Burn a Bay Leaf in Your House. The Reason? You’ll be Amazed!


Burn a bay leaf in your house. You’ll be amazed by this trick and will want to try it right away.

Never underestimate the effect and power of various aromas on our body. Long ago, the ancient Greeks recognized the healing properties of bay leaves and used it in their medicine.

Bay laurel is characterized by strong anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. Among other things, it can help in the fight against epilepsy, and release the airways.

If you have high blood pressure, insomnia or are under stress, bay leaves can help! It’s also recommended for those who want to control cholesterol.

To take advantage of all its benefits, you can carefully light it in a bowl and let the aroma gradually spread around the room, or add it to meals by cooking it in boiling water. You’ll start to notice a wave of relaxation and happiness. Just don’t forget to put out the fire.

Bay leaves are also a great cockroach replant! We recommend that you use dried bay leaves because they emit a stronger smell.

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