The Arcturians from the MotherShip ;-)

yes :-)
As many children of light know,there has been an ongoing crusade of Light frequencies directed to Earth to assist it in its transition into the New Age. These higher frequencies have been
directed to the planet with our help, and we are presently processing much information with these frequencies to help souls move their consciousness to a level that is considered higher.
The Earth receives this information through vortex areas of electromagnetic energies, and distributes the forces throughout the planet by the ley lines and grid line force fields.
The points of power are those that are in tune with the crystalline electromagnetic energy signals or impulses, and it is these force fields that carry the higher thought forms of
the Light.
We usher dosages into the planet at regular frequencies; then give the humans on Earth the time it takes to adjust to the higher frequency.
Within a planned, respectable length of time, another dosage, is administered. We do this because the human consciousness needs to adjust slowly to the higher vibrational frequencies that the New Age demands.
There are many aspects to this process, and they all are implemented with the use of crystals.
Little is really understood about crystals on Earth today. In previous civilizations, such one of Atlantis, many scholars and the spirituality elite understood the use and care of these important minerals.

The term minerals is perhaps not accurate, for the silicon in the crystals indeed a powerful communicator, which sends an
electromagnetic impulse signal to and from its center to other transmitters and receivers.
In some areas of our StarShip, crystals are transformed and energized for purposes that relate to our mission.

Often, we have to implant gigantic crystalline beds of crystals in select locations around the planet. when we have had to do this, these
centers have been spots on the planet where much UFO activity resulted.
Our ship has the capabilities to produce many different kinds of crystalline structures.

Read more: “We The Arcturians: A True Experience”
by Dr Norma J Milanovich, Betty Rice, Cynthia Ploski

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