“Aftermath” – GCR/RV SITREP

- Sunday – September 17, 2017


What is left behind from all the tragic flooding in Florida and Texas is called the aftermath. Death, destruction, despair, hopelessness. The same will be true in the aftermath of the RV, which is the second flood.

Many people converting ZIM will be despondent as to what just happened. Constructs of reality will die instantly. The destruction left behind by this wave of infinite wealth will blur their vision of the future.

Some will feel great despair having so much wealth, while the overwhelming majority of human beings continue to suffer daily on less than $10 day. Hopeless will creep in. It will.

How can you reach them all? You can’t, but you’ll spend the rest of your life on earth trying … never to succeed. In this same aftermath you’ll begin reviewing your life decisions pre benevolent event. Did I do the right things? Make the highest choices? Believe in God sincerely? Follow His calling absolutely? So many times I answer no way more than yes. It’s shameful.

I become silently distraught by all my small spiritual choices, my ego based actions, my raw unresearched ignorance and blatant philosophical nativity.

In the aftermath of my RV experience, there has been great regret for a life lived in half service to my Creator.

And thus, little appreciation for just my being in form. Having breath. Experiencing it all. Oh the arrogance in my consistent denial of Source as Source.

I would say I’ll do better next time, but I feel this is my last time here on earth.


Please forgive me.

God is with us

Source: https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/a2fcb8_842a2c6bcb324ee9914609d070d17ac2.pdf

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