Chemtrails – “Class Action Lawsuit” Sun, April 12, 2015

Class Action Lawsuit
We are in the process of speaking with various attorneys about the possibility of moving forward with a class action lawsuit to represent people who have experienced losses or damages related to chemtrail/geoengineering and other climate engineering programs. Because we are in the investigative and discovery stage of the process, our goal is to collect names of people who believe that they have been damaged or suffered losses as a result of ongoing chemtrail/geoengineering programs. Once we gather a sufficient number of names and damages, we will have an idea how to move forward. Because many strategies have been taken to stop these programs, we feel strongly that a class action lawsuit is the quickest and most cost effective way to get geoengineering stopped. Once you sign up, we will keep you updated with our progress. Again, because we are in the initial stages of discovery, we are looking at several possible directions to focus on in the law suite. Your participation will enable us to make a decision as to the most effective approach to take. We are also open to speaking with other attorneys who might be interested in helping out with this important and historic lawsuit.
The following are losses damages that others have reported.
Drought damage
Flooding damage
Crop loss
Lightning damage
Wind damage
Respiratory failure
Tree death and loss of vegetation
Changes in soil pH
Any loss related to abiotic stress
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