8~8~8 Portal Message from Master St. Germain~ The Next Energetic Events

Master St.Germain

Greetings To The Gods and Goddess’s of the Highest Light and Love, I Honor each and everyone one of you who are stepping forth unto this Auspicious Portal Opening of the Lions Gate! Dreams of Love Are Coming True~ Your Love, our Love is Lighting up the Atmosphere and the skies. Your Earth Mother~MotherGod, Your Mother of Creation has Prepared You very well for the next energetic events which are coming and for this very portal into your heart you are moving into. The Grandness of this Energy, Anticipate Miracles to appear and surprises for your soul. Love is Here to Stay On this Planet and there is no going back, only forward into your Destiny’s. I highly recommend all aligning with us in Love which all of Creation is aligned with your Soul and Destiny. Again, Love is Here, Unity is Here! Your Parents of Creation MotherFatherGod are here with you and we stand beside them as we await your arrival. Your Brother in the Highest Love, Honor and Respect Master St. Germain

Experience the Real Magic Again, We are Here To Be Of Assistance!

 The First Contact Ground Crew ~5dSpiritual Healing Team~ We are Here in The Highest Love, Honor, and Respect to Be Humanity’s Representatives of The New Paradigm of  True Magic, Pure Destiny,True Freedom, Abundance, True Equality, A Completely Balanced Being and a Completely Benevolent Society! This is our Destiny as The Old illusion of power over and dysfunction dissolve, replaced with Power with, True Empowerment. Allow us to be of service to You. We can Assist You into Awakening into 5d Reality, where your experience is one of Constant Joy, Wholeness of Being, Whole Health, Balanced, Happy and Abundant? For All the Details and to schedule with us you can follow this link:http://5dspiritualhealing.com/

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