Lord Ashtar 
To Begin September 21, 2015 
FOR TWO WEEKS Until October 5th

For 15 plus Minutes or More Every Day

Greetings, Ashtar back with you again at this auspicious time in Earth’s history! As the Equinox energies continue to come forth, your new Crystalline Consciousness Grid begins to take form. So you are being asked to now focus on clearing and paving the way for its overlay and integration with the mass-consciousness grid. 

Now, as I told you last week, this new Grid is a 5th dimensional construct, so does that mean that all earth humanity will suddenly become fifth-dimensional in their thinking processes? No – we don’t wish to fry your circuits. The time frame for integrating a fifth-dimensional consciousness will vary from person to person, depending on how awakened they are already.

You will not suddenly wake up one morning and be in total fifth dimensional consciousness, but you may very well begin shortly to notice changes within not only yourself but others, also. You may have increased powers of what you term ‘intuition’; you might also begin to ‘see’ with a higher-dimension sight, or ‘hear’ with your inner-hearing. Everyone will be unique in how they integrate with this new Grid – but ALL, my friends, will come to be affected by it in one way or another. 

So let us begin. For your next meditation – and this will be for TWO of your weeks – we are asking you to join us in laying that Golden Pathway of Love on which your new Crystalline Consciousness Grid will flow. First do a Protocal of 1) Grounding; 2) Centering, and 3) Intending your energies to join us!

Daily focus upon this powerful ****5D – 9D Grid Fully Activated Rapid Ascension Post-Equinox Meditation**** now and every day for 14 Days.

So, for the entire fifteen minutes of this meditation you are to send the energy of Love, through your intention, to the existing mass-consciousness grid, preparing it for the overlay. 

The new Crystalline Consciousness Grid will not be immediately anchored into the mass-consciousness grid but will, instead, be gradually lowered or melded into it over a short period of time. But for now, you are being asked to simply pave the way for it to…hmmm…let us say ‘hover’ over the existing grid. We will go about the actual anchoring in later meditations, but for now focus on visualizing a Golden Pathway of Love going into your mass-consciousness grid. Do not intend to connect to the grid, simply send to it. [Disconnect from the Mass Consciousness Grid daily.] 

So, we of the HIGHER REALMS will be focusing our energies with yours, and I will be back in two weeks with a new focus for your attention. In the meantime, stay in the Love that your are and that surrounds you; stay grounded to your Mother Earth; and become the silent witness to world events, not entangling your energy with the fears and anxieties of the masses. We love you dearly. I am Ashtar.

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