“Boom” – GCR/RV Geopolitical Overview – Saturday – June 3, 2017


Received via email at 12:14 AM EDT for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles

Ok, as of midnight Friday here are the 3 things we’re being told by credible sources:

1) Trump’s resignation is in which declares the restoration of the Republic and publicly announces the end of the USA, Inc.

2) Netanyahu’s public resignation is in which surrenders control of Israel to their new Republic government and acknowledges the two state solution for Middle East Peace.

3) Abbas’ public resignation is in which clears a pathway for a new Palestinian State, but also acknowledges Israel’s right to exist also as a sovereign nation state.

That’s it. That’s all we were waiting on tonight–Middle East Peace–and more importantly World Peace.

Talk about amazing grace!

Know everything stated above has already occurred–and the Trump administration nightmare will end by mid-June.

What if I also told you all banking, government and military items on the Elder’s pre-RV checklist has been completed.

And we are just waiting now on one final geopolitical item to wrap up (treaty signing) before we began our long awaited RV?

Maybe this is why Putin made such a big deal about sovereignty today in St. Petersburg when interviewed by Meghan Kelly.

What a clear set up that was, huh?!

No matter, its finally happening D-land. Like right freaking now happening.

Can you feel the love oozing from Quan Yin’s heart?

The proverbial s–t has not only hit the fan but the clean up has already begun on aisle 5. Thanks Irv!

Wow. Just incredible. And in our lifetime no less. Hallelujah!

BiBi knew he had to go, but he wanted Abbas to go first.

They decide to mutually step aside on the 50th Anniversary of the 1967 Arab-Israeli 6 Day War which falls on Monday June 5.


Abbas had demanded BiBi leave first out of principal for invading Palestine. BiBi obviously felt he still had negotiating leverage with his USA pal and ally Donald Trump.

But when Trump surrendered his resignation to avoid jail, this snookered BiBi, and Abbas took the opportunity to resign and close the ultimate deal.

Bilderberg is right now meeting in Virginia to get the details, and be corralled
During what we believe will be the economic roll out of GESARA or RV.

We’re still not clear on final timing this weekend. But we’re working on that.

Stay mentally ready for an anytime release, folks.

Also, know National Security Advisor General H.R. McMaster is there in Virginia representing the Republic–explaining to the remaining cabal flunkies how Trump’s removal will be rolled out in the media, and remind them all of the consequences if there’s any disruption to the Republic’s impending sovereignty launch moving forward.

BOOM goes the dynamite!

We be free ya’ll!

God is with us.

Source: http://inteldinarchronicles.blogspot.com/2017/06/boom-gcrrv-geopolitical-overview.html

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