Arcturian messages

arcturian_shipThe Arcturians are fifth dimensional Beings. They want to bring their positive messages to your attention, again :-), about this time and the changes with the Earth and all humanity. They will ensure that who needs to hear/read their messages, it will :-)

Some of these Celestials, the Arcturians messages/thoughts for us, are:

” We, the Arcturians, come as your brothers and sisters, and we enter the kingdom of All. We hold your hands in the instruction, and sing together to make the laws and rules of the universe unfold.

We have been given permission to work with the authors and provide them with information on universal laws that will apply in the millenium. They will be able to support our role by announcing new information that will help all of humanity survive in the New Age.

The information will be coming through many sources and channels in the years to come.

This information unfolding as we telepathically communicate to you. But also, THE TIME IS NOW to begin learning of these lessons. We are pleased to be the bearers of this news. We are also pleased to have served all of you in this fashion. ”

Question: What events on this planet will begin to manifest that we will recognize as being part of this plan of the Second Coming?

ArcturiansYou will begin to see a strengthening of the bonds of the children of Light for the next few years of approximative Earth time {this was said back in 1989] … know that you will be put to work now for the final countdown, which is the Second Coming.

Question: What events will occur at the time of the Second Coming?

ArcturiansThe most significant event of all will be the appearance of the one most Radiant Soul, which is that of Sananda, Jesus the Christ. This has been promised, and it will be a reality”

To read more of the Arcturians messages for you, see:

  • Dr. Norma Milanovich: We, the Arcturians ( A True Experience)  in the Motivation Center

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