Atlantean Technology and History | A Very Detailed Story of the Fall of Atlantis and their use of Crystals

The following is a channeling from Archangel Metatron detailing the history and fall of Atlantis. This narrative is echoed in countless works which we linked in the recent Corey Goode updatehere.

What I found so intriguing about the below story is the detail offered regarding the technology and culture of these ancient peoples. Much of which is scientifically explained by Dan Winter in his epic Science and Consciousness Series, Spirit Science also covers a lot of this information here.

The conclusion offered in Winter’s work is that life has been populated throughout the galaxy for many reasons. One of the reasons for this is to help organize material consciousness.

DNA literally has the ability to alter gravimetric fields by way of inflowing and outflowing energies directed by consciousness. Winter provides an evidence to suggest he destruction of Atlantis was caused by the population accepting slavery at the time. Slavery within Natural Law or Spiritual Law is a dependency on another, which can be procured by various means of deception, manipulation, and illusion. The TV series Star Trek has countless episodes describing the story of a people who willingly chose to become dependent on an authority, and the resulting problems that resulted from that choice.

Humanity’s consciousness has a profound effect on Earth changes (climate and seismology) and political affairs. Whether it is in the form of false flag attacks, mass mind control or food manipulation. These things can make us the instruments of the Cabal destructive plans, hence why it is important to gain awareness of the effects of our actions so we can empower ourselves to change, and stop contributing to slavery.

Part the Cabal’s toolbox of black magic rituals is to create chaos and negative belief systems that humanity accepts which then alter weather and seismology. We “must feel like victims” and be filled with fear, creating dissonance in consciousness that then effects matter. These patterns of thought will be experienced as so-called negative emotions until we change ourselves and the definitions we use to make sense of our experiences. The point being, we can transmute negatives to positives by gaining knowledge and reconciling our experiences via contemplation.

One example of this effect of ‘black magic ritual’ could be the shift in the Earth’s magnetic field that occurred as a result of the 9/11 attacks, which Judy Wood documents in her presentation:9/11 was Stranger than we could have possibly imagined! Dr. Judy Wood at New Horizons – Where Did The Towers Go??.

The below story also details several timelines and portal activation’s which, at first glance, appear to be inaccurate. But given that time is much more fluid than we have been led to believe, I think the ideational content behind these predictions is still valuable.

We also discussed in the Analysis of Dr. Michael Salla’s GoodETxSG Q and A that the ascension and activation talked of by many researchers is determined by humanity’s average level of consciousness. This means, as individuals, we are the biggest factor in determining if a timeline predictions come to pass.

Side Note: The names used below also are echoed in many other places. The name Oberon is used in the Game of Thrones series which is filled with allegorical meanings and Earth history veiled behind the symbolism.

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SourceThe New Earth

Archangel Metatron – Channeler: James Tyberonn

Greetings Masters, I am Archangel Metatron, Lord of Light! I greet you all in a vector of unconditional love!

The Fall of Atlantis & The Master Temple Crystals of the Sacred “ARK”

Atlantis is indeed the missing link of Pangaea, located in mid Atlantic. We will share with you its story in detail below. But be aware Masters, not all of the great Temple Crystals of Atlantis were lost. Indeed some of you were involved in their rescue.

The first Temple Crystal saved was the Blue Crystal of Knowledge. It is below the earth below the crown center of the Vortex, termed Talimena Ridge, in a sacred chasm, built long ago. The Blue Crystal of Knowledge stands erect, forty-eight feet in height and twelve feet in diameter. It pulses and exudes a rainbow of silver, turquoise and cobalt blue as it activates in sacred contract. It holds the multidimensional wisdom and knowledge of the ages. The second one saved was the Emerald Crystal. It is now beneath Mt. Maga, the heart centre of the Crystal Vortex of Arkansas. It is approximately 20 meters in height and 5 meters in breadth. The third Crystal placed in the Ark was that of the Platinum.

The Platinum Crystal beneath the Magnetic Mount near the area of Eureka Springs awakens in 2011 on the 11-11-11. The Platinum Crystal is truly clear in color, but it projects a shimmering field of platinum silver consisting of sub atomic particulate termed Bio-Plasma. The Bio Plasma is a conscious field, self aware. The Bio-Plasmic Field emitted by the Platinum Crystal harmonizes the gateway spectrum of physical matter and anti-matter. The Platinum Crystal is enormous, over 100 meters in height and far deeper below the surface than the others. Its reach is Cosmic and its energy by 2012, will encircle and span the planet, networked with the other crystals and disseminated through the Crysto Sun Disc.

Revisiting Atlantis: The True Legend of the Fall

Dear Ones, these crystals were saved from destruction, and now you are offered the memory of why. For such magnificent crystal beings offer all of you so much. The expansion, the sacred completion applies to ALL! It is time to remember who you were, in order to become all you are in this awakening time, this return to the Quantum Crystalline Field. Atlantis was a Golden Time, a magnificent epoch, that was betrayed by its unseemly end. And so we tell you the true history of that demise.

You see, Atlantis existed for over 200,000 years. The vast majority of the Atlantean times were epochs of Light! Only the final phase, the period from 17,500 BC to 10,500 BC was in your terms, a dark era, but one rich in lessons.

The Golden Age

We tell you in fact that the Golden Period of Atlantis was the highest level of Light Consciousness ever achieved on the Earth Plane in any advanced civilization; higher than Lemuria, higher than Mu, higher than Rama, higher than Ignacious. It has become somewhat fashionable to consider Lemuria as being the utopian civilization, and though they did achieve a relatively short…

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