Benjamin Fulford about Gordon Duff and what is going on at Veteran’s Today

Well, do not be deceived by what’s going on with VT. I think they are under a lot of “attack” for what they expose. The cabal always applied the old deceiving rule – “divide and conquer”.


Here’s the email exchange between Justin and Benjamin.

[Justin, 4-30-15] Hi Benjamin,

In your last post, you mentioned that Gordon Duff and Veteran’s Today
represent the Pentagon. Since your post came out there has been news that
Gordon Duff has been censoring journalists for Veteran’s Today. Many of
those writers have left Veteran’s Today. Two people involved in trying to
expose Gordon Duff’s censorship have had attempts on their lives.

I hope you will elaborate more on Jade Helm and Gordon Duff in your next

The Boston Bombing and the Baltimore Riots seem to be preparing American
citizens, the police and military for martial law.

This is another story that has been spreading in the alternative media
recently that it would be helpful to have your insight on:

Thanks, J

[Benjamin Fulford, 4-30-15] Hi Justin,

First of all if you encountered censorship at veteran’s today, the answer is to post elsewhere, especially your own site. Gordon Duff once admitted the pentagon had surrendered to George Bush Sr. and he also once admitted he had to put out disinformation so I know he is a controlled source.

However, I am sometimes in direct contact with him and think for the most part he is trying to do the right thing.

The show Caravan to midnight invited me on the other day but a serious hacking attack prevented them from recording the show.

The Boston bombing and the Baltimore riots are clearly exercises aimed at establishing the feasability of implementing martial law. However, I believe that even if there is martial law, the rank and file of the military will never obey orders to kill innocent US citizens.

Finally about James Corbett. He comes out with a lot of good information and I found his report on China to be very well researched and interesting. However, he misses some big points. The biggest is that Mao and Deng were from opposing factions of the world’s esoteric top leadership. There were mass die offs under Mao while under Deng the average Chinese have prospered mightily.

Also the BRICS bank never started but clearly the fact that the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland etc. agreed to sign up with the AIIB is a sign the Chinese are working with certain Western cabal factions notably the Rothschilds/Saxe Gotha/Scotts Rite Freemasons (the UK), the Rosicrucians (BIS/Swiss Banking) the Thule Society (Germany) the Grande Lodge de L’Orient Freemasons (France).

Who is not working with the Chinese are the Wall Street and Washington DC Khazarian Mafiosi and their Japanese slaves like Shinzo Abe.

Finally, Corbett has been putting out gross disinformation about Fukushima (I live 200 kilometers from there and have my own geiger counter so I know) and he refused to acknowledge an e-mail I sent him. That leaves a big question mark over him.

Please feel free to publish this response if you wish.

Benjamin Fulford 古歩道ベンジャミン

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