Become excited at the possibilities that approach you now.- The Council

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We are showing you a picture which includes images of several of what you call extreme sports. Many of you seem to enjoy having your adrenaline flood through you. Since you don’t seem to have any saber toothed tigers to run from, you have taken to jumping from high places or plummeting down mountain sides.

When you stand upon that cliff or at the start of that ski run, you are very much in a place equivalent to humanity’s position in its evolution at this time. The difference is that much of what you are now to experience will seem to happen at a pace that will have you saying, as usual, “Nothing is happening”. We have spoken of this before.

However, this will not always be the case. And for your screaming enjoyment we offer you now the beginning of change that may have you breathless at times. Remember, you have asked for this, “Bring it on” being one of your favorite phrases. You may use that less often in the future. But we are not wanting to frighten you at all. We actually want you to become excited at the possibilities that approach you now.

Begin now, if you will, to employ to even greater effect those tools you have that drive this change. These are your imagination, your intent, your focus, and your will. Everything else is driven by those things, just as it always has been.

As you see change occurring now, make it your practice to see the positive possibilities even when others cry out the opposite. Keep always in your minds that new earth you have dreamed of. Be always more like the person you wish to be than you were yesterday. Drop your regrets and your judgments of self and hold only to your intentions. This is your power. Own it now.

We know you have felt lost and at a standstill for a little while now. Until your personal wild ride begins, take stock of yourselves and get ready. Be good scouts and be prepared. The fun will begin before too long.

Oh! And all that baggage you’ve been lugging around? Leave it there.


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