dematerialized somewhat. According to the AnonHQ report from June 3rd, 2016,

But there is a second layer to this discussion highlighting the recent divide within Anonymous. There has been a “Civil War” of sorts in recent months, and the reputation of the Anonymous collective as a whole has been damaged. Last winter, prominent hacktivist group Ghostsec also cut their ties with Anonymous. In a statement they said “Anonymous has a habit of shooting in every direction and asking questions later.” In other interviews they imply that Anonymous has developed a reputation for behaving immature – more concerned with silly DDoS’ing attacks than changing the world.

Since the quarreling of #OpWhiteRose many people have splintered off, or left Anonymous entirely – just another in the long list of strange effects Donald Trump has had on the entire world. Ghost Squad is one of the groups effected by this ‘Civil War.’ In the time since this happened last March, the group has exploded onto the scene, quickly becoming one of the most influential and talked about hacking groups in the entire world in 2016. – [bolding added] (Source)

Given the fact that the matrix of control has transitioned into a cyber or electronic entity over the past 20 years, there are great risks to the system which could come from well-organized hackers. The powers that should not be, would, therefore, take a keen interest in infiltrating and causing division within any group that has the potential to effect change. And it would also stand to reason that once infiltrated, putting forth hacking projects that do little more than cause minor disruptions, such as the DDOS attacks mentioned above, would limit any real change coming about from the groups efforts.

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Many already question the efficacy of Anonymous’s efforts over the past years, citing operations that do little more than create hype while the machine of domination and control forges ahead seemingly unhindered.

Read the rest here: http://sitsshow.blogspot.com/2016/06/Civil-War-within-Anonymous-Cabal-Infiltration-Likely-Ghost-Squad-Hackers-Broke-Away-Claim-Responsibility-For-Mainstream-and-Take-Down-of-CNN-and-FOX-NOT-Anonymous.html

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