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I had the honor to give a session where the client (a practitioner & friend) had a life as a son of King Solomon. We were discussing how to achieve the level of light in the body that this client had as King Solomon’s son. The son began a conversation that carried throughout the session about the importance of her putting crystals in her water. She and I thought it might be a good suggestion for anyone who is open.

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The SOS (Son of Solomon) had this to say:

Remember light and sound are vibration. Very, very important. It’s the vibration that will transform us from the physical to the light. It’s not a death; just a light that to be carried, needs to be carried.

(Suz) How can we raise that light and physical vibration within the physical body?

(SOS) Crystals in your water. Sending energetic information into the crystal, putting the crystal into water and drinking it. Drinking the (crystal water) will turn into crystalline into the body. It’s already there but it’s not very activated. If the people could do that, they could go to that dimension (where King Solomon would take his son to to teach him). They activate by putting the crystal in the water. It’s important now. It’s urgent now so that you can experience the Covenant of Consciousness, the vibration so that you know what is illusion and what is not. And so that you feel reconnected to what is not the illusion which is the vibration; the same as we call Source.

The SOS suggested using a clear quartz crystal or a crystal that had white, light blue and gold through it. I’m not certain which one that would be? Anyone??


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