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Mark this day on your calendars, this is the day when humankind found out where we come from. Extraterrestrials. Unequivocally the biological entity was “like nothing found on earth”.

There has been a theory of our origins that has been around for a long time, it is called panspermia. Panspermia is a Greek word that translates as “seeds everywhere”. The panspermia hypothesis states that the “seeds” of life exist all over the Universe and can be propagated through space from one location to another. Mechanisms for panspermia include the deflection of interstellar dust by solar radiation pressure and extremophile microorganisms traveling through space within an asteroid, meteorite or comet.

Panspermia does not provide an explanation for evolution or attempt pinpoint the origin of life in the Universe, but it does attempt to solve the mysteries of the origin of life on Earth and the transfer of life throughout the Universe.

Researchers at the University of Sheffield, and the University of Buckingham Centre for Astrobiology,  claim to have found particulates of matter in the Earth’s stratosphere that is the long awaited proof of extraterrestrial life. Not being content with solving one of the universe’s greatest mysteries, however, the researchers also claim that their findings explain the origins of humanity and reveal that all life on earth originally came from space.



Professor Wainwright said , This particulate  ‘colloquially called ‘the dragon particle’ which scientific analysis shows is made of carbon and oxygen and is therefore not a piece of cosmic or volcanic dust.’

During last years  Perseid meteor shower Professor Milton Wainwright and his team made the discovery after launching a balloon high into the stratosphere.  This research balloon reached the amazing altitude of 27 km into the earth’s atmosphere and was equipped with sterile slides designed to capture tiny biological organisms, and capture organisms it did.

Wainwight stated that it was unclear whether the organism was a single life-form or was made up of a number of smaller microbes. He was also unequivocal that the biological entity was “like nothing found on earth”.

Panspermia Evidence 2

“We’re very, very confident that these are biological entities originating from space,” he said, acknowledging that absolutely certainty is hard to achieve in science.

Panspermia Evidence 3

“The particles are very clean,” added Prof Wainwright. “They don’t have any dust attached to them, which again suggests they’re not coming to earth.”

Panspermia Evidence 3

The team believes that the entities are coming from comets. “Similarly, cosmic dust isn’t stuck to them, so we think they came from an aquatic environment, and the most obvious aquatic environment in space is a comet.”

As with all amazing discoveries this revelation has it’s expected detractors. Obviously more testing is required to fulfill scientific methodology. More testing is scheduled. This is such a paradigm shaking discovery that a lot of our current theories of our origin will have to be scrapped, and rightfully so. Such as all the mythological religious ones. A quick search in the blogosphere finds many bible thumpers are up in arms. This discovery when replicated and verified will be just one more nail in the cross (pun intended) of religious dogma. The God of the gaps just lost another huge gap.

We as enlightened humans must embrace change and advancement, no matter who we offend or who’s feelings get hurt. Text books can be rewritten and beliefs changed and the world will keep on spinning.

Watch this Paranormics Exclusive video on our Extraterrestrial Extremophiles …

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