Black Budget Military UFOs Explained by Michael Schratt, Aerospace Historian

Insider Michael Schratt has presented fascinating, insider information about the “secret space program” and black projects military technologies hidden from the public, despite the fact that trillions of dollars of US taxpayers’ money fund them each and every year.

I shared a discussion a couple of years ago that Michael had with Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot and think it’s time for some more. This is from a MUFON Symposium in 2010, so you can imagine what strides they have taken since then in aviation technology.

For new truthers, the fact that there even IS a UFO Symposium should tell you something. 

People publish videos of UFOs pretty much every day on YouTube. Sheldan Nidle told us in his recent Q & A with Alexandra Meadors that the negative ETs/negative military don’t want us to know what they have, so they try to hide their craft.

The positive ETs, the Star Nations, are trying to break it to us gently that they are here and pose no danger, and Sheldan suggests it is their craft we see hovering above from time to time in plain site, lights blinking, soundless and unthreatening.  ~ BP

Published on 17 Oct 2012

This is a clip from a presentation by Michael Schratt, aerospace historian, at MUFON’s 2010 Symposium. Titled, Bombshell UFO case files revealed, Schratt examines advanced black budget aircraft, possible Nazi technology, and UFO case files from MUFON and CUFOS. He asks the audience to determine what is ours and what might be extraterrestrial.

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