Breaking the Magician’s Code: The Secret to the Channeled Message Trick Revealed ~ Greg Giles

Growing up as a child I was fascinated by the master magicians and their amazing feats of prestidigitation, and the incredible skill necessary to fool the eyes with conjure, coin or card. I performed my own magic shows in my basement for friends and family, and I would save up my $2.00 a week allowance until I had enough currency to exchange it at the local magic shop for a trick that impressed me enough to precipitate the barter. Only the illusions that required skill of the hands interested me, as I found no place in the craft for the big time illusions such as sawing a women in half that make up most, if not all, of the modern big name magic acts today. Anyone with enough money can purchase the secrets to the levitating lady or Houdini’s legendary water torture illusion that require little or no talent or practice to pull off. Needed only is a technology, no matter how simple, the viewing audience isn’t yet aware of.

I have until this very day honored the solemn oath I pledged at that little magic shop, and have never revealed the secrets entrusted of me, and I would have taken the secrets to ‘channeled messages’ to the grave as well if I had found it possible to sit idly by while seeing so many of my fellow humans abused in such a deceitful and cruel manner. Perhaps if I broke the ‘magician’s code’ and shared the secrets behind the illusion of the ‘channeled message’, maybe, just maybe, far less of my human family would be fooled by the slight of hand of the cunning tricksters.

So today I share with you the secrets of synthetic telepathy, a cheap parlor trick responsible for the information received by so many individuals who honestly believe they are psychic mediums or channelers, but who are simply being fooled by the illusion. The ‘magicians’ performing this trick, those writing and sending the electronic messages, are talent-less hacks, hired not for their skills as a conjurer or illusionist, but for their willingness to destroy another human life in exchange for a few coins to place in their pockets. A few quick lessons on cold reading, a technique employed by a growing number of ‘stage’ psychics, and our space alien, ascended master or dead relative takes center stage for their performance.

A common cell phone operates on the same frequency as the human brain, and some believe that wireless technology was purposely designed to not only be used conventionally, but also have the ability to connect with human brain waves via G.W.E.N. (Ground Wave Emergency Network) towers that surround our communities across the U.S. and many parts of the world. This certainly may be the case, though agencies of the U.S. Department of Defense and the U.S. intelligence communities are also opportunists, and they may have only stumbled upon this alternative use for wireless technology after its inception. In either case, the fact remains dozens of U.S. and global government agencies and even a number of private corporations are conducting extensive programs using this technology on unsuspecting members of the public.
Army Developing Synthetic Telepathy

G.W.E N. towers

The only real challenge posed to scientists was the ability to register a unique identifier, or ‘phone number’, to a particular subject’s brain, which acts just as a SIM card located within a cell phone. This problem was reportedly solved by CIA scientist Dr. Robert Duncan, (no longer with the agency), who developed the technology to assign a unique ‘phone number’ to an individual’s brain based on the timing and pattern of brain neuron firing. In his book, Project: Soul Catcher (High Order Thinkers Publishing 2010), Dr. Duncan insists he and his team developed the technology for peaceful means before the agency seized upon his research for other purposes, and warns that over 2,000 mind hacking programs based on wireless technology are currently being carried out in the United States alone, with several more operating in Australia, the United Kingdom and Germany, as well as a number of programs throughout Europe, Russia and Asia.

Ex-CIA scientist Dr. Robert Duncan

Dr. Duncan, speaking to Ex-Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura for an episode of trutv’s Conspiracy Theory, remorsefully concedes that he believes it is too late to stop this technology and its associated programs of mind control, and offers no possible recourse by the public in response to such an evil assault on our human rights. I believe it is never too late, and I also believe it is our duty as the current custodians of our world not to leave as an inheritance to our children an Orwellian nightmarish prison planet. I see solution in the forms of awareness and education, coupled with sufficient pressure on Congress to enact laws to protect the citizenry, including legalizing the sale and use of wireless signal blocking technology for personal protection. I have no faith government agencies and private corporations will obey any such laws, but at least their actions will be criminalized and just perhaps, the future we will to our children will not be a dystopian nightmare, and individuals responsible for such crimes against the people will be held accountable in a court of law. Just perhaps.

Greg Giles


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