Benjamin Fulford: Hillary – Felony Charge; English Royalty – Pedophiles; US, Israel, Iraq – Advising ISIl; Bibi Backfires Back Home; Ireland – Throwing Out Bankers; Veterans Today – Exposed Kazars… More

(Before It’s News)

Our world these days – it’s getting ridiculous out there or hilarious (if you prefer to laugh in place of crying…) Our leaders below…

The time for the world to wake up from its trance is very close.

So many extremely important issues that would normally be hidden from our sight are now in the open:

Hillary could be facing felony charges over emails and can’t run for president if charged.

In Iraqi, one Israeli and two Americans AdvisingISIL have been arrested.

The two Americans are dual Israeli-American citizens.

Bibi’s speech to start a war with Iran in front of congress backfired in his own country and his country and the American Jews don’t like him.

The EU is not listening to the US and do not want to demonize Russia any longer.

The English royalty and parliament has been exposed on their main stream for being satanic pedophiles – I have no Idea what Michelle is doing in this pic unless it was photoshopped..?

Ireland is rising up against the bankers and throwing them out of their homes over debt

Venezuela detains an American pilot trying to set up a coup in their country

in their country.

Veterans Today exposed the ancient Babylonian loanshark Kazarian now Rothschild Cabal

While there will be many more confusing things happening for the sheeple and a shock for many of us to also watch.

We do see many bad thing in the works and it is hard to not be somewhat in fear but I suspect none of them will happen at all.

I still believe we need to stand up for our rights peacefully with out being fearful.

SOURCE HERE: benjamin-fulford historical-black-swan-event-imminent?

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