C.O.B.R.A. 20th May 2015 Interviewed by Rob Potter (Audio)

rp_10459874_1446463655604456_6978444883394894719_n.jpg(Posted & compiled by Rique Seraphico).






” Hello, Ladies and Gentlemen.

I want to thank DaNell, translator Sam Ritchie the editor and of course Rique Seraphico, the un-comparable sound engineer, and Mr. Stephen or we call him Smalley seven who does the Cobra interviews and does a fantastic job every month.

So I would like to thank all those people and Cobra for coming on the show and especially you listeners for keeping open minds and open hearts..” Robert Potter.

[and here is the interview – audio – link . I did not find any transcript.]

Source Link: https://soundcloud.com/thepromiserevealed/cobra-r-potter-20-may-2015-interview

COBRA Interview Edit & Voice Modulation by Rique Seraphico.

Intro Theme: “Victory Of The Light : The Battle For Gaia” (432 Hz), written, produced, arranged, recorded, mixed and all instruments performed by Rique Seraphico.

End Theme: “My Angel (In Disguise)” (432 Hz), Music & Lyrics written by Frank Robinson & Rique Seraphico. All instruments and arrangements by Rique Seraphico. All vocals by Zoe Pay, arranged by Rique Seraphico.

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“My Angel (In Disguise)”

Soundcloud Link: http://snd.sc/JwhGhQ

Music & Lyrics written by Frank Robinson & Rique Seraphico
Music produced, programmed, arranged, recorded by Ricky Seraphico.
All instruments, strings arrangements by Ricky Seraphico.
All vocals sung by Zoe Pay.

Ricky Seraphico – Music Producer/ Programmer/ Arranger/ Musician and Songwriter.

FB Music Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Rique-Seraphico-Migueis-Music-Producer/484323471647760

Soundcloud Songs Link: http://soundcloud.com/ricky-seraphico

Website: www.rickyseraphico.com

My Angel Lyrics:

Verse 1
Will you tell me when we get there?
That is all I need to know
I’ve been travelling since the sunrise
With this circus of a show

Bridge 1
But your dreams will all come true
(Cos’) there’s an Angel watching over you

Chorus 1
All this time I’ve waited for so long
Until you came along
My Angel in disguise
I can’t be so wrong, just tell me why you’ve gone
Don’t know what to do
When I’m all alone

Verse 2
In the quiet of the night I hear
The laughter of the storm
And a thousand voices screaming
For their hero’s life has gone

Bridge 2

Chorus 2

Middle 8
Promises can always be broken
Whatever may come just remember
To trust the voice inside you
The Angel you’ve waited for

GTR Solo
Chorus 3

Rob Potter site: http://thepromiserevealed.com/

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