A Couple (actually, 3) of Tolecs, Part 1/3, 5-17-15… “Tolec addresses earth changes, the nature of the human soul & more” (with Mark Snider)

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tolec_andromeda_council_home_image31I’m listening to this right now. I sense there is information here that many will “tune in” to. The main information starts coming in at about 9-10 minutes

Tolec does discuss some items which Corey (GoodETxSG) has brought out, starting at about 19 minutes.


May 17, 2015

I have one word to describe what is happening right now:  “confirmation”.    

I have observed & viewed many literal “words”, and events, over this past week that tell me we on this planet are about to begin a period of a vast number…  of continuous… major earth change events;
​If you at minimum simply investigate the great number of high magnitude earthquakes happening, and volcanoes popping off, all across the globe… I believe you will come to recognize a growing trend of massive changes.  I suggest you simply do the research yourself to discover what I am talking about.  Until next time……

[Isis: see the Evacuation messages from galactics here -http://www.disclosure-2012.com/page/490705592] – very related, and connect the dots…smile emoticon]

May 17, 2015… ANNOUNCEMENT.

A ‘last minute’ conversation was discussed, arranged & recorded between Mark Snider of Ohio Exopolitics, www.exopoliticsohio.us , and Tolec, this Sunday evening, May 17, 2015. We covered many current relevant topics like the nature of the human soul, earth changes & the higher density/dimensional shift of this beautiful planet. You can listen to this original recording at this web address:


And, here is the TolecfromDakote – YouTube channel web link for our conversation:


Published on May 20, 2015
Tolec discusses with Mark Snider of Ohio Exopolitics – the migration of the People of the Planet Dakote to Planet Earth 100,000 years ago, the entrapment of Atlantean souls, the nature of your own soul & spirit essence… how it exists simultaneously in many dimensions, the continued major – near term – earth changes, the coming higher frequency transformation of this world [which many people call “ascension”]… and theplanetary changes we can continue to expect to experience
leading to this higher ‘density’/’dimensional’ transformation.


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