Archangel Metatron: Why is this happening or not happening?

MelineMeline Lafont: This is a message from AA Metatron about connecting with your guides. This came through after a dear sister of Light has asked me in her reading, how to “see” and how to connect with our beloved light family more clearly as this seems to be blocked in her ? This is an excerpt of her reading from Archangel Metatron that I share with you all as it may benefit you all. Thank you Katerina Z. for allowing me to share this part of your reading.

AA Metatron

At times in your current incarnation and all too often you have wondered… “why is this happening or not happening? “ Isn’t it, beloved? Well it is for this that I come to you as to be of assistance with clarity about these processes as to why things keep happening in your life or the other way around; not happening in your life.
It is all about confidence my dear. As you are a pure conduit of consciousness; you emanate what you think as you become what you think. So graciously accept your own Divinity within you so that you become the conduit and pure embodiment of this, dear heart. It is the only reason, truly, as to why you cannot see us more clearly; because you think we are not you! (separation instead of Oneness) Or better said you think and even believe that we are far beyond your reality of being and that you must go a long way before you can get to where we are.
First of all; there is no we being “out there” and you being in here. We are all one in consciousness and so it is all being in the here and the now. As many say: there is no “out there”, out there and that is truth indeed, for we are all one in consciousness through our own being. See and know that you are exactly where we are as well, as a unity, as Divinity within you. See and start to embrace and accept that fact that you are where you need to be right now and that home is where the heart lies.

Your heart defines where your home is as it is the state of consciousness, the state of being that is your home and that aligns you with your true nature throughout all the various expressions of your true and essential Being.
You see, you are actually in truth always connected with us because you are a part of our consciousness as well, being oneness with all, you just perceive it to be different because of the illusion that prevails at this time in your outer reality.
Slowly but very diligently you are transcending yourself out of this Illusion that has prevailed for so long and therefore you are starting to experience the truth through illumination about your own God Self being. As you accept yourself, you start to see things as they are for these are your truths. All around you is a reflection of you for that is your inner reality and your truth.
So when things in your outer reality do not match that what you feel in the inner heart, it is a sign for you to take a closer look in your Self to find that part of you that still does match with that frequency, which is causing this creation to be manifested in your outer world.
So in your case, my dear heart, it is the Self confidence lacking here executing its role of frequency in your outer reality as well. See yourself as being one with us all and you will have it much easier to meet our energies with the inner eye as your heart aligns with the consciousness of oneness where all is and where all meet ~ the heart!
Take some time to visualize us all being in the heart space with you. It does not matter what we may look like, it is the intention from the heart that counts and you may call our names to decree it even firmer. With this you will start to create patterns of our energy consciousness to be with you in a tangible way in your inner heart and in your personal reality. You create then your reality to be so and this will reflect in your outer physical reality as well.
But be aware that everything must come from the Self first: Self Love, Self acceptance and Self confidence and that the latter explanation is given to you as a tool to assist this all with visualization but one can not come forth without the other.
It is the Source of All That Is that provides you of the abundance given through you, created by you and birthing from you.
All are mirrors for you, in order to show you the occasion to transcend something and to get a lesson out of this. A true remembrance of your infinite Self that is full of abundance and that creates the abundance that will Be in your life.

With Love,
Archangel Metatron

Méline Lafont 2012 – 2014, permission is given to share freely in its entirety and unaltered Website Méline : and blog Méline:

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